"Clean Glide" Portable Disc Golf Cleaning Device
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A portable Frisbee Golf disc washing assembly includes a carrying case, which also houses extra discs. The carrying case is rectangular-shaped, has a flap cover, and has sidewalls that are zippered open or closed. The interior surface of the case is slightly padded, and the exterior surface has pockets monolithically formed there with. An adjustable carrying strap is included. The assembly further includes a cleaning mechanism stored within the carrying case that has a pair of interchangeable cleaning pads. A crank handle is attached to rotatable gears that rotate the pads. The handle is attached to a main center gear. There are additional gears on each side of the mechanism that assist in the movement of the pads. Turning the handle rotates the main gear, and engages the side gears, which rotates the cleaning pads in opposing directions

Hartman, Robert Joseph (San Diego, CA, US)
Wright, Summer Mekka (US)
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15/210.1, 206/315.1
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A47L25/00; B65D85/00
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Robert Hartman (San Diego, CA, US)
What is claimed is:

1. A portable golf disc cleaning device, compromises; light weight framed unit of which fits within a common carrying case of which is operated by a geared system, gears which rotate by a crank system, once the crank system is in operation the gears rotate in a manner to activate two larger discs, one on either side of an inserted golf disc, the larger discs are covered with a removable cleaning pad cover and move in opposite directions to ensure optimal cleaning power and keeping the golf disc stationary; of which the device is inserted within a commonly used carrying bag designed to holster additional playing discs.

2. The carrying case of claim 1 which is herein recognized as claim 2, wherein said to be made of a durable yet common material with a top accessible by a zipper opening on three side, the bottom opening by zipper on three sides, two open pouches, and two flap top pouches in addition.

3. An option to claim 1; of which consumers may replace exterior crank which supplies the geared cleaning device with movement, with an optional rechargeable battery operated motor to activate the cleaning system.



FIG. 1—Viewed from the front side facing the operating “Crank Handle”, herein known as H (refer to FIG. 3), A & B interact with the center gear, herein known as E (refer to FIG. 2), which is first activated by the clockwise or counter clockwise movement of H. C & D are directly connected to the back side of the cleaning pads, herein known as I.

FIG. 2—This view is directly looking down at the “Portable Disc Cleaning Device”. The crank handle, or H (refer to FIG. 3), is directly connected to, and offset from, the center of E. A & B are interactive with E. F is connected to A by a thin fixed rod. F is interactive with the gear connected to the rear side of a cleaning pad, herein known as C (refer to FIG. 1). G is connected to B by a fixed rod. G is interactive with the opposing pad that F is interactive with, herein known as D (refer to FIG. 1).

FIG. 3—This is directly looking at the side of the “Portable Disc Cleaning Device”. H is directly connected to E. H is slightly offset from the center of E. A is interactive with E. The rotating cleaning pad, here in is known as I, is interactive with F (refer to FIG. 2)

FIG. 4—This is a detailed view from the front of the “Portable Disc Cleaning Device”. E is the main center gear which when forced into movement by H, the Crank Handle, all other gears react with movement. H rotates E, E in turn rotates A & B in opposite directions.

FIG. 5—This is the description of the disc bag that the “Portable Disc Cleaning Device” is inserted into. The “Portable Disc Cleaning Device”, herein know as N, is inserted into the carrying bag. H is exposed through a hole in the side of the bag, herein known as L. K is a netted pouch for the purpose of storing a disc for easy access. M is a zippered pouch on the side of the bag for the purpose of holing random items. J is the top flap that is secured to the bag by a zipper on three sides.