Heated portable battery powered sports chair
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The technical disclosures of the invention are as follows: The chair is heated, with the heating element being powered by a battery, which is attached to the heating element through a power cord. The chair is mobile and portable for two reasons: 1. Because it is powered by a battery, and 2. Because it is mounted on wheels, easily moved from location to, location. The chair is equipped with an on/off switch, which enables the user to turn the battery power on and off to preserve the battery. The on/off switch, is located and mounted on the plastic case which protects the battery from weather. This plastic case is then protected and harbored in a wooden box, mounted to the metal chair frame. The chair is portable and heated, and like no other invention to date, it can be used miles from any external power source.

Korytowski, Michael Donald (Las Vegas, NV, US)
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Michael Korytowski (Las Vegas, NV, US)
1. My claim is that this is the only sports chair that is self heated and portable, so that a user can travel away and separate from any power sources and still enjoy a warm, heated seat. Other chairs have been invented, as have other heating pads, as have other portable power supplies, but this invention ties all the elements together in a way no other product or invention has before. The elements are that the chair is constructed to be mobile and heated in a single unit. We claim that all the factors present: a chair, heat, and portability have never been amalgamated, combined and/or joined before. I am the first to do so and should be granted intellectual property protection under a United States Patent.



The Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair was conceived by me some 12 months ago. After searching both the United States Patent Records and the World Wide Web, I saw there was no product like the one I created, and then I set out to build a working prototype that was useful and thus demonstrate that the product would be one of a kind and marketable.

On many cold nights across this great country, children head out to fields, parks and grassland to practice and play sports. Parents of these youngsters take their place along the sidelines to watch these children practice, often becoming colder that the active children they observe. Also, many hunters, fisherman and campers endure frigid temperatures in pursuing their hobbies and passions. Sitting still in a cold environment is uncomfortable at best, and can be potentially dangerous.

It was on a cold February night in 2006 that I realized there was a better way to fight the cold I had to endure many nights a week at my daughter's soccer practices and games.



The Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair (AKA “The Heat Seat”) is made up of eight essential parts, which brought together solve a problem that many families are faced with each fall and winter. The advantages to the Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair (”) are many, and include:

1. Portable: It can be taken anywhere, as it rolls easily on wheels large enough to manage uneven terrain, trails and large distances.

2. Battery Powered: No plugs or power receptacles are necessary. “The Heat Seat” can be taken miles from the nearest civilization and provide warmth and satisfaction.

3. Heated: Go to any field, park or school on a winter night and see the children of Anytown USA playing Soccer, Football, Baseball or other team sports. Then watch the parents, freezing and shaking on the sidelines. Never again with “The Heat Seat”. They sit in warm comfort as those around them look on with jealousy and envy (or ask where the bought it and how much it was!).

Think of it: Sitting in a Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair, while those around me froze in blankets, or stood in front of propane heaters, or shivered in heavy coats. Sitting in a Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair, with no cords to plug in, movable at any time to anywhere on the field, in the woods, etc. The portable propane heaters used by others were heavy, and the flow of warm air was narrow and easily diffused by a gust of wind. The Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair would be unique; a seat warmed by battery, completely portable, keeping the individual warm and cozy on the coolest nights.


The Heated Portable Battery Powered Sports Chair was made by taking a mesh chair frame, than attaching two wheels to the bottom of the chair to make it portable and mobile.

The chair frame was then further modified to include a fortified wooden compartment below the seating area, to be used as a compartment for the battery element that provides power to the chair.

A standard automobile battery was then placed inside a flip top plastic carrying case, and the two are secured and configured to keep the power element steady and in place, limiting it's movement within the case. The case was fabricated to such an extent as to keep the battery power component from moving within the space.

At this point, electrical connectors were connected to the standard automobile battery, then connected to the flip top plastic carrying case which houses the battery. The connectors run from the standard automobile battery to two (2) separate receptacles located on the front of the plastic case:

1. The on/off switch

2. The car battery adapter, which leads to the heating element

The flip top plastic carrying case is then placed inside the wooden compartment, which was fabricated to fit the plastic case, thus limiting it's movement.

The heating element was then attached to the mesh chair frame using thin nylon cords with hooks at each end that wrap around the mesh chair frame.