Looking good fashion clip
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The Looking Good Fashion Clip is a new invention and there are no products that exist to compete with it. The clip will attach to any seat belt and will provide for the shoulder strap of the seatbelt to not wrap around the body and wrinkle the garments being worn. The clip will keep the shoulder strap from applying pressure on the lower side stomach areas while driving. The clip will be offered in many colors and materials to match the vehicles interiors if desired. The clip is mobile and can be taken on trips and used in rental cars.

Horowitz, Michael S. (Jupiter, FL, US)
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A44B99/00; A44B11/25
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Michael S. Horowitz (Jupiter, FL, US)
1. The Looking Good Fashion Clip “The Clip” is designed to provide space between the seatbelt shoulder strap in an automobile and the passengers lower side area where the seat belt clicks into place, thereby preventing the cloths from becoming wrinkled.


The Looking Good Fashion Clip “the clip” is an invention that provides relief from wrinkled clothes while wearing your seatbelt in an automobile.

The clip can be made of metal, plastic, or any other material that is strong enough for the design. The clip is approximately 6 to 8 inches in length. It has a c shaped cup on each end. One end will attach to the seatbelt where it currently clicks into place and the other end will hold the shoulder strap away from the lower side of the body near where it currently clicks into place.

The clip will provide for a gap or space around the lower side portion of the body. Automobile seatbelts have a strap that goes across the lap and one that rests on the shoulder and chest areas called the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap wraps around the body and causes the shirt or garment being worn to be pulled or crushed, thereby creating wrinkles. The clip will provide for a spacing between the shoulder strap and the garments, thereby giving room for the garment to breath and not be wrinkled. The clip will be wrapped in leather to match the automobiles interior. The initial product made is metal with a black leather exterior. The clip will be made with many different colors and materials such as leather, vinyl, fabric, etc. The clip will be made with logos and designs on them as well.