Passive heating and cooling building with conveyance waste eliminated
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One embodiment of a southward facing trapezoidal shaped passive solar heat gaining building with basement walls used for heating the building on cold days, and cooling the building on hot days. The specially colored blinds FIG. 4, and shade 24 are features to aid the building in using nearly no energy for lighting, heating, and cooling. Upside down U shaped basement wall 40 and 42 are a unique feature that prevent leaks.

This building, when elongated outward in the form of a large store, has parking along its perimeter allowing for time saved in people walking to and from cars, and saves conveyance waste in the form of a large manufacturing plant being able to have trucks deliver parts very close to the place where the parts are needed. Incidentally, because the building may be long and narrow and not square, it is safer if it catches fire because people can exit drastically quicker, and fire trucks can park near the fire and reach it quicker to put it out quicker. Other embodiments are shown inside, such as a multi-story building.

Mittmesser, Jason Matthew (Jeffersonville, IN, US)
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Jason Mitmesser (Jeffersonville, IN, US)
What I claim is:

1. A trapezoid shaped structure facing any angle ranging from southwest to southeast containing southern outside perimeter walls that are longer and taller than outside perimeter northern outside walls; said southern outside perimeter walls slightly to significantly longer than east and west side walls; said structure to be a single story building with a generous portion of the single story being a basement underground; said structure containing window blinds that are a dark color on one side of the blind and a light color on another side of the blind; said structure to have sufficient doors and parking spaces surrounding the perimeter of the building.

2. A hybrid system of heating a building using ground heat from basement walls combined with passive solar heat gain and smaller, less expensive traditional means of heating a building.

3. A hybrid system of cooling a building in claim 1 using coolness from said basement walls combined with a traditional air conditioning system.

4. A heating system in claim 2 where any indoor objects are dark in color in indoor areas where winter sun shines.

5. A structure in claim 1 where the roof is covered with a light, reflective surface, including flowering, white or green plants.

6. Structure in claim one containing a gently concave curving shape on the southern outside perimeter wall; said shape running east to west.

7. A structure in claim 1 where the entire perimeter of the building contains an awning extending from the roof to a prudent distance and angle away from the roof that shades a decent portion of the inside of the building in late spring, summer, and early fall.

8. An awning in claim 8 that is comprised of one to a substantial number of scrolling dowels that scroll-out and scroll-in a fabric in several triangular sections; said triangular fabric sections acting as a light blocking device, and in a plurality, combining to form said awning.

9. Said awning in claim 8 to be scrolled-in for one operating condition of this invention, such as a period of cold sunny weather, or warm temperatures with over 50 mph winds; said condition allows for sunlight to light and heat the building, and preserves the awning.

10. Said awning in claim 8 to be scrolled out, so it shades the building for another operating condition of this invention such as during the summer, or any warm or hot days with low winds.

11. Said operating condition in claim 11 shades windows and allows said indoor double colored blinds in claim 1 to mostly be retracted, allowing for plentiful indirect light to enter the building without overheating the building.

12. Said awning in claim 8 to have features of automatic motor controlled scrolling-in and scrolling-out according to weather, and a computer software to command the motors what to do.

13. Said awning in claim 8 to have a manual method of controlling the motors that scroll the awnings, to override the automatic computer system in claim 13; said method of scrolling-in and scrolling-out based according to an individual's needs within the building.

14. Said awning in claim 8 to have a hand crank method of scrolling-in and scrolling-out the awnings.

15. Said blinds in claim 1 to have the ability to be manually opened and closed and automatically controlled by computer and motors.

16. Said basement walls in claim 1 to be an n shape barrier; said inside layer comprised of concrete or concrete blocks with basement sealer on it; said outside layer comprised of asphalt.

17. Said n shaped barrier in claim 17 to have gravel in between concrete section and asphalt section

18. Said n shaped barrier in claim 17 to have a top section made of poured concrete, said top section adjoining the asphalt and concrete wall sections.

19. A bed within any kind of building in this patent with a parallelogram matching the angles of the building, to not waste space.



This patent application claims the benefits of provisional patent application No. 60/963,109 filed 2007, Aug. 2 by present inventor.


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1. Field of the Invention

This invention relates to architecture and heating and cooling technologies of buildings.

2. Prior Art

Square or rectangular buildings are prior art, and to this inventor's knowledge, none of those type of buildings have ever been patented. Large stores, schools and manufacturing plants are almost always square or rectangular in shape and face the wrong direction which makes winter solar passive heat gain very limited, and summer energy bills very expensive. There is no prior art of this trapizoidal type of building. The way buildings are presently built, particularly large buildings, there are no efforts remotely close to maximizing passive solar heat gain, but rather most consideration is focused on maximizing squareness of a building. Also buildings are not built in consideration for minimizing distance people walk to and from cars. Also buildings are not built considering minimizing distance a good is required to travel within a building from the shipping door. In a manufacturing plant, it is waste to have a forklift carry a good 1 mile with many different stopping and stacking points before it has value added to it. This method of pointlessly carrying around objects is flawed because the building is built wrong in the first place. Another negative aspect of present day and prior art buildings is that they frequently face the road they're on, which frequently results in a south side of a building that's windowless and if it has windows, it is skewed, making winter passive solar heat gain limited and summer overheating costly.


In accordance with the present invention, A trapezoid thin shaped building facing south.


FIG. 1, the preferred embodiment of the building. Southside window 16, west side wall 18, north side wall 20, east side wall 22, Window Shade 24 and 26, roof 28 and green plants 30. FIG. 2 is the preferred embodiment in any large building design. Tunnel 48 shows how to go from one part of the building to the other. FIG. 3 is the side of the building showing upsidedown U shaped basement walls 40 and 42, winter sun 34, for passive solar heat gain is shown as 38, and summer sun 32 is reflecting 36. Passive cooling exists on the basement walls 44 and 46. Stones 41 are draining any water that does penetrate the outside section of the upside down U. FIG. 4 is the double colored window blind. Reflective color 50 and Dark color 52. Insulation material 54 is also shown. These type blinds are put on all the windows in the building. FIG. 5 is an alternative embodiment in the form of a 2 story house, or a tall building.