Facelift bungee
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Facelift Bungee is a non-invasive hair accessory product that inserts into the user's hair to instantly, and uniformly lift a person's facial skin. It is painless and affordable with unlimited use. This product is made of two plastic combs and a piece of cotton webbed elastic which runs through the combs and is sewn like a belt using thread.

Garrett-aschauer, Kimberly (Royal Palm Beach, FL, US)
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Garrett-aschauer, Kimberly (Royal Palm Beach, FL, US)
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Kimberly Garrett-Aschauer (Royal Palm Beach, FL, US)
1. Facelift bungee comprising: Two plastic combs in symmetrical curve and a piece cotton elastic. The elastic is webbed and permanently attached into each comb like a belt and is sewn using thread.

2. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1, wherein the cotton elastic has length from 3 inches through 7 inches and width from 3/16 inches thru 1 inch.

3. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1 wherein the plastic combs are made from at least one material selected from the group consisting of either individual or combination of organic, inorganic, molding or polymer materials.

4. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1 wherein the plastic combs shall be that each comb has width from 13/32 inches thru 2- 11/64 inches.

5. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1 wherein the plastic combs shall be that each comb has length from ¾ inches thru 4 inches.

6. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1 wherein the plastic combs shall be that each comb has elliptical, curved and flat shapes.

7. Facelift bungee recited in claim 1 wherein each comb has 1-20 teeth.

8. The teeth of each comb recited in claim 7 shall be that each tooth has elliptical, curved, chamfered, triangulated and flat inner tooth shape.

9. The teeth of each comb recited in claim 7 shall have a gap between each tooth from 1/64 inches thru 5/64 inches.

10. The teeth of each comb recited in claim 7 shall be that each tooth has length from 7/16 inch thru 2-⅜ inches.

11. The teeth of each comb recited in claim 7 wherein the each tooth has width from 3/32 inch thru 31/64 inches.

12. The teeth of each comb recited in claim 7 shall be that each tooth may be in (A) Tear drop (B) shark tooth thin (C) Saw blade (D) shark tooth thick (E) table shape (F) Rectangular (G) Oval and (H) diamond shapes.



The invention relates to face lifting products. More specifically, however this application performs face lifting via a precise, uniform skin-tightening resulting from a simple, external, and elastic pulling method when inserted into the hair properly. The invention involves a simple method, able to lift the facial skin in possibly under 10 minutes using only cotton elastic attached to the plastic combs and inserted into the hair. This facelift bungee is non-invasive and combs into a small braid at the temple area of the face. Then the elastic goes around the back of the person's head to second braid and then combs into second braid at the other temple area During this time, the person's hair above the elastic band placement area has to be pinned up out of the way of the resting placement area of the band. Then person shall then be able to let down their pinned up hair and look into mirror and notice instantly the tightness of their face. The tightness of this person's face will depend on the point of insertion of the combs along the braids as well as the size and shape of their head and the degree of elasticity within the band.

This invention also intends to avoid invasive surgical, permanent, and time consuming methods of tightening facial skin while still enhancing the cosmetic effects of this goal. The goal of this application and related applications is to, with no skin invasion and complete avoidance of injection, radiation, and cosmetic surgeries to uniformly lift human facial skin in order to temporarily make skin wrinkles disappear. Additionally, a unique and important side-benefit of this facelift bungee is to provide complete and efficient reformation of targeted wrinkles or folds on the surface of the person's face in the areas of the face which are affected directly when the temporal braided hair shafts are pulled in a posterior and/or posterior-superior direction. This invention does not intend to have permanent improved effect upon facial skin, even with long term usage.


The organs of all living beings, including humans, gradually deteriorate with age following birth. Your skin is an organ also. The growth of most organs plateau and eventually start to decline in function and ability to regenerate, which may lead to death, depending on the organ's critical function in the body. In the sixteenth century, Ponce de Leon searched the Americas in vain for the legendary fountain of youth. Nearly 500 years later, individuals are still seeking a way to minimize the signs of aging. Cosmetic surgery to promote a youthful appearance has become a growing industry. Cosmetic treatments such as botox, collagen injections, chemical peels, laser treatment, and other forms of plastic surgery have been embraced by many to reduce the signs of aging. In recent years, pharmaceuticals with potentially anti-aging effects are a booming business, due in part to the aging baby boomer population. However, these cosmetic surgeries became too expensive to afford by common person. Moreover, the outcomes of the side effects are devastating.

