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This invention is ergonomically designed to make putting on footwear much easier. It is designed at the most comfortable height as well as angle for ones foot to rest while doing up ones footwear. It is also designed to put the foot in a good position to do self pedicures or shoe polishing etc. This invention is needed by many and will be appreciated by all.

Larocque, Robert Ralph (Redwood Meadows, CA)
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Robert R. Larocque (Redwood Meadows, AB, CA)
1. A foot-rest support bench to help people lace-up, tie-up their shoe, boot laces, Buckles, Velcro, any and all types of footwear.

2. A foot-rest support bench having a an upper-angled foot-rest platform at approximately 25-30 degrees to suit all sizes and heights.

3. This upper-angled foot rest platform to be supported by means of side walls or by a center adjustable height column which could be standing from and stabilized by a floor support base member.

4. The Fixed Height and Adjustable Height models would both fit in a 12″×14″ floor space area while their height could vary between 12″ and 18″ to accommodate people of different sizes, shapes and ages.

5. The back part of the floor support base member is designed to be close to the back wall (if preferred) and that the top foot rest platform is set back to prevent the tips of the shoe/s, boot/s to be close to the wall and cause damage to the painted wall finishes.

6. Units designed to be stylish, sturdy, durable and to please.

7. Units are built with quality materials, finishes and to suit most home commercial and institutional entrance decors.

8. Ergonomically designed and engineered for your safety, comfort and makes tying up your footwear easy.


This invention is a foot support bench designed to help people do up any and all types of footwear. People of all ages, shapes, sizes have their own challenges when lacing-up. Some bend over, kneel down, sit on a chair or rest on the stairs. It is also designed to make pedicures and other foot services easy. It is stylish, sturdy and durable. It is ergonomically engineered for your ease, comfort and safety. It can be used while standing comfortably upright or sitting down.


LaceUp was invented because many people of all ages and stature have trouble doing up their shoes. Some bend over, kneel down. LaceUP makes tying up easier for all these situations. LaceUp can be used sitting down as well as standing up. There is nothing on the Market like it. It has a slanted foot rest that keeps the foot at the right angle as well as the right height. Being in this position, it is much easier to do up shoes as well as doing pedicures and polishing shoes. It is needed by everyone that wears shoes, boots or tends to their feet.


This invention is an innovative concept, product. A foot-rest bench to help people lace-up, tie-up their shoe/boot laces, buckles, velcro. People of all ages, shapes and sizes have their own challenges when lacing-up. Some bend over, others kneel down, sit on a chair or rest on the stairs, if near by. This invention, a small piece of home entry furniture is ergonomically designed and engineered for your ease, comfort and safety in putting on, doing up any and all types of footwear while standing comfortably upright or sitting down. It has many other uses such as pedicures and shoe polishing. LaceUP is stylish, sturdy, durable and designed to please. Built with quality materials, finishes and workmanship to suit most home entrances, and commercial and industrial decors. Understanding that most people have highly finished home flooring and that therefore; shoes, boots are removed and not worn in the homes. Shoeing-on and shoeing-off is a regular practice when leaving or entering the homes. LaceUP is quality built and appealing so that people will leave it in their entrance/s and use it. While styles and shapes are unlimited for LaceUP, our attached drawings will display the general details to offer comfortable and safe shoeing-on, shoeing-off models. The fixed height model (FH) would take a floor space of 12″ (w)×13″ (d)×17″ in height with a top foot-rest platform angled at approximately 25-30 degrees from front to back, upwards. The adjustable height model (AH) to suit any and all sizes, ages, shapes of people would take a floor space of 12″ (w)×14″ (d)×18″ in height. Same details for the top foot-rest platform as for the fixed unit (FH).

In the drawings, which form a part of this specification,

FIG. 1/4 is a front elevation view of the (FH) fixed unit of LaceUP;

FIG. 2/4 is a side elevation view of the (FH) fixed unit;

FIG. 3/4 is a side elevation view of the (AH) adjustable unit of LaceUP; and

FIG. 4/4 is a solid side elevation view of the (AH) adjustable unit.


While styles, shapes and engineering are unlimited for LaceUP, in this particularly advantageous embodiment of the invention in FIG. 1/4, C comprises of two side supports/members that have grooves to receive and strengthen the three solid pipe spreaders and the top foot rest. Also shown are, B (three solid pipe spreaders c/w screws) and A (top foot rest platform angled from front upward towards the back at an angle that may vary between 25 and 30 degrees to satisfy all needs).

In FIG. 2/4, E shows how the back portion of the two side supports at the floor level is set ahead of the upper foot rest platform to prevent the tip of the shoe to reach and damage a painted wall; and D shows the three screws (each side) that secures the total fixed unit together

As seen in FIG. 3/4 of LaceUP (AH) Adjustable unit; K is the LaceUP unit floor base, L is the assembly point for the unit's floor base, J is the unit's main support column while I displays the adjustable unit's different level holes and level securing pin to provide adequate levels for all needs. F displays the top of the unit foot-rest platform which is secured at point G with screws and H are the two support arms

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows: A household, commercial and institutional piece of furniture comprising: