Method and system for randomly altering information and content within web pages to create a new and unique website and online game
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A method, system and software designed to alter information and content, much like shuffling a deck of cards, in web pages creating multiple unique scenarios and information for a website, thus allow participants to interact with the same basic website or play the same basic online game(s) multiple times without the users ever having the same exact experience twice, thus, preventing advantages over single online participants, creating an equal playing field for all users. Unique web pages for a specific website and individual Log-On Codes are created by the system each time a participant registers online. The system will assign a unique serial number for each individual website and will create a personal data file that automatically stores the user's progress, time, movements and interaction they have with the website. This data will be used to unlock or allow access to additional web pages and information within the website, and to inform the system if a user is cheating and/or sharing information.

Lamontagne, Joel David (Cocoa, FL, US)
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1. A method and system for creating new web pages by randomly selecting specific information and content from specific data files to construct a unique website/online game, wherein the system can randomly insert items, props, back scenes, streaming video, clues and information into web pages when designing each unique website and wherein, certain locations within web pages are designated for interchangeable objects.

2. A method and system of claim 1, wherein each unique web page, tasks preformed, email correspondence, items within web pages, information, movements, procedures and every interactions within the website will have a unique alphanumeric signature assigned to it.

3. A method and system of claim 1, wherein the system creates a unique serial number for the each individual website by using a secret encrypted algorithm formula.

4. A method and system for creating a user's Log-On Code for each uniquely designed website, as described in claim 1, using a secret algorithm formula.

5. A method of creating a user's data file to record every action the participant has with the website. Using the participant's unique Log-On Code, in claim 4, the system will create a user's data file for each participant. The system will automatically store every unique alphanumeric signature as describe in claim 2, of the participant's interaction with the website into the user's data file. The information within each user's data file will later be used to validate that the online participant requested and received the necessary emails from the system, accessed specific web pages, interacted with specific items and preformed all necessary tasks to have accurately completed the game.

6. A method and system to unlock specific web pages in a website. Each web page will be assigned a specific alphanumeric signature, as describe in claim 2. When participants access each web page the specific alphanumeric signature is automatically stored in their user's data file. Each web page will have certain information that when accessed it will “unlock” other web pages and information within the website.

7. A method to create a unique internal email address for each user. Each user's will be able create their unique internal email address per individual websites. The internal email is designed to prevent public knowledge of any information the user's has acquired during their online experience. Furthermore, the user will not be able to forward their internal emails to any third party. The email transactions will be recorded into the user's data file, as described in claim 5.



The present invention generally relates Military Training, Educational, and Online Gaming websites. With the ever increasing popularity with interactive online games and educational websites a common problem exists that current website are linear in design; meaning there is a specific procedure to a single outcome. The software is designed to incorporate randomized information and content into web pages to create truly unique website experiences.


This invention relates to a method and system in designing and creating unique web pages for a specific website and automatically stores the participant's interaction with the website. In order to design each unique website the system will access pre designed data files and input specific information into individual web pages. Some of these web pages may have the same basic design but the content within the web pages can be changed. The system will generate a unique Log-On Code for each online participant, and will be automatically emailed to the registered participant The participant can access the website by entering their user's name and unique Log-On Code. Each unique Log-On Code is designated for each online register and the specific website design the system created. Once the system has designed each unique website (online game) the system will calculate exactly how many procedures, steps and time it takes to accurately solve that specific game.

Using an online interactive Murder Mystery game as an example; first, a complete website, including but not limited to, photos of locations, computer graphic and/or animated generated web pages is designed. For each unique design the system will access the specific pre designed data files and randomly choose: a victim, the cause of death, and the suspects. The system will insert the needed information and content into certain web pages that if deciphered correctly the online gamer can accurately solve the case. At the same time the system will input misinformation, dead-ends and bogus clues throughout the website. The system will encrypt and store the alphanumeric signature web pages and information needed to accurately solve the game.

To receive information, such as, fingerprints, criminal background checks, bank statements, license plate numbers, search warrants, autopsy, forensic evidence, etc. the online gamer must request the information, via the system's internal email, by filling out the proper request forms from the website. Also, the participant must have accessed specific web pages and gained specific information to unlock other web pages. The information requested will be sent to the online gamer, via email, from our system. For example, if the participant desires to gain access in to a house he must first fill-out a search warrant form and email the form to our system. Once the warrant form has been received the system will access the participant's personal data file to validate that the participant interacted with specific web page(s) that in result merits a search warrant. Once validated by our system the online participant will receive, via internal email from our system, the Access Code that will enable the participant to “unlock” that specific web page. If the participant data file does not contain the required alphanumeric web page signature his warrant is denied.

Once the participant enters the house, the “Location Bar” will change to, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, front door, etc. From the Location Bar you can choose which room you wish to investigate. Each room will have a specific investigation time allocated to it. By clicking the bedroom location you will go inside the bedroom and notice several “go to” spots. These spots allow you to move about the room, thus showing a different view of the room allowing the investigator to conduct a thorough investigation. Some areas will have “hot spots” when moving your cursor over them; such as, dresser drawers, cabinets, bed covers, etc. You can open these “hot spots” by clicking on them. Other visual evidence such as bloodstain, hair, fingerprints, etc. must be gathered by accessing the “Evidence Gathering Tool Bar” and select which evidence task you wish to perform. Every view may reveal essential clues and/or evidence. To exit the house you can click Front Door button located on the side bar. Once you returned to the Front Door the “Location Bar” changes to external location thus allowing the user to travel to other locations.

The system will track and store each online gamer's online interactions, time and email correspondences as described in claim 5. This information will be used to support that the online participant accessed the proper web pages and perform precise tasks required for that specific website, thus validating their conclusion.

If the online gamer skips steps and does not obtain crucial information and evidence from specific web pages or if the online gamer did not request and receive specific emails, with vital information and evidence, this gives clear evidence that the online gamer did not conduct a thorough investigation and is disqualified from the game. You simply cannot have a lucky guess to win! The system is designed to ensure that each individual website design has an accurate flow and ending thereby guaranteeing that the game can accurately be solved by the gamer if played correctly.