Currently, a need exists for a cosmetic product with the following properties: 1) Non-invasive to instantly tighten loose skin wrinkles around facial areas, 2a) without causing pain, in a uniform and affordable way without leaving remnant wrinkles when in use, 2b) being faster and instantly tightening the skin and thus bypassing the expensive and high risk cosmetic alternatives.

The applicant meets the following needs: 1) Non-invasive, 2) rapid skin tightening, 3) ability to be used as a hair accessory, 4) utilizing complete avoidance of surgery, 5) less than 10 minute estimated time to reduce the targeted wrinkles, undulations, or folds on the skin tissues of the face. Currently no device or method in the cosmetic literature addresses all of these concerns simultaneously.

There are several face-lifting instruments/techniques in use which crudely fired from positions outside the patient to energize tissue within the face and cut in a very imprecise fashion (See “Manual of Tumescent Liposculpture and Laser Cosmetic Surgery” by Cook, R. C. and Cook, K. K., Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Philadelphia ISBN: 0-7817-1987-9, 1999) using current energy assisted face-lifting methods. Currently deep dermal tissue is treated, altered or damaged with little precision. Complications from the aforementioned technique have been summarized by Jacobs et al. in Dermatologic Surgery 26: 625-632, 2000.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,871,469; 6,740,079; 6,719,754; 6,659,106; 6,632,220; 6,632,193; 6,623,454; 6,595,990; 6,557,559; 6,557,261; 6,514,248; 6,482,201; 6,461,354 and 6,461,350 teaches an electrosurgical methods that requires an ionic fluid to create conduction between minute arrayed electrodes and relies on an ionic fluid source from within the instrument to function optimally. However, the electrodes/conductors could irregularly violate and destroy the vital human facial tissue structures including the sub dermal plexus of vessels on passage if attempted or even possible. The applicant's product is non-invasive and no electrodes and conductors are needed.

All currently available laser facelift treatments exhibit significant problems and these laser systems typically operate safely and effectively only over a narrow, patient dependent treatment range. Laser treating tissues and electro surgically treating tissues are similar in several respects. Most importantly, electro-modifying human tissues internally may immediately cause local vaporized tissue regions take on relatively high electrical impedance, thus increasing the voltage difference and possibly altering further local electrical penetration/treatment of the tissues. Irregular energy absorption by irregularly thick and irregularly formed fibrous tunnel remnants resulting from the use of such procedures would thus cause visible irregular skin surface effects on healing. Thermage, Inc. of Hayward, Calif. recently introduced to the market its tissue contraction product of an externally applied electrosurgical template activated while touching the outer skin. Energy passes through the epidermis to alter the outer skin with the intention of electrically altering collagen to achieve remodeling. Damage to the epidermis is reduced some by externally spraying a cryogen (cooling gas) of about −40° C. on the targeted zone's epidermis at the time of the electrical impulse. Unfortunately, the amount of tissue contraction Thermage, Inc. can prove in the medical literature borders upon statistical insignificance (to quote several prominent cosmetic surgeons) and is far less than 5%.

Currently, there are methods of achieving tightness of skin by use of different types of adhesive tape which adhere directly to the skin with a sticky surface which may or may not be reused. This method may also use elastic bands to accomplish the effect. The applicant's invention is different in that, it doesn't adhere to the skin surface, but inserts into the braided hair shafts of the head and is yet connected by means of an elastic band. The applicant's invention can also be reused multiple times without altering the product by addition or deletion of any of its components.

There are other prominent techniques using, skin cream methods, ultrasonic liposuction cannulas for face-lifting or facial tightening currently in use. Given the disadvantages and deficiencies of current face-lifting and skin-tightening techniques, a need exists for a cosmetic product that provides a fast and safe alternative. The present invention utilizes a unique and simple method to accomplish effects of a facelift. The present invention provides a process for temporary human skin tightening to achieve face-lifting and facial tightening. The product and provisional method can rapidly be used without pain and use of risky and permanent injury.


FIG. 1 Illustrates integrated Facelift bungee

FIG. 2 is the comb and teeth of facelift bungee

FIG. 3 Illustrates the different shapes of teeth