Game thumb-protective device that fits over a thumb for protection and comfort while using a video game controller device
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A hollow cylindrical shaped thumb brace consisting of a back and a palm which are made from flexible materials so that the invention can be repeatedly bent to move with the thumb for flexibility, without fracturing. The thumb brace has a curved diameter at one end and an opening at another end to form a sleeve encasing to allow a thumb to be inserted for thumb support and protection while using video game controller devices.

Young, Aquito Carl (Upper Darby, PA, US)
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Aquito C. Young (Upper Darby, PA, US)
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1. A thumb brace device for support and protection while using video game controller devices, comprising: a. a elongated predetermined back element consisting of a means for thumb support, having at least 6 predetermined holes over the proximal interphalangeal joint area, and b. a elongated predetermined palm element consisting of a means for thumb protection, and c. a material to provide a means for firm support of said back element and said palm element whereby said back element is joined with said palm element beginning at the metacarpophalangeal joint along the latitudinal axis of the radial side of said thumb over the tip of the distal phalanx along its curved diameter and along the ulnar side of said thumb ending at the metacarpophalangeal joint to provide a sleeve encasing for said thumb support and said thumb protection



This application claims the benefit of Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 61/128,544, filed 2008 May 23 by the present inventor.


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1. Field of Invention

This is a Utility invention relating to thumb protection while using game controller devices for video game consoles.

2. Prior Art

This inventor has discovered no known prior art in relation to this type of invention for the use with game controller devices. However, there have been other inventions that have been used for many other circumstances with a theme of finger brace or thumb brace uses.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,658,441 to Smith (1987) relates to a thumb supporter to immobilize an individual's thumb while also providing protection. This invention and all other subsequent inventions listed below do not address any problems with thumb protection during video game use with a game controller device. Several types of inventions in the area of thumb, digit or limb protection and/or support are: J. C. Cox, et al. U.S. Pat. No. 1,471,948, M. K. Young U.S. Pat. No. 2,523,606, George Primiano, et al. U.S. Pat. No. 4,524,464, Allan Finnieston U.S. Pat. No. 4,417,570, Robert L. Blackwood U.S. Pat. No. 4,489,716, Gertrude Franzl U.S. Pat. No. 4,103,682, M. Dunat French Pat. No. 415.701

The French patent reference relates to a finger brace, the Finieston reference relates to a lower arm brace, the Blackwood reference relates to an elbow brace and the Franzl reference relates to a finger brace. None of these references is directly related to the game thumb invention which adds protection to the thumbs of individuals' with support of the present invention. The French Patent, the Finiestone U.S. Patent, the Blackwood, et- al. U.S. Patent and the Franzl U.S. Patent do not relate to my invention or protective thumb support while using game controller devices but are offered as anatomical immobilizing devices of general interest.

The Cox reference discloses a thumb protector which uses a splint attached to the upper part of the thumb and to the wrist. This thumb protector immobilizes the patient's wrist. This device along with the other inventions seem to be more associated with medical uses of a thumb device and not with thumb support for game controller devices such as my invention described in this patent.

The Young reference simply discloses a splint member which is attached around the wrist. This splint member does not add the protective qualities of the game thumb and the cushion of comfort for relief from use with game controller devices.

The Primiano reference discloses a brace which cradles the thumb and not offer any protection to an individuals thumb while using game controller devices.


There are several objects and advantages to my invention as described in my above patent. These advantages are:

    • to provide relief and support of a persons' thumb while using a video game controller device;
    • to provide a stable soft cushion of the distal phalnax while using a game controller device;
    • to provide protection from damaged video game controller devices;
    • to provide protection from callus formation on the thumb print area from repeated video game controller use;
    • to provide a anti-slip function of a persons' thumb while engaged in video game controller use;
    • to provide thumb nail protection for a person while using a video game controller device;
    • to support thumb ligaments while using game controller devices;
    • to provide stabilization of the proximal interphalangeal joint;

Additional objects and advantages are that this invention will provide safety features to the many children who use game controller devices. This invention can be easily manufactured and environmentally friendly by using recyclable materials in its creation. The invention is simple to use and can be created in many different sizes.


