Deal on wheels
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Deal on Wheels is a portable cooler with separated compartments one for hot items and one for cold items. The compartments are separated by a wall which may be insulated to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. The ends of the cooler have slide out tables to eat on, creating a table top with the cover lids of the hot and cold compartments. The slide covers are held up with attachable legs, two for each end and two mats are available to sit upon. The wheels are for easy mobility and the legs help hold cooler in place. The retractable handle adjusts to various lengths, depending on ones preference at use. Alternately, the cooler may be of various colors, sizes, yet compact, lightweight and compatible with modern units of its kind.

Ball, Cynthia (St Louis, MO, US)
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Cynthia Ball (St. Louis, MO, US)
1. Deal on wheels is a product that combines a picnic table, seats, attachable legs, warming unit, and cooler into a compact convenient transportable product. Unit has two wheel and two solid legs and handles on the short ends of the unit. A retractable handle is on the side where the wheels are located for mobility of the unit.

2. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, where food items are kept, is divided by a wall comprising unit of two separate compartments, one side keeps food hot and the other keeps food cold.

3. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, thereby had heating and cooling elements built into the cooler walls.

4. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, wherein the table top is revealed, when the top covers slides out. Table top may open like a book to reveal each storage section.

5. Deal on Wheels of claim 4, wherein has two built in cup-holders in each slide cover to hold drinks.

6. Deal on Wheels of claim 5, wherein has two opening underneath each slide cover where legs are attached for stability.

7. Deal on Wheels of claim 5, wherein the legs are stored in elastic bands on the long side of cooler.

8. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, wherein seats or mats are stored in elastic bands, opposite table legs on cooler.

9. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, has two wheels for mobility and two solid legs for stability.

10. Deal on wheels of claim 1, wherein has a handle on opposite ends of the cooler, for carrying unit.

11. Deal on Wheels of claim 1, wherein has a retractable handle on side of cooler where the wheels are located.



In line with the prior application of the U.S. Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 61/012,618, file on Dec. 10, 2007, this application also claims those benefits.


Deals on Wheels, the portable cooler, with table, sets, warming and cooling unit is all compact into one product. The cooler is divided into a hot and cold section. Heating and cooling elements are built into the cooler walls, and each compartment is separated by a wall to keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold. The top slides out on the ends of the cooler, exposing and underlying cover over each section. There are the compartments where food would be stored. The covers are opened, as a book would open, to obtain food items and closed to use as a table top. The slide covers are the table tops which are used to eat from. The slide cover has two cup holders and openings underneath, where attachable legs are snapped in place. The legs are stored on side of the cooler with elastic bands, and rolled mats are held in place with elastic bands on the opposite side. The unit has two heels on the long side of the cooler, and two solid legs on the opposite side. The legs help the cooler remain steady when not moving. The side with the wheels has a retractable, pull-out handle for transporting. There are handles underneath the slide covers on each side for carrying. The size of the cooler would vary. There may be a variety of colors, accommodate users and the appearance compatible with modern day coolers.


Deal on Wheels was designed to help create the ultimate way to enjoy outdoor activities, when it comes to seating and carrying food items. Deal on Wheels is a useful and convenient product that enables users a most reliable way to transport food item in a portable cooler, whether the food is either hot, cold or both. Deal on Wheels eliminates users the need to find a place to sit and eat their consumables. The wheels which are attached to the cooler allows easy movement and the assessable seating mats are carried along as user transport from one place to another. This compact product is perfect for any outdoor activity. The handles beneath the slide covers on each side make the cooler easy for transporting. The size of the cooler/product would vary. There may be a variety of colors to accommodate the users and would have the appearance of modern convenient coolers.


Too often people are faced with food storage and seating problems on outings. Either there are no seats available, or transporting the food items with them can become too time consuming and awkward. Carrying around too many separate items, takes much of the fun from the event. Then, once they find a place to eat, they are constantly getting up or going in and out of the container. When it comes to having a seat, sitting on the food container can be another problem. If a person chooses to sit on a portable chair, he/she winds up balancing the food on their laps and drinks are too often spilled, kicked or knocked over.


Referring to the drawing of FIG. 1, a portable insulated devise with compartments for holding hot 5 and cold 6 items, handles for carrying 14, 15 on each end of the cooler. Heating and cooling element are built in cooler walls 1a, 1b, one on each side and table legs 9 with elastic bands 16. Additional handle 15 may be added to unit.

Referring to the drawing of FIG. 2, a portable cooler with slide out sides 3, 2, to be used to eat from, exposing table top area 4, 5. Seating mats 10 are placed on the ground.

Referring to the drawing of FIG. 3, cooler has hot 5 and cold 6 sections, which are separated by a wall, which may be insulated 8. The cup holders 6, 7 are for holding drinks.

Referring to drawing of FIG. 4, illustrates sides holding the four table legs 9 with elastic bands 16, and two seating mats 10, the retractable handle 11 for pulling, wheels for rolling 12, and legs for steadiness 13.

Referring to drawing of FIG. 5, illustrates two people utilizing the Deal on Wheels. Food is able to be set on the table tops 4, 5, and drinks are able to be set in cup holders 6, 7. Users are able to sit on mats 10 and table legs 9 hold up the slide out covers.

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