Circular yoga or exercise mat
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A yoga or exercise mat circular in form from between four feet and eight feet in diameter. The circular mat will allow the yoga practitioner to be able to perform various poses and exercises without having to step off or turn the mat during exercising. The circular Yoga mat will also provide for proper spacing of yoga students during classes as the circular form eliminates the problem of overlapping space for students and teachers. The circular yoga mat will greatly benefit the yoga or exercise practitioner by providing full coverage, padding and protection during exercising while at the same time providing and protecting the space and comfort of those using the mat.

Devore, Heater Emily (Palm City, FL, US)
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Heather Emily Devore (Palm City, FL, US)
What is claimed:

1. An exercise or yoga mat circular in form ranging from between four feet to eight feet in diameter.

2. The mat of claim 1 where the mat may also be regular polygonal, multisided, or oval having a generally circular configuration.

3. The mat of claim 1 in which the mat may also have one or two handles or shoulder straps for ease in carrying.

4. The mat of claim one in which the Straps can be made from either cloth, vinyl, pvc, rope, cotton strapping, twine or Velcro.

5. The mat of claim 1 in which the handles may be sewn and or heat bonded into the fabric or tied around mat for ease in transport.

6. The mat of claim 1 in which the mat is made from cloth, vinyl, pvc foam, or any material from which exercise mats are produced or will be produced.

7. The mat of claim 1 in which the mat may have patterns, words, or affirmations on the top or on the bottom surface of the mat.

8. The mat of claim 1 in which the patterns, words or affirmations, may be but are not limited to those that are imprinted, screen-printed, embossed, sewn, or branded into the fabric.

8. The mat of claim 1 in which the thickness of the mat is between 0.5 millimeters and 25 millimeters.

9. The mat of claim 1 in which the mat may be folded as shown in diagram 1 or may be folded and then rolled for ease of storage, shipping, and transport.



FIG. 1. Demonstrates the circular exercise or yoga mat measuring from four to eight feet in diameter

FIG. 2 Demonstrates the thickness of the exercise or yoga mat which is 0.5 mm to 25 mm in thickness.

FIG. 3 Demonstrates the use of the Mat by a yoga Practitioner by way of pictorial sketch.

FIG. 4 Shows aerial view of the prone mat.

FIG. 5-FIG. 9 Demonstrate folding techniques' for transport and shipping of the mat as well as to demonstrate by way of pictorial sketch the nature and kind, of said mat.