Individuals who play video games have done so without any assistance to relieve the pressure that has accumulated from hours and hours of play. This has resulted in the creation of calluses forming on an individuals' thumb as well as individuals continuing to use their game controller device through soreness and discomfort. Video game users have also continued to use game controller devices where the rubber has been removed from its analog stick, due to excessive game play. This problem creates a stressful unpleasant gaming experience for the user because the thumb is exposed to hard plastic. The invention described in this patent solves these problems because it provides comfort and protection to an individuals' thumb. There are no known devices similar to my invention that solves this problem while using video game controller devices.


FIGS. 1 and 2 are side view perspective drawings of my invention. These views show all parts that are used to form the invention. This description shows the game thumb on an individuals' right thumb for use with side views of stitching along the radial and collateral side views of thumb.

2joined stitching
3soft cushion thumb print area
4thumb palm portion
5elastic band
6thumb back portion


An embodiment of the invention is illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2 (side views). There are at least six holes 1 for ventilation on the back of the invention located in the area of the proximal interphalangeal joint.

The side stitching joins 2 the back portion and palm portion of the invention with nylon thread, however other materials can be used such as cotton or a flexible fabric to be used as thread for stitching or a adhesive material that will allow the two parallel portions to be joined at it's latidunal axis beginning at the radial side of the metacarpophalangeal joint with a diameter curve around the nail portion at it's tip continuing around the nail end or tip of the distal phalanax which creates a hollow enclosure that ends at the metacarpohalangeal on the ulnar side.

The joining of the two materials creates a sleeve that the thumb is able to be placed into. The cushion section 3 covers the area that would be considered the thumb print area that is primarily used during an individuals' game play with a controller device. This area consists of a thicker polychloroprene padding however other materials can be used such as materials out of polyisoprene which will act as a protective cushion. The thumb palm of the invention 4 matches the exact length of the top portion however it is made of neoprene material and has a slightly thicker design than that of the top but smaller than the thumb print area 3. Other materials can be used to create the thumb palm 4 portion of the invention such as materials out of polyisoprene or polychloroprene. At the entrance end of the invention 5 shows an elastic or polyisoprene material weaved into the invention that allows for a comfort form fit over an individuals thumb.

Top portion of the invention 6 is made of a thinner rubber material, however other materials with a flexible quality can be used such as spandex, polyisoprene or polychloroprene materials.

The materials forming the back thumb of the invention are typically 1 mm to 2mm in thickness, while the thumb palm portion 4 of the invention is typically 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm with an additional 3 mm protrusion that covers the thumb print area 3 measuring longitudinally 1.5 inches with a width of 1 inch. measured from a linear side crossing the thumb print area horizontally to the ulnar side of thumb.

The overall invention has a latitudinal length of 2 inches and 0.5 cm with a circumference area of 3 inches measured around the proximal phalanx. The circumference measurements reduces to 2.5 inches measured around the distal phalanx while continuing to get smaller in proportion to the shape of the thumb with another circumference area measuring 2 inches around the thumb nail towards the tip of the thumb and reducing again in proportion to the thumb size measurements. Stitching that joins the two halves 2 of the invention will typically be 6 inches to join back and palm area of thumb invention measuring from one side to the other side on its latitudinal axis with a diameter curve that joins the two halves together. The stitching creates a thumb sleeve that is joined around the distal phalanx and begins and ends at the metacarpophalangeal joint of both sides.

The description of this invention contain many specificities, these should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention but as merely providing illustrations of an embodiment. For example, this invention can have many sizes with various measurements. The measurements provided in this invention are naturally the inventors' illustration with his thumb as the subject. In addition, there can be a number of additional features such as velcro stitched into the invention to allow for an easy adjustable fit of the invention, their can also be different colors of the invention, or an opening at the stitched curved diameter of the invention to allow a persons nail to protrude from the invention, etc.