Continuous surfing waves system
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Continuous Surfing Waves System (CSWS) is the system, where in closed shape pool the (CSWS) producing real waves, which circling continuous in the pool, without loosing it's energy or dying, because they are following the route of the pool and keep re-entering the starting point, receiving continuously boost from (CSWS). The new and distinctive is where (CSWS) are able to create waves with indefinite long life, with full control of their size, speed shape and direction.

Malinov, Valentin (Melbourne, AU)
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1. Steering of the waves by: Unsymmetrical elevated solid or suspended bottom of the pool which allowing the angle of elevation and the depth of the pool to be changed and creating condition where one side of the waves run in shallow water than the other side.

2. Maintaining wave's energy by: WAVE FOLLOWING BOOSTING SYSTEM, where series of water jets boosters allocated on the bottom and the side of the pool maintaining the energy of the passing waves, by giving them boost in the precise moment.



The present invention relates to wave generating pools.


The surfing is nice and pleasant sport, very popular among the young people living near the cost line. Unfortunately, most of the six billion people living in land and have no access to this sport. There been many attempts to create surfing waves in swimming pools, but practically they are unsuccessful because cannot overcome range of technical problems. The main problems in the existing wave generating facilities are:

    • The created wave on one side of the pool have very short life and way, and virtually dies on the other side of the pool, taking away the energy, spent to be produced.
    • The distance in the pool is short and not enough for surfing action.

Currently, arguably, the best system is this: Many strong parallel water jets are directed over hard surface of wave shaped hard structure. This facility created condition, where the fast moving water upwards can support some fit and very skillful person with special board to mimicking surfing action. The problem with this system is: The person is standing on one spot and the water moving underneath, which is not the same, how is the surfing. Also this facility is too difficult and dangerous for the general public. It can be used of one person at the time only. It is very hungry on energy and expensive to be run.

The newly invented system—CONTINOUS SURFING WAVES SYSTEM solving all the above mentioned problems, and creating conditions where in pools, or water basins can be created real surfing waves, which not dying on other side of the pool, but once the waves are created, they are circle around continuously, and the operator can change their size, speed, and shape, and many surfers can enjoy real surfing action at same time, riding the same wave as longer they like it—something which the surfers cannot experience even in the nature


CONTINOUS SURFING WAVES SYSTEM (CSWA) create, maintain and steer real waves in pools and water basins, providing conditions for non-stop surfing action for many people at one time with acceptable energy usage. The idea of CSWS is to steer the waves to turn back in closed shape pool, where the end of the pool enter the starting point. On this way the life of the created waves can be extended indefinitely, and created waves will be easily boosted continuously, to maintain the desirable size and speed. To changing the direction of the waves CSWS using special unsymmetrical elevated bottom (or suspended bottom) knowing, the waves slow down the speed when going in the shallow water. The CSWS using the unsymmetrical elevated bottom of the facility, to slow down one side of the waves, allowing the other side to advance forward faster than the other. This effect forcing the wave to change direction and even to produce the loved by the surfers “pipeline”. To boost the energy of the created waves the CSWS offering the “FOLLOW UP BOOSTING SYSTEM” (FUBS), where the FUBS have series of pressure and size sensors, to monitor the waves, and give them boost in precise moment through combination of bottom and side boosters.


The invention description contained 12 drawings where:

  • 1. Swimming Pool
  • 2. Water
  • 3. Ground
  • 4. Suspended Bottom
  • 5. Elevating System
  • 6. Central Ground (Island)
  • 7. Overlapping Lines
  • 8. Waves
  • 9. Water Pipes
  • 10. Water Jets
  • 11. Water Pump
  • 12. Side Boosters
  • 13. Wave Generator (Starter)
  • 14. Pool Side
  • 15. Pool Bottom

FIG. 1 is side sectional view of round type of CSWS.

FIG. 2 is top elevation view of FIG. 1, which is round type of CSWS.

