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This invention does not currently exist on the market. It is used as a stencil for the precise application of facial make-up in a quick and simple manner. The aim of the invention is to provide a guide for applying make-up to eyelashes, protecting eyelids and cheek bones, and as a result of the technique for the use thereof, it allows eyelashes to be painted and eyes to be contoured at the same time as colour is applied to the eyelid. It is universal in that it can be used on any type of eye. The invention is made of a single component, the shape of its edge is similar to that of an apple with a stalk, and it has slightly asymmetric sides. It is made from a plastic similar to silicon, and is flexible in that it can be better handled and adapted to any face. It is transparent so as to be able to see therethrough, it does not damage the skin, it is very easy to clean, and it has a raised edge used as a guide between the eyebrows. It is bevelled around the functional periphery thereof so as to allow the user to get closer to the skin more easily.

Gradilla, Beatriz Carolina Chavez (MEXICALI, MX)
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CHAVEZ GRADILLA Beatríz Carolina
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Alberto Valdez (CALEXICO, CA, US)
Having sufficiently described my invention, what I consider as a novelty and therefore claim my exclusive property contained in the following claims:

1. A template for applying make-up, paints and adhesives, which are formed peripheral curvatures that are placed on the skin or make-up area and delineating the product, irregular flexible transparent body, characterized in that on its periphery has a series of grooves that allow separate lashes to make them up; The template also has areas with relief that have non-skid effect to hold it with your fingers, preventing slipping and lose its position during make-up;

2. A template according to claim one, characterized in that the plurality of ridges arranged on the periphery of the template and have an amplitude separation between a groove and such other so that pressing eyelashes makeup with the applicator against the periphery of the template, the tabs are individually inserted into the grooves being spaced apart and massaged at the same time;

3. A template according to claim one characterized in the same face to the areas with relief has two areas that allow the user to place your fingers and prevent slipping make-up effect or liquids are used, given such areas with relief act as non-skid surfaces that prevent outgoing lose their position, particularly when bent to position the height of the protrusion.



The present invention is within the field of mechanical inventions, since due to its usage, means that do not involve special attachments beyond the handling and manipulation by the user are used; but the primary application is in stencil makeup cosmetic application, may be used as a template in different applications requiring delineated, such as paints, adhesives, etc.


There are some inventions having less, and in some cases only a similar function as the patent document US2010/0018542A1 which basically consists of a stencil for making up eyelashes, protect eyelid and cheekbone, but its adhesive material to the skin makeup the lid and peel it off withdraw also part of the makeup already applied.

Another technology is described by the patent document US2004/0107975A1 it does not contain a level to determine the height of the materials used and their application is also a way of trial and error.

The technology described patent application US2003/0094184A1 which is a guide to cosmetic application that provides three benefits, the first is to locate facial lines, the second to protect the cheekbone or makeup eyelid and the third to help make up in the areas to delineate, however, this technology does not have a level that allows introduce my technology closer to the skin areas and also claim form, a situation that apparently is limited to a patent design and not to the operation of the device and It has no levels to determine the height of makeup.

The US005186190A patent consists of a template as a guide fixed that is used on the face and having the limiting be used to delineate the eyebrow using only two fixed models, it is also formed with a central hinge has the disadvantage position to unevenness and thus not make it perfectly equal symmetrical areas that are to make up.

Patent U.S. Pat. No. 5,050,624 is a protective flexible disposable cheekbone holds only other material that will not fall and only allows remove excess materials applied, which totally differs levels, bevels and handling my technology.

The stencil object of the present invention has a variety of different functions in a single accessory (one piece) and covers all makeup needs without having it to put together.

As for the eyebrows, it helps shape to its middle part and thanks to its bezel prevents makeup distributed by parties that are not desired.


