Poker Magic Ace Ball
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The Poker Magic Ace Ball is a magic answer ball novelty item specifically designed for card-game usage (i.e. poker). It has a card-suit/character logo on the exterior (i.e. Ace of Spades, Joker) and card-game related text on the inside floating die (i.e. Hold, Raise, Fold).

Ciampi, Ronald Charles (Parsippany, NJ, US)
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Ronald C. Ciampi (Parsippany, NJ, US)
1. I claim that The Poker Magic Ace Ball is a card game novelty in the shape of a hollowed-out ball with a flat translucent bottom that is filled with liquid and a floating multi-surfaced die bearing card-game related text on the inside and a card-game logo on the outside, when the ball is turned over so that the flat side faces up the die floats to the top displaying the random text and providing players with answers to card-game related questions.



A round, “Crystal ball” with a flat clear glass bottom that contains a multi-surfaced die floating in a liquid. Each side of the die has text of common playing card actions\jargon such as (for Poker)—Hold, Fold, Muck, Raise, Call, Bluff, All In, Raise Flop, Raise Turn, Raise River, Check Flop, Check Turn, Check River, Re-Raise, Check Pre-Flop, Raise Pre-Flop, Check Raise, All In Pre-Flop.

When the ball is turned upside down the die floats to the top (glass surface) exposing the “prediction” text. Ball designs for each card suit—spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Various sizes=10 cm, 7 cm and 4 cm.

To be used as a novelty “Card Protector” or other.


FIG. 1

Top view. Rounded side displays a Card game suit (Ace of spades shown).

FIG. 2

Bottom view. Flat side has a transparent viewing window, allowing “see-through” to the inner die and text on it.

FIG. 3

Side view.

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