Squeegee with strap holder
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A squeegee and holder wherein the squeegee is of the type for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like is releasably affixed to a holder that can be affixed to a user for easy access to the squeegee includes a strap for attaching to the user and has one component of a releasable fastener. A squeegee having at least one edge for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like also includes a second cooperating component of said releasable fastener.

Wagenman, Brian (Pompano Beach, FL, US)
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1. A squeegee and holder for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like that can be releasable affixed to a user, said squeegee and holder comprising: a strap for affixing to the user, said strap including one component of a releasable fastener; and a squeegee having: a body including at least one tapered edge for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like; and a second cooperating component of said releasable fastener affixed to said body.

2. The squeegee and holder according to claim 1 wherein the releasable fastener is a hook and loop fastener system.

3. The squeegee and holder according to claim 2 wherein said strap comprises a loop component of said hook and loop fastener system and further wherein said squeegee has affixed thereto a hook component of said hook and loop fastening system for cooperating with said loop component on said strap for releasably holding said squeegee to said strap.



1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to hand tools in general and in particular to a removable wrist mounted squeegee for use in smoothing substrates and tapes.

2. Discussion of the Related Art

Individuals who are employed in various skilled trades and even the weekend do-it-yourselfer perform a wide variety of mechanical tasks as part of construction and improvement projects. A plethora of hand tools in a wide variety of configurations are available to assist in accomplishing almost any of these tasks that an individual may wish to undertake. Some of these tasks often require the application of and smoothing of various tapes, substrates, or sheets to surfaces that are being worked. The most efficient method of smoothing the various materials is usually accomplished by using a device commonly known as a squeegee.

One type of commonly known squeegee is used to remove excess water from windows when they are washed. This squeegee has an elongate rubber edge that is efficient in water removal. However a squeegee for smoothing materials typically has a flat elongate semi-rigid edge for drawing over the surface of the tape or substrate in order to remove wrinkles and bubbles. Some specific uses for this squeegee includes the application of decal signs on the windows of business establishments or the removal of bubbles and wrinkles during the application of wallpaper. Also, this type of squeegee is used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) trade for the smoothing of wrinkles from duct foil tape used in the installation of air conditioning ducts.

In all of the above applications, the user typically is working in close quarters or areas that are not readily accessible and must have a number of tools at hand to accomplish the task. This is especially true during installation of heating and air conditioning ducts where the installer must crawl through tight spaces, work in darkened areas, and periodically use the squeegee to smooth foil duct tape. With the number of tools required to be readily accessed, those tools must also ideally be stored on the person of the user. This is accomplished through the use of tool belts, pockets, or by affixed the tools to the user with straps or cords. Squeegees have not been readily adapted to such accessible carriage.

Thus what is desired is a squeegee for smoothing foil tapes, substrates, and wall paper that is conveniently carried by and accessible to the user.


The present invention is directed to a squeegee that is releasably affixed to a strap worn by a user that satisfies the need for a conveniently accessible tool. The squeegee is of the type for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like is releasably affixed to a holder that can be affixed to a user for easy access to the squeegee. The holder includes a strap for attaching to the user and has one component of a releasable fastener. A squeegee having at least one edge for smoothing foils, tapes, substrates and the like also includes a second cooperating component of said releasable fastener. The releasable fastener can be a hook and loop fastening system wherein the strap comprises one of the hook or loop components and a cooperating loop or hook component is affixed to the squeegee.

These and other features, aspects, and advantages of the invention will be further understood and appreciated by those skilled in the art by reference to the following written specification, claims and appended drawings.


For a fuller understanding of the nature of the present invention, reference should be made to the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a squeegee and wrist strap embodying the present invention, wherein a user is wearing the wrist strap with the squeegee attached thereto;

FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of the squeegee of FIG. 1 separated from the wrist strap worn by the user;

FIG. 3 is an end elevation view of the squeegee.

Like reference numerals refer to like parts throughout the several views of the drawings.


For purposes of description herein, the terms “upper”, “lower”, “left”, “rear”, “right”, “front”, “vertical”, “horizontal”, and derivatives thereof shall relate to the invention as oriented in FIG. 1. However, one will understand that the invention may assume various alternative orientations and step sequences, except where expressly specified to the contrary. While the present invention has been shown and described in accordance with preferred and practical embodiments thereof, it is recognized that departures from the instant disclosure are fully contemplated within the spirit and scope of the invention. Hence, specific dimensions and other physical characteristics relating to the embodiments disclosed herein are not to be considered as limiting, unless the claims expressly state otherwise.

