Personalized exercise mat
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A personalized exercise mat includes a vibrantly adorned rectangular-shaped mat, which is important for enhancing the experience of yoga. The mat is produced from a durable material, like neoprene foam. The may has indentions formed at each corner thereof for providing a more aesthetically appealing mat than conventional exercise mats. Each mat has inspirational surface indicia imprinted thereon. The apparatus also includes a carrying bad that is produced from terry cloth material and has a handle attached thereto for storage and transport of the mat.

Sharp, Joan Dorreene (South Gate, CA, US)
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Joan Dorreene Sharp (South Gate, CA, US)
What is claimed as new and what is desired to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

1. A personalized exercise mat for providing users with a comfortable means of performing yoga exercise and the like while being encouraged and reinforced to do so.



I am claiming the benefit of the filing date of Provisional Application 60/997,893 filed on Oct. 9, 2007.


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1. Technical Field

This invention relates to mats and, more particularly, to a personalized exercise mat for providing users with a comfortable means of performing yoga exercises and the like while being encouraged and reinforced to do so.

2. Prior Art

More and more Americans are becoming overweight and obese. During the 1990's, the incidence of people who were either obese or overweight increased regardless of age, education, race or gender. The reason for the increase is two fold, lack of exercise and poor diet. While leading more sedentary lives than ever. Americans are also consuming more foods loaded with fat, calories and cholesterol. Much of the increased weight is developed around the stomach area and detracts from the physical appearance of individuals but there is much more to worry about then how that fat around the waist makes one look. Unlike fat around the hips, the fat around and above the waist is the kind associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

In an attempt to reverse this trend many persons have started an exercise regiment of some sort. Although running and weightlifting is acceptable for some, there are those who just can not endure such high-impact exercises for extended periods of time, thus causing them to abandon their exercise regime. Yoga has become a very suitable alternative for these people, by allowing them to improve their breathing skills, core strength and general muscle tone in a low-impact way. In yoga much time is spent on the floor while contorting into desired shapes. In order to do so comfortably, yoga enthusiasts have taken to doing their seated, supine and prone exercises on a mat. Many exercise facilities provide mats for patrons, but these mats are rather dull in appearance, which can detract from the overall yoga experience. Furthermore, sharing such mats is not necessarily hygienic since one can not be sure that the mat has been cleaned in between use by two or more different persons.

Accordingly, a need remains for a personalized exercise mat in order to overcome the above-noted shortcomings. The present invention satisfies such a need by providing an apparatus that is convenient and easy to use, is durable yet lightweight in design, is versatile in its applications, and provides yoga enthusiasts with a convenient means to practice their exercise on an accessory that encourages, inspires, and fosters more inner peace. The decorative qualities of the present invention not only expedite acclimation to the practice, but also highly encourage participation in some who may feel intimidated by yoga. Such advantages added to the practice of yoga by the apparatus makes this product quite popular with users who wish to improve both their physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Page 1) To Inspire Peace, Love and Joy while doing yoga. To create a sense of well being.

Page 2) Union with the body.

Page 3) Moon-Sun-Earth, a complete unity with nature.

Page 4) Depicting the different yoga moves OM sign in union with the body.

Page 5) Inner Peace is the key to enlightenment and good health.

Page 6) A bag to keep the yoga mat in 3o inches in length and diameter, 8 inches with draw string and handle. Outside could match mat design or could be plain in different colors.

Page 7) By eating healthy we are naturally healthier and thinking healthy makes us make better choices about our health. Being healthier we are happier and more energetic. When we see things that remind us to do these things it is easier to stay on tract.

Page 8) To say this over and over while doing our yoga exercises helps us to stay calm and focused before and after our exercise ritual, it also creates a sense of well being.

Page 9) I AM the I AM that I AM. We need to except ourselves the way we are as wonderful human beings and that we are not perfect.

Page 10) once again let peace, joy and love flow through our entire body.


The present invention will now be described more fully hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which a preferred embodiment of the invention is shown. This invention may, however, be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the embodiment set forth herein. Rather, this embodiment is provided so that this application will be thorough and complete, and will fully convey the true scope of the invention to those skilled in the art.

The apparatus of this invention is referred to generally in the figures and is intended to provide a personalized exercise mat. It should be understood that the apparatus may be used for comfort during many different types of exercises and should not be limited to only being used during yoga exercises.

Referring to the figures in general, the apparatus includes a vibrantly adorned rectangular-shaped mat, which is important for enhancing the experience of yoga. Of course, the mat may be illustrated with a variety of inspirational words and Of course, the mat may be illustrated with a variety of inspirational words and phrases, as is obvious to a person of ordinary skill in the art. The mat is produced from a durable material, like neoprene foam. Such a mat measures 72″ in length, 30″ in width and ⅜″ in thickness, and has indentions formed at each corner of the mat, which is important for providing a larger and more aesthetically appealing mat that conventional exercise mats. Of course, the mats could be offered in a wide variety of multicolored hues, as is obvious to a person or ordinary skill in the art. Each mat has inspirational surface indicia imprinted thereon. Some possible examples of surface indicia include, but are not limited to, illustrations of the various uses of chakras, the Ohm sign, depictions of the different yoga exercises, and various inspirational sayings, such as “Peace,” “Love,” and “I am the I am that I am.” The apparatus also includes a carrying bag that is produces from terry cloth material and has a convenient handle directly attached thereto, without the use of intervening elements, which is essential for storage and transport of the mat.

There has thus been outlined, rather broadly, the more important features of the invention in order that the detailed description thereof that follows may be better understood, and in order that the present contribution to the art may be better appreciated. There are additional features of the invention that will be described hereinafter and which will form the subject matter of the claims appended hereto.

It is noted the purpose of the foregoing abstract is to enable the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally, especially the scientists, engineers and practitioners in the art who are not familiar with patent or legal terms or phraseology, to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and essence of the technical disclosure of the application, which is measured by the claims, nor is it intended to be limiting as to the scope of the invention in any way.

While the invention has been described with respect to certain specific embodiments, it will be appreciated that many modifications and changes may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of the invention. It is intended, therefore, by the appended claims to cover all such modifications and changes as fall within the true spirit and scope of the invention.

In particular, with respect to the above description, it is to be realized that the optimum dimensional relationship for the parts of the present invention may include variations in size, materials, shape, form, function and manner of operation. The assembly and use of the present invention are deemed readily apparent and obvious to one skilled in the art.