Magnetic gunstock holder
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A magnetic gunstock holding device for attaching a gunstock to a hunters clothing. The device has two nylon strap assemblies with magnets sewn in. The first nylon and Velcro strap holds the magnet on the recoil pad of a gun. The second nylon strap holds the magnet on the shoulder of the hunter. The second strap makes a loop at the bottom that supports the bottom of the recoil pad on the gun. Allows the hunter to be in the ready position, with no hands on his gun, if the front of the gun is supported.

Mccarty, William F. (Shunk, PA, US)
Boyd, Jeremy D. (Granville Summit, PA, US)
Frey, Martin L. (Shunk, PA, US)
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224/183, 224/257
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F41C33/00; F41C23/02
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William McCarty (Shunk, PA, US)
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1. A gunstock holding device that attaches a gunstock to a hunters clothing. The device is comprised of: A strap that fastens a magnet to a hunters clothing at the shoulder A second strap that temporarily connects a magnet to the recoil pad of a gun



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In the field of hunting, especially when hunting sharp eyed game such as turkeys or coyotes, it is often necessary to hold your gun in the ready position for long lengths of time. This is not only challenging for adults but is almost impossible for children or handicapped people. The ability to hold your gun in the ready position can affect the outcome of the hunt. When hunting turkeys, they are often in sight long before they are in shotgun range, so a hunter must remain motionless until a shot presents itself. This can be for hours at a time and one move will spook the turkeys and end that particular hunt. Half of the turkey calls on the market are friction type calls. Most friction type calls are ran by using both hands. Remaining at the ready position does not allow for the use of most friction type calls. It is useful to provide a way to securely, but temporarily, attach a hunters gun to the clothing on his shoulder, freeing up his hands. Most turkey hunters use the sitting position, with their back against a tree, barrel of the gun on their knee, and holding the stock to their shoulder with pressure from both hands. With the use of this invention to support the stock of the gun, a hunter could rest the barrel of the gun on a tree branch, bipod or his knee and could be comfortably in the ready position with his hands free to run friction calls.


The gunstock holder of present invention is designed to attach a hunters gun to the clothing on his shoulder easily and temporarily. Some other objects of the invention include: to provide a way for a hunter to easily support the weight of the rear of the gun, to provide children or handicapped people a way to support the rear of their gun, when used in combination with a bipod or front support it allows for a hunter to comfortably be in the ready position at all times while freeing up his hands. This allows a hunter to run friction type calls with his hands, while having the gun shouldered.

One piece of the invention attaches to a hunters hunting coat or turkey hunting vest, and the other piece to your gun. The bottom of the invention makes a small loop to cradle the bottom of the gunstock. That loop supports the weight of the gun, the magnet keeps the gun upright and balanced. This invention is an improvement on any way to support your gun because it makes a simple and temporary, but very secure attachment of gunstock to hunter.


FIG. 1A is a front view of the magnetic strap that fastens to the hunter

FIG. 1B is a side view of the magnetic strap that fastens to the hunter

FIG. 2 is a side view of the magnetic strap that fastens to the gun.

FIG. 3 is a side view of the practical application of the two straps together.


This invention is an apparatus for attaching a gunstock to the clothing on your shoulder with nylon straps, velcro and magnets. It is comprised of two different strap assemblies. FIG. 1 shows two different views of the nylon strap assembly 1, that attaches to the hunters shoulder. It could be attached either by Velcro or thread. It holds a ¾″ by ⅛″ magnet 2 in the right location on the shoulder. The second nylon strap assembly shown in FIG. 2 has one strap 5 that wraps around the gunstock 6, and fastens with Velcro and the other strap 4 goes around the recoil pad and holds a ¾″ by ⅛″ magnet 3 on the recoil pad of a gun. FIG. 3 shows the practical application of the invention. It will be used in the hunting field, to support the rear weight of a gun. When the front of the gun is otherwise supported (bipod, knee, tree limb) the hunters clothes and not his arms will support his gun in the ready position. This will free up the hunters hands.