Briefcase furniture
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Briefcase Furniture is flat furniture cut out from any type of fabric or foldable materials and carried as a briefcase, purse or baglike item, to be laid down on a floor in a room to determine where the actual furniture should be placed before bringing the actual furniture into the room. It will eliminate the carrying and moving of the real furniture which can be heavy and very time consuming. The placement will already be decided by using the flat foldable furniture.

The Briefcase Furniture is washable, durable and therefore usable for a continual use of time.

Blanarik, Debra Wilburn (Hampton, VA, US)
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1. I proclaim Briefcase Furniture are cuttings from pieces of fabrics, cloth, plastic, leather, etc. in the shapes and sizes of furniture used to represent the three dimensional pieces of furniture used in offices, homes, or any type of building or livable area. Each piece of Briefcase Furniture will be folded to carry as a briefcase or purse or separately then unfolded and laid on a floor. Each outer piece of Briefcase Furniture will have a handle for carrying and turning the pieces. The inner pieces may or may not have handles. Briefcase Furniture will have pockets to carry cards with folding directions and dimensions and for business cards. Briefcase Furniture will have sewn, ironed, or screen printed, hand painted or drawn, etc. logos, company names, numbers, etc. on the pieces. Briefcase Furniture may have trimmed borders and others not trimmed borders on the fabric furniture pieces. Briefcase Furniture will have drawings on pieces to direct the actual folding of the various shapes and sizes. Briefcase Furniture pieces will be lightweight and washable. The Briefcase Furniture will be a great marketing tool as well as a tool for the average individual in making decisions for placing out their furniture before the actual moving and placement of real furniture.



I work in real estate and had the problem with people deciding if their furniture would fit in a particular area. There were no specific pieces of material that had been designed to be used over and over to spread out on the floor as one is marketing a home or office, etc. to sell or buy. When buying a home, office, or etc., there was no tool to actually carry with you easily on your arm or have available in the home, office, etc. that you could freely move around with your hands or feet to decide where the actual full size furniture would be placed. Briefcase Furniture will be an affordable convenient way to do so.

I made samples of Briefcase Furniture and I shared them with several colleagues, friends, and family members. They all supported it. Their names are: Timothy M. Blanarik, Matt Boothe, Etch Shaheen, Gary Zayakosky, James and Joan Weathers, Elizabeth Kapp, Christin Frank, Abigail Blanarik, and Elizabeth and Bobby Neal. Dates ranged from Oct. 1, 2007 to Nov. 23, 2007.

I sent a cd, filled a form out and conversed with Attorney Peter van Bergen beginning Nov. 14, 2007.


FIG. 1 full piece laid out on floor with handles on top as queen size bed.

FIG. 2 opposite side of full piece folded to ½ of bed size for a couch or sofa.

FIG. 3 full piece folded 6 inches to make a queen size bed to full size bed.

FIG. 4 folded an additional 6 inches to make full size to twin size with corner piece.

FIG. 5 full piece folded again at each end ¼ size inward.

FIG. 6 same piece folded inward again at the end without handle again.

FIG. 7 same piece folded at same end again to expose both handles.

FIG. 8 same piece folded in to meet handles.

FIG. 9 same piece folded in ⅓ of size.

FIG. 10 same piece folded in remainder ⅓.

FIG. 11 final product folded to make Briefcase Furniture with handles.


Briefcase Furniture is flat furniture that is foldable and carried as a briefcase, purse or baglike item, to be spread down on a floor in a room to determine where the actual furniture should be before bringing the real furniture into the room. It will eliminate the carrying and moving of heavy furniture. The placement will already be decided by using the flat foldable furniture. It can be spread out as easily as laying out a lightweight rug on a floor.

It is made of material of any kind such as cotton, wool, polyester, linen, rayon, plastic, leather, fake-leather, cardboard, etc., smooth, quilted or imprinted, solid or designed and will be cut into various shapes and sizes to represent the furniture. It will then be spread out on a floor to determine the function of the room in any position.

Examples of furniture pieces are sofa, couch, chair, table, bed, lamp stand, desk, dresser, chest, entertainment center, bookshelf, etc.

They are light weight because of the foldable fabric or material they are made of.

The flat furniture pieces will be a great tool for building, designing, buying and selling homes or offices, stores, warehouses, hotels, motels, restaurants, and any other building. You will be able to place the pieces down to determine the proper placement for the best use of the rooms. It will be used to determine the most advantageous placement of the furniture without the difficulty of real furniture.

The material will be made with and/or without handles of any kind. They may or may not have borders or trims of any kind. They will have or not have fasteners to hold the designed materials together for easier carrying or storing. These are options for each design.

They may have your name or companies name and/or logo on them.

They will have charts of furniture sizes and shapes with or attached to the pieces.

They will have drawings as guides on the pieces as points of folding to insure sizes of each piece to be laid out.