FIG. 3 is top view of closed type CSWS

FIG. 4 is top elevation view of round type CSWS, with articulated suspended bottom.

FIG. 5 side view of the articulated suspended bottom of FIG. 4

FIG. 6 top elevation view of round type of CSWS, with false articulated bottom #4, side boosters #12 and waves starter #13.

FIG. 7 closed type of CSWS and placement of false bottom #4 in the curves sections.

FIG. 8 side section of running waves #8 and boosting water jets #10 and water pipes #9 which coming from the pump #11.

FIG. 9 top elevation of view of round CSWS, where the pump #11, water pipes #9, water jets #10.

FIG. 10 closed type of CSWS #1, where the lines #8 are the lines of the running waves and the side boosters #12.

FIG. 11 round type CSWS—view from centre top elevation, where the ground #3, the poolside is #14, the waves #8.

FIG. 12 top elevation view of closed type of CSWS—#1, where the ground is #3 and running waves #8.


CONTINUOUS SURFING WAVES SYSTEM are the system, creating continuously running waves in pools with circular shape (FIG. 2), or closed shaped (FIG. 3) where the end of the pool entering (join the starting line). The pool have unsymmetrical elevated bottom or (suspended bottom)—(4), where created waves are steer to follow the pool shape, to turn back and re-enter the starting point, and the FOLLOW UP BOOSTING SYSTEM (10 &12) maintaining the desirable size and speed of the waves, by giving them the necessary boost in precise moment through the bottom (10) and side boosters (12).


Continuous Surfing Waves System (CSWS)

The CSWS using the effect of the waves to slow down the speed progressively, when they come in shallow water, to steer them in the desirable direction. CSWS have design the unsymmetrical elevated bottom of the pool to slow down the speed of one side of the created waves, allowed the other side to advance faster. On this way, the CSWS creating condition where the once created waves to be turned and steer in desirable direction and to follow the route and curves of the pool. The pool of CSWS has to be round shape, or any closed shape, which allowed the waves to circle around and re-enter the starting point continuously.

FIG. 1 & FIG. 2 is cross section and top view of round pool, where the ground is #3, the water is #2, the unsymmetrical elevated suspended bottom is #4 and the elevating system is #5.

On FIG. 1 the suspended bottom #4 have cones shapes and effectively creating condition, where the water is deepest in the site of the pool, and gradually getting shallow towards the centre. When looking the cross section of the water #2 above the suspended bottom, is obvious in the deepest part of the water radial oriented wave will travel faster than in the shallow. These effect will force the wave to circling around the centre in straight radial line—how is shown on FIG. 11 #8, where in round shape pool (view from the top) numbers of waves circling continuously around the centre.

To compensate, for the lost energy of the waves, the pool is fitted with dynamic wave boosters on pool side—FIG. 6—#12 and water jets on the bottom FIG. 8 & FIG. 9—#10. By elevating or lower the suspended bottom #4, or raise or lower the water level—can be created different size waves, and force them to produce pipe. The CSWS can operate in different shape pools. FIG. 3 & FIG. 7 is example of pool, where the pool shape is changing from straight line to curves and back to straight, where in the centre ground #3 can be accommodate some recreational or sports facilities.

The false bottom #4 is shown on FIG. 4 & FIG. 5 where the sections of the suspended bottom overlapping each other, allowing the operator to change the height and angle of the false bottom and create the desirable shape and speed of the waves.

On FIG. 6, FIG. 8, FIG. 9 & FIG. 10 is shown the WAVE BOOSTING SYSTEM, which operating from the side and from the bottom of the pool, where #13 is the WAVE GENERATOR, which purpose is to start the process and create the waves, which once are created will continuously be maintained to circle the pool, receiving boost from the WAVE BOOSTING SYSTEM to maintain the desirable size and speed where the side #12 and bottom boosters #10 giving the passing waves #8 energy boost by water jets in precise moment determine of the pressure sensors and the central computer.