    • The present invention relates to make-up applicators, paints or adhesives. This invention is a guide to the eyebrow to the middle and also for eyelashes depilation; it is also essential for the eyeliner at the top and bottom, or as protection for makeup that has already been applied.
    • is easily adaptable to the characteristics of the user's face or the surface intended to delineate.
    • Set symmetries to the level it has, marking the same area of skin without damaging it.
    • Reduce time applying makeup, paint or glue.
    • Its flexibility allows easily be molded to the contours of the face or surface when placed in the desired position.
    • it can be applied in all kinds of facial or body areas that require makeup, glue or precisely delineated.

Note: The description of the present invention is based on the aspect of applying makeup, although their characteristics and the technical effect which is associated, allows to manipulate its size, can be applied in other activities that require delineate accurately paints, adhesives, etc. As the “body Paint”, theatrical characterizations, performing, and easily it allows you to be used with other accessories such as spray guns, brushes, sponges, among others.

The characteristic details of this novel template to delineate makeup, paint and glue are clearly shown in the following description and the accompanying drawings as well as an illustration of this and following the same reference signs to indicate the parts and figures shown.


FIG. 1 shows a front view of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 2 shows a rear view of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 3 shows a side view of the template to apply makeup and glues view.

FIG. 4a shows a sectional view of the bezel variant approached from both sides of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 4b shows a sectional view of the bezel approached sided variant of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 4c shows a sectional view of the bezel approached variant bevel 90 of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 5 shows a view with outgoing twice the template.

FIG. 6 shows a view applied in face of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 7 shows a perspective view of the template to apply makeup and adhesives.

FIG. 8 shows a front view of the template to apply makeup and glues hatch variant.

FIG. 9 shows a rear view of the template to apply makeup and adhesives with striated variant.

FIG. 10 shows a rear view of the template to apply makeup and glues hatch variants and striatum.


The template to delineate and apply makeup, glue, etc. It is composed of a flexible irregular transparent body (1) that displays the user's face through its composition, whose side view reflects a peripheral bevel (2) whose thickness is decreased from front to back and back to front and whose inclination coincides in the lateral center of the template; from the center of the transparent body (1) evenly outwards and bring the template allows more accurate and close to the contact area and makeup application manner; also with reference to the front view, from left to right, the template has a greater curve (3) through which the eye of the user is outlined rotating when the form of this is flat, large or enhanced; at the end of the curve (3) at the top, the template has a first notch (4) as “L” irregular softened at the edges, which is placed on the brow and allows delinearla or shade it avoiding runoffs from areas not desired, the top has a projection (5) which serves fastener and its consistency is more rigid and its thickness is greater than the rest of the template (FIG. 3) continuous at its periphery with a second notch (6) similar characteristics as the first notch (5) arranged (mirror) relative to the first notch (5); continuous at its periphery with a lower curve (7) used for eyes smaller and ends at the bottom in one corner (8) which allows to enter the area of the lacrimal to achieve cover with the product is applied; finally at its bottom has a double curvature (9) in which there is an inflection point to accommodate any long eye; in the top front, below the notches (5 and 6) is a longitudinal projection (10) which extends symmetrically relative to the center of the template, said protrusion (10) allows the pressure on the user's skin, it is temporarily mark to determine the height of the areas that should be symmetrical on the face or the desired area to apply the necessary products; in the inside of the material forming the template, it is defined at least one concave curve (11) relative to the central axis (12) thereof and which enables the user to define the thickness of the area in use.

A variant of the template is that the projection (10) can be found in the front and rear faces (10a and 10b) for the right-handed user and left or when the body (1) of the template is constructed of opaque material.

Another variant of the template, is that the peripheral chamfer (2) decreased only is front to rear (2a) or may be made front to the center point side (2b), continuing a conventional bevel (2c)—Cut 90°—allowing to thicken the material applied and provide different makeup effects.

Finally, on the same side to which the projection (10) is located has two striated areas (14) allow to place the user's fingers and prevent slipping effect makeup or liquids are used, since they often an anti-skid surface and prevent the protrusion (10) to lose its position, particularly when bent to position the height of the projection (10).