Toilet seat lifter
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The Toilet Seat lifter is designed for health and safety prevention, by preventing physical contacts with the seat of a toilet, while being utilize by a male of female particularly in public places. It is also designed for males who don't want to physically touch the toilet seat with their hands before urinating in public or private toilets.

This invention will be primarily made from rubber made material with various shades of colors. The toilet seat lifter (TSL) will and can be attach to either the left front side or the right front side of the toilet seat (in a waist belt like form) for lifting the toilet seat up to the standing position and then bringing it back down to it's seated position.

Henry, Gregory D'oliveria (West Orange, NJ, US)
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Gregory D. Henry (West Orange, NJ, US)
What I claim:

1. A Toilet Seat Lifting (TSL) apparatus sanitary device, which is designed to be installed on the seat of a toiletry apparatus as a rubber made object that is comprising of: a buckle eye for locking; a flat section for the top of the seat where the body makes contact with the seat; an oval section for easier looping through the buckle eye of the holder; a three beaded holding section for better grip when using to raised or lower the toilet seat.

2. A Toilet Seat Lifting (TSL) apparatus sanitary device, which is designed to be installed on the seat of a toiletry apparatus as a rubber made object according to claim 1, wherein the three uneven size and tip of the holder is inserted into the buckle eye of the holder to form a loop around the toilet seat.

3. A Toilet Seat Lifting (TSL) apparatus sanitary device, which is designed to be installed on the seat of a toiletry apparatus as a rubber made object according to claim 1, will be manufactured from a rubber made material.



1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to Toilet seat lifting device incorporated with the lifting of the toilet seat as a part of the sanitary process, and a more particularly to a sanitary improvement and a prevention from using the foot for lifting the toilet seat.

2. Description of the Prior Arts

An image forming device will be taken as an example of this type of a Toilet seat lifting device. There are many different types of Toilet seat lifting devices known conventionally, one (see U.S. Pat. No. 6,415,454 and Ref. # 4/246.1) having an imaging of somewhat similar position of installation to the toilet seat apparatus. But it is not including exact, it is in the form of a clip made of plastic material.


The drawings are briefly described as follows:

FIG. 1.0 is the Top diagrammatic perspective view, illustrating the toilet seat lifting device, made of rubber made material—which is the standard form of the device before installation on to the toilet seat.

FIG. 1.1 is a side sectional view, seeing from the side laying on a flat surface, as you can see that the holding section is not flat. The holding section is specifically designed with three ball-like sections with descending sizes for better grasping during the holding and lifting motion.

FIG. 1.2 is a complete view after it is installed on to the toilet seat. The holding section of the lifter is placed under either the front left or right side of the seat, then over, and then finally through the buckle for locking. The holder is hanged off either side of the seat for easy access.


I believe that I Gregory D. Henry, address to 52 Hillside Avenue, West Orange, N.J. 07052, and a citizen to the United States of America is the original and first inventor of the new toilet seat lifting device the Toilet Seat Lifter (TSL) and all claimed that is in the attached specification; and that I am the sole creator to this new claim.


It is an object of the invention to provide a toilet seat lifting device that allows the toilet seat to be lifted by a user without touching the toilet seat. Accordingly, the lifting device provides a handle, which the user can grasp when lifting the toilet seat.

This is an invention to provide the lifting of the toilet seat by allowing the user to selectively grasp just the toilet seat lifter instead of the seat itself. The lifter is a simple rubber made device that is looped around either sides of the toilet seat for lifting it up and down.

This is an invention to provide the lifting of the toilet seat can be easily installed onto existing toilet seats. The toilet seat lifting device is designed to be mounted to any toilet seat of various thicknesses.

This is an invention to provide the lifting of the toilet seat is inexpensive to manufacture. The toilet seat lifting device is simplistic in construction, has minimal components, and may be constructed largely of rubber made material.

To accomplish the above design, this invention may be constructed in the form illustrated in the accompanying figurative drawings. However, the presentations of these drawings are for simple illustration only. But variations, with the actual size and color are considered as part of any future invention, and that may or may not limit the magnitude of this claim.

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This substitute specification contains no new matters.

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