Magnetic photo gallery
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Magnetic Photo Gallery is a multi-picture frame that adheres to any magnetic surface. This displays a collage of photographs of family, friends, landscapes or anything else, in one, compact space, eliminating the typical, cluttered look when multiple pictures are secured to a magnetic surface. The user would be able to choose and change any number of pictures in and out of Magnetic Photo Gallery, and when they are done, they can simply adhere it the magnetic surface of their choice. This would provide a convenience for anybody who enjoys displaying pictures in their household, and especially on their refrigerator, as Magnetic Photo Gallery would provide them the option of hanging multiple pictures in a new and more organized manner. With Magnetic Photo Gallery, all of the displayed pictures would be easily visible, remain securely in place, and be protected from the elements such as a regular picture frame would provide.

Lapesky, Claire Meredith (Spruce Grove, CA)
Lapesky, Garry Andrew (Spruce Grove, CA)
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Claire Lapesky (Spruce Grove, AB, CA)
1. Magnetic Photo Gallery is collage-style picture frame that secures to a refrigerator door or any other magnetic surface. Magnetic Photo Gallery would measure approximately 16″×12″, providing enough room to accommodate up to 13 separate photos, depending on manufactures layout and choice of frame sizes created within the overall frame dimensions. The individual pictures would be displayed in variously shaped cut-outs on one large, magnetic frame. Magnetic Photo Gallery could be manufactured in a variety of colors, shapes and layouts to accommodate user needs and preferences. With its three-layer design, Magnetic Photo Gallery would provide a fast and easy way to exhibit multiple pictures, securely, on the front of a refrigerator door or any other magnetic surface. The bottom layer is the portion that features the magnetic securing device that attaches to the refrigerator. The user would arrange the selected photos on the surface of this layer. A clear, plastic cover would then be placed over the photos, for protective purposes. The user would then apply the cut out top magnetic frame on top of the clear cover and simply place the entire unit on the refrigerator, where it will magnetically adhere in a firm and secure manner. Because of Magnetic Photo Gallery's easy assembly, the user can change the pictures as often as they would like, in a matter of minutes.



Provisional Patent Application No. 61/066,811. Filing Date: Feb. 22, 2008.1 Confirmation No.: 2777


Currently, there is no means of displaying a collection of pictures on a magnetic surface, in one organized frame. The current non-expired patents available are for only one to four or five pictures. The Magnetic Photo Gallery would provide the user with one large multi picture frame that would hold up to thirteen or more pictures depending on the cut outs for display sizes chosen by, the manufacturer, and would adhere to any large magnetic surface.

Most people display pictures on their refrigerator, as well as various other magnetic surfaces. This is often accomplished by utilizing a magnet or a single-picture magnetic frame. Unfortunately, if/a person wishes to display more than just one picture on their refrigerator or any other magnetic surface, they have to use another magnet and risks giving their refrigerator door a cluttered or disorganized look. The Magnetic Photo Gallery would reduce the clutter on the magnetic display apparatus as disclosed by U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/066,811 to Lapesky.


Magnetic Photo Gallery is a triple layer magnetic multiple photos frame that enables the user to place multiple pictures, in one frame, on any magnetic surface. The top and bottom layers are made of magnetic sheet material (the bottom to adhere to the magnetic surface of choice and the top magnetic sheet to adhere to the bottom magnet sheet over the clear center cover). The center layer is made of a clear pliable plastic sheeting to protect the user's picture (s) from the elements, such as a regular picture frame would employ.


FIG. 1: Original drawing of Magnetic Photo Gallery, when in initial design stage.

FIG. 2: First rough sketch done in paint program

FIG. 3: Second rough sketch done in paint program originally


The Magnetic Photo Gallery would be comprised of two (2) magnetic sheets, one firm sheet on the bottom and a soft flexible (for ease of access) one for the top and one clear pliable plastic sheet for the centre layer to cover and protect the displayed material. All three sections would be of an approximate size of 16″×12″, depending on the manufactures desires regarding the over all size of the product they wish to produce. Only the top soft flexible magnetic sheet would have various sizes and shapes cut out to display the desired photos and other flat items, and the bottom firm magnetic sheet would have imprints that aligned with the cut out forms on the top flexible magnetic sheet to assist with ease of placement of the desired item for display. The number of cut outs in the top and imprints on the bottom sheets would depend on the sizes and shapes chosen by the manufacturer in accordance to the overall size chosen for the complete frame with an allowance around the outer frame of at least 1.5″ to 2″ for handling and an allowance of at least 1″ to 1.5″ of space between cut-outs and imprints to provide proper securing of the displayed item.

Referring to the drawings, FIGS. 1-3, the Magnetic Photo Gallery has a bottom (1a) that is made of a firm magnetic sheet that is imprinted with matching sizes and shapes to the cut outs on the top (3a) flexible magnetic sheet to provide ease of alignment, with a clear pliable and preferably static plastic cover sheet (2a) in between the two (2) magnetic sheets that would be in place to cover the displayed media that was placed on the bottom (1a) firm imprinted magnetic sheet.

The top (3a) flexible magnetic sheet would have cut outs for viewing the media placed on the imprints (1a) on the bottom firm magnetic sheet designating media alignment for viewing through the clear pliable plastic cover (2a) and top (3a) flexible magnetic sheet with cut outs that aligned with the imprints on the bottom (1a) firm magnetic sheet.

When putting the Magnetic Photo gallery to initial (first) use or when changing the media on display, place the entire unit on a flat surface. Lift or remove the top (3a) flexible magnetic sheet that has the cut outs for displaying media and the clear pliable plastic cover (2a). Place or change the media in the desired location on the bottom (1a) imprinted firm magnetic sheet in an appropriate area as indicated by the imprints. When all media is in place cover with the clear pliable plastic cover (2a) sheet, then align the top (3a) flexible magnetic sheet with the cut outs over the entire unit and place on top. Lift entire unit and place on desired magnetic surface.