Turning to the drawings, FIG. 1 shows a squeegee and holder 20 affixed to a user's wrist 10 which is one of the preferred embodiments of the present invention and illustrates its various components.

As illustrated in FIGS. 1-3, squeegee and holder combination 20 comprises a squeegee 30 and a strap 22 that can be attached to the user. In the most preferred embodiment, strap 22 is fastened around the user's wrist 10, although alternative embodiments of strap 22 can be fabricated to attach to other parts of the user or the user's clothing and remain within the scope of the invention. Strap 22 includes a loop component 24 of a hook and loop type fastening system which is well known in the industry. Strap 22 can comprise an adjustable wrist strap 26 to which loop component 24 has been affixed, or strap 22 can comprise just the loop component 24 which is adapted to adjustably affix to itself about user's wrist 10.

Squeegee 30 has a longitudinally extending body 32 which has a longitudinal length longer than a width and includes a central section 38. Central section 38 is of a desired thickness to contribute rigidity to central section 38 and further includes a pair of ribs 36 extending therefrom. Ribs 36 extend longitudinally along central body section 38 and are parallel and laterally spaced one from the other to define a trough 37 therebetween. A hook component 34 of the hook and loop fastening system is received in trough 37 and bonded to center section 38 utilizing a bonding agent such as glue which will securely retain hook component 34 to center section 38.

At least one blade 33 extending laterally from center section 38 of squeegee 30 in a tapering fashion and terminates at edge 40 which is much thinner than the thickness of central section 38. The thinness of edge 40 enhances the flexibility of edge 40 compared to the semi-rigidity of body 32 such that edge 40 can more readily conform to small irregularities of the surface on which it is being used.

In the most preferred embodiment and as illustrated in FIGS. 1-3, squeegee 30 has two blades 33 extending in opposite directions from central section 38 and terminating in like edges 40. Additionally, central section 38 includes a second pair of ribs 36 extending from a surface opposite the first pair of ribs 36. The second pair of ribs 36 also define a trough 37 in which is received a hook component 34 of the hook and loop fastening system. The dual hook components 34 permit the attachment of either side of squeegee 30 to strap 22 without the requirement on the user to determine which surface of squeegee 30 is adapted to be so attached. In like manner, squeegee 30 having dual blades 33 extending oppositely from center section 38 permits the user to attach squeegee 30 to strap 22 without the need to determine a preferred orientation of blade 40.

Body 32 of squeegee 30 is preferably formed from a semi-rigid moldable resin. Since, squeegee 30 is often used in darkened areas where visibility of the user is limited, the resin can be colored in highly visible bright fluorescent colors to make squeegee 30 more locatable. Alternatively, the resin used to form body 32 can also be formulated to be luminescent in a manner known in the industry.

In use, the user places strap 22 about one wrist 10 (preferably about the left wrist for a right handed user and the right wrist for a left handed user) and comfortably adjusts strap 22 until it is snug and secure on wrist 10. Squeegee 30 is then oriented such that hook segment 34 is directionally oriented in the same manner as strap 22 and in registration therewith. Squeegee 30 is then pressed toward strap 22 until hook component 34 contacts loop component 24 thereby realeasably attaching squeegee 30 to strap 22. When the user desires to use squeegee 30, squeegee 30 is grasped by the hand opposite wrist 10 and disengaged from strap 22. When use of squeegee 30 has terminated, the user can reattach squeegee 30 to strap 22 until the next time squeegee 30 is desired for use. In this manner, squeegee 30 is always readily available for use and easily locatable as opposed to placing squeegee 30 on a nearby work surface or placing squeegee 30 in the pocket of a clothing article or in a tool belt which may be difficult to reach when the user is working in close quarters.

The above description is considered that of the preferred embodiments only. Modifications of the invention will occur to those skilled in the art and to those who make or use the invention. Therefore, it is understood that the embodiments shown in the drawings and described above are merely for illustrative purposes and are not intended to limit the scope of the invention, which is defined by the following claims as interpreted according to the principles of patent law, including the doctrine of equivalents.