Range roll pliable, heat-resistant silicone stovetop cover for smooth cooktop stoves and ranges
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The Range Roll is an innovative, versatile smooth surface range cover made of pliable, colorful, heat-resistant silicone designed to protect the surface of smooth glass or ceramic cook top ranges or stoves from cracks, scratches, chips and breaks caused by falling objects such as pots, dishes, groceries, cans, or any heavy or ridged item that could damage the cook-top surface. The Range Roll helps provide counter top continuity when applied to the surface of the cook-top and can be used in other capacities around the kitchen or hobby area as a protective work surface. The heat resistance feature of silicone up to 600-700 degrees is particularly key, in that it will not burn in the event a cook-top burner is left on or is inadvertently turned on while the cover is in place. This provides protection from being burned or starting a fire.

Wilkins, Karen V. (Raleigh, NC, US)
Wilkins-ranallo, Kathleen (Raleigh, NC, US)
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Ms. Karen V. Wilkins (Raleigh, NC, US)
1. This is to state that we, Karen Violet Wilkins and Kathleen Wilkins-Ranallo, inventors of The Range Roll, currently hold a U.S. Provisional Patent, No. 60/873,338, on our invention and cross reference it, with its subsequent documentation, to this application for a non-provisional patent thru the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We do so for the purpose of providing additional information to assist in the non-provisional application process and grant of a full U.S. patent.

2. This is to state that we, Karen Violet Wilkins and Kathleen Wilkins-Ranallo, have to the best of our knowledge and abilities provided the “due diligence” in researching first hand, the marketplace, here in the United States and abroad, focusing primarily in the European market, concerned with houseware/kitchen products manufactured out of silicone providing either the exact or similar service/utility that our invention, The Range Roll, will provide, and have determined that we have a very unique offering that has no known competition.

3. As well, we claim that to the best of our knowledge and abilities, have done a patent Search prior to submission of both our Provisional patent application in the past and this current non-provisional application for a full U.S. patent and have determined that we have invented a unique item in The Range Roll, providing much needed surface protection and additional utility to glass/ceramic cook-top stoves and ranges popular in the kitchen appliance market today, both here in the United States and abroad, and that our research has not disclosed either any item similar or close to the design and utility of our invention.


Be it known that Karen Violet Wilkins and Kathleen Wilkins-Ranallo, citizens of the United States of America and residing in Raleigh, N.C., invented a versatile way to protect and get greater usability from smooth surface tempered glass or ceramic cook top stoves/ranges and have called it “The Range Roll”.

Due to the somewhat fragile nature of tempered glass or ceramic surfaces having a susceptibility to cracks, scratches, chips and breaks from heavy objects such as pots, baking dishes, groceries, canned goods, and the like, being dropped on this ridged surface, we invented a reusable protective cover made of pliable, heat-resistant silicone material that also increases useable counter space. Illustrations 2 &3, Figures A, B, & C represent how the cook top cover protects the smooth surfaced stove from damage and as well illustrates how the cover increases the countertop continuity.

As a work surface, the cover can be made to protect the entire smooth surface as is displayed in Illustration 2 &3, Figs. B or it can be used as a work surface or cutting surface on half of the smooth top as is represented by Illustration 1, Figure C, thus allowing the user to continue to cook on the uncovered side of the stovetop while using the other half as a counter surface for food preparation.

“The Range Roll” is easy to use and can be made to fit a wide variety of smooth surfaced stovetops and/or ranges as can be seen in Illustration 3, Figures A, B, & C, including downdraft, split top and angled smooth surface cook top stove designs. “The Range Roll” cook top covers can be plain in decoration or embellished with graphics, pictures, color or other designs to further enhance the esthetics of the cooking/counter surface. This is represented by Illustrations 2 &3, Figures B2 & B3.

Using pliable silicone material allows greater flexibility for safety, storing and changing out colors or decorations to suit the user's needs or desires when coordinating with seasonal décor or other room colorations. “The Range Roll” cook top covers can be transparent, translucent, come in an array of colors, and can be embellished with designs or graphics to complement any décor. (See Illustrations 1, Fig. B, C; Illus. 2, Fig. B, D; Illus. 3, Fig. B) Silicone material is heat resistant up to 500-650 degrees Fahrenheit which significantly increases the safety of using this cover on a warm cook top surface. It is particularly important if a cook top burner is accidentally switched on. “The Range Roll” provides a safe covering to keep small children from touching the heated surface of a smooth cook top stove or range. Additionally, “The Range Roll” can be further enhanced by the use of antibacterial agents to protect the user and the cook top surface from bacterial contamination.

Last, but not least, “The Range Roll” cook top covers are easily maintained and cleaned by simply washing them with soap and water or placing them in a dishwasher. They can be rolled up and stored in their own convenient product packaging when not in use.

As an overall counter surface enhancement, “The Range Roll” cook top cover takes up the difference in space between the counter top surface and the slightly lower surface of the cook top, thereby leveling out the counter space providing a smooth transition from counter across the cook top to increase workable counter area. Since “The Range Roll” can come in several sizes to accommodate stove type and the way a person might use the added work space, i.e., using the “half sized Range Roll”, a person can be handling food preparation on half of the cook top surface while using the two burner surface of the other half of the cook top to cook the food. (See Illustration 1, Fig. C)

The advantages of using an item such as “The Range Roll” cook-top cover are many. Current models of smooth cook top stoves on the market do not come with protective covers and there is currently no item available like “The Range Roll” on the market today that can provide the versatility and improved safety and usability of smooth cook top surfaces the way “The Range Roll” can. Users of such stoves find it difficult to keep the surface of these smooth top stoves free of scratches, wear and tear, and the potential damage from heavy items being dropped on the fragile surface. The use of “The Range Roll” cover improves not only the look and continuity of a kitchen counter space, but can increase the use and longevity of the smooth cook top by providing protective covering from accidents and provides a flexible means of using just a portion of the stove at a time as is illustrated in Illustration 1, Fig. C, and Illustration 3, Fig. B. Let us not forget the safety factor whereby the use of “The Range Roll” protects the surface from bacterial contamination and also protects against burns from the heated surface of a cook top.

CAD 2-Dimensional design specifications have been included in this document, Illustration 5, Figures A-D, for the purpose of further illustrating measurement specifications for this iteration of The Range Roll.

Description of Illustrations included in this document.

Illustration 1, Fig. A is a representation of a smooth surface cook top stove, Fig. B represents how “The Range Roll” rolls up for storage in its own convenient container, Fig. C represents how “The Range Roll” is used on half the surface of a smooth cook top stove, allowing the ability to use the other half for cooking.

Illustration 2, Figs. A, B, & C represent the various models of “Range Roll” covers to accommodate the many different smooth cook top surfaces on the market.

Illustration 3, Figs. A, B, & C represents the flexibility and versatility of “The Range Roll” cover, showing the way it unrolls into place and can be decorative to compliment the surrounding décor.

Illustration 4 represents the flexibility and storability of “The Range Roll” cover, showing the accompanying storage packaging that also allows for stacking on a shelf, either singularly or in multiple units.

Illustration 5 represents The Range Roll dimensions in inches; displaying, in CAD 2-dimensional views, the width, length and depth (thickness) of the silicone component required to fabricate The Range Roll. Figure A provides the overview of angles with measurements while Figures B-D represents more detailed views of each angle and measurement of The Range Roll.