Tankware Sweat grip is a wrist sweatband that doubles as a fitness glove or grip pad for general exercise, weight lifting, sports play, or any other activity that would require or benefit from sweat control and hand grip protection
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Solves the problem of having to carry gloves around when not in use, manages sweat and hand protection in one product. There are no other general exercises of weightlifting gloves that can be worn around the wrist as a sweatband and then moved to the hand and used as a hand protection. Makes the item dual purpose for sweat management and hand protection without the need to carry gloves around when not in use and can be worn simply for style and fashion as wrist bands.

Marusteri, Edward (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Marusteri, Sharon Ann (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Mares, Michael John (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Mares, Jessica Lynn (Phoenix, AZ, US)
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A41D20/00; A41D19/015
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Edward Marusteri (Phoenix, AZ, US)
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1. Tankware Sweatgrip is a wrist sweatband that doubles as a fitness glove or grip pad for general exercise, weightlifting, sports activity, or any other activity and is the only wristband that doubles as a fitness glove or grip device and can be used for multi purposes and worn for fashion as well as use.


The present invention relates to a wrist sweatband that doubles as a grip pad for general exercise, weightlifting, sports play, or any other activity that would require or benefit from sweat control and hand-grip protection

The device is comprised of the following:

    • The Sweatgrip is a wrist sweat band and or fitness glove composed of elastic cotton terry cloth blend with a grip pad made of neoprene or other like material attached to the outer bottom of the wristband fitness glove; it has a thumbhole for use as a glove but can also be worn simply as a wrist band. The sweatgrip fits over the wrist of a person and can be used to wipe sweat during aerobic activity and can otherwise be moved down to fit the hand and act as a fitness glove or grip device especially useful for machine or weight lifting. It is a device that doubles as a sweat band and weightlifting or machine use glove.

A person can use the Sweatgrip during any activity that involves sweating or handling of items that need good gripping and hand protection. Its specific design is especially helpful for use in an athletic gym for those who move from the cardio area to the weight lifting area but could be used for any activity that the Sweatgrip could benefit.

The Sweat-grip must feature a wrist sweat band with a grip pad made of neoprene or other like material that doubles as a sweat band and weight lifting glove or other protective use glove. The material for the outer sweat band can comprise of any material like terrycloth and elastic that is sweat proof or sweat absorbent and stretchy so that it can easily be attached to a wrist or arm and help with sweat control. It can also be easily moved down to the hand and may or may not contain holes or slits for fingers and thumbs built into the terry cloth or other like material that will help it transition to a machine handling glove. It can be different in size, color, and sometimes shape but must contain the elements of a grip pad and sweat absorbent material that allows a person to wear it as a sweat band and later use it as a grip glove.

The Sweat grip wrist band works to help wipe sweat from a person during athletic activity and is convenient in that it fits securely and comfortably around the wrist. The grip pad sewn into the outside bottom of the wrist band allows a person to simply pull the wrist band down to cover the hand and protect the inner and outer parts of the hand while helping to grip and protect during weightlifting or machine use. Essentially it doubles as a sweat band and weight glove. It is unique in design and function and consists of comfortable stretchable terrycloth and elastic for the sweat control and neoprene for the grip pad which gives a person ultimate comfort and convenience when transitioning from cardio or other athletic activity to machine handling. The Sweatgrip can be used for multiple purposes and is easy to carry. TankWare reserves the right to add or change the color, size, and dimensions of the sweatgrip as necessary.

The TankWare Sweatgrip will feature the official TankWare brand trademark and come in different sizes, colors, and variations of material but will ultimately be the only sweat wrist band that doubles as a weight lifting glove or other protecting glove.

A computer can be used with respect to storing a manufactures pattern for making the device and a machine can be used for the manufacturing of the sweat grip.

The Sweatgrip can be used for any type of activity that requires a person to maintain sweat during physical activity and or protect the hands for lifting or handling objects.

No other product can be used as a sweatband or wristband and provides a surface that allows the band to be placed around the hand with a hand protective surface intended to be used for general exercise, weightlifting or the handling of machinery.

Current weightlifting gloves are large and do not help maintain sweat and cannot be kept on the body during cardio workouts easily on the wrist. The Sweatgrip allows a person to use the wrist band to maintain sweat control while conveniently keeping it on the wrist or arm and then later move it down to the hand for weight lifting or machine handling. The grip pad located on the bottom of the sweatband protects the hand and allows a safe grip during machinery use.

The Sweat grip can be used for all activity that involves sweating and machine handling.