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A disposable mitt used for wiping and cleaning babies that inverts to be used as a waste disposal device. The mitt is made up of two different layers, one of a pre-moistened flexible outer layer used to clean up refuse and other waste from a skin's surface, and the other a protective flexible inner layer, usually made of durable plastic that functions to protect the hand from contact with the skin surface. The mitt is used to wipe the skin of the affected area and then hold the refuse materials and any other products used while the user performed the cleaning function (i.e. the diaper, extra wipes, etc.). All refuse materials are disposed of in the mitt apparatus. After wiping the skin surface, the product is inverted so that the inner layers now become the outer layers in order to form a disposable bag. Finally, the use of a pleated edge drawstring ensures that the bag is completely closed and a single continuous loop pull sting ensures that the string does not come detached.

Rachuba IV, Anthony S. (Doylestown, PA, US)
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1. A disposable mitt device used on babies for cleaning, collection, and disposal, comprising: a hollow mitten-like member with a large receiving area for four fingers and palm with a separate thumb area; an opening in said mitten-like member at one end used for entry; an inner and outer layer for said mitten-like member; a single continuous loop pull string tie located around the opening of said protective arm portion; where said inner layer is made up of a flexible, water-resistant, and insulating layer affixed to said outer layer; wherein said outer layer is made up of a flexible, non-woven fabric material affixed to said inner layer; wherein said mitten-like member is inverted after designated use so that said inner layer now becomes said outer layer, and said outer layer becomes said inner layer.

2. The disposable mitt of claim 1 wherein said outer flexible non-woven fabric material is pre-moistened with a solution made up of water, mild detergent, moisturizing agents, fragrance, and preservatives; wherein said mild detergents are made up of amphoteric surfactants, humectant, and methyl and propyl paraben.

3. The disposable mitt of claim 1 wherein said outer flexible non-woven fabric material is pre-moistened with a solution made up of a car interior cleaner.

4. The disposable mitt of claim 1 wherein said outer flexible non-woven fabric material is pre-moistened with a solution made up of furniture cleaner.

5. The disposable mitt of claim 1 wherein said single continuous loop pull string tie is made up of a pleated edge design.

6. The disposable mitt of claim 1 wherein said single continuous loop pull string tie is made up an elastic rubber material.



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1. Field of the Invention

This invention relates to the articles such as mitts or mittens used in the handling, cleaning and enclosing of waste products, and to the user's non-contact with such waste.

2. Background Art

Currently there are no mitt baby cleaning products that provide the user an economic, effective, and easy to use all-in-one cleaning and disposing product solution. All of the current products are problematic because they are either cumbersome, spread germs, don't give the individual performing the cleaning any protection from getting themselves dirty in the process or any combination thereof.

This invention addresses existing problems in the current products or other solutions. This invention is a simple, effective design for use in cleaning babies; it improves other methods for protecting the user's hand while using the cleaning mitt so that the hand is not exposed, nor is there any chance of exposure to waste or dirt; it uses a continuous loop, pleated edge drawstring to make the securing of the opening fast and simple; and it incorporates a design that is economical to make.

There are two specific inventions which address the need of a disposal wipe for cleaning babies, but these are both ineffective solutions for this problem. These two inventions are U.S. Pat. No. 4,902,283 to Rojko titled “Absorbable cleaning mitt for wiping babies”, and U.S. Pat. No. 4,788,733 to Lerner titled “Combined cleaning glove and disposal bag.” Although these inventions try to address the problems encountered when wiping and cleaning a baby, they do not provide an effective all-in-one solution. For instance, in the '283 patent: the claimed invention does not embody a useful shape to aid in the cleaning of a baby or child; the invention does not show a closure device that can be used while performing the cleaning on the child or baby which could allow dirt or refuse to get inside the mitt; and, the invention embodiments are too cumbersome to be used when cleaning a baby or child which requires a speedy application and use. The '733 invention does not fully solve the baby cleaning problem because: the topical area is only covered on one side of the mitten; it is cumbersome for the user to tie the string while the item is in use; the area for disposing of the other items inside the mitt is too small; the proposed drawstring is not effective because it is not a continuous loop; and, the design of the item is intimidating for a person to use.

The disposable mitt does not limit itself to uses for cleaning babies and disposing of the articles used in that process. The disposable mitt has applications that extend to many tasks where the user would not like to have their skin touch the cleanser or cleansers used. It is simple to use and easy to work with. For instance, the disposable mitt would provide an simple method for cleaning up a spill; the disposable mitt could be pre-moistened with furniture polish for use around the house; and, it could be pre-moistened for use on one's car.

There are other disposable mitts or gloves claimed, but these all do not address the specific task of cleaning a baby. There uses are limited to their technical field and do not have the ease of use the current invention does. The inventions include the following U.S. Pat. Nos. 2,782,912; 4,065,826; 4,347,931; 4,645,251; 4,677,697; and, 4,741,565. Included are also the following Foreign Patent Application No.'s: 2566631; 2033731; 1583181; and, 2134371.


The invention entails a mitt structure with an inner and outer layer. The mitt is used for the purposes of cleaning and wiping waste products off of a surface, usually skin, that also serves as a waste disposal device when you are finished wiping the surface by inverting the disposable mitt.

The pleated edge continuous loop drawstring design enables the mitt to more securely close when the string is pulled and tightened. In addition, the pleated edge enables the user to secure the mitt around the arm easily before it will be used as a cleaning device. The single looped string design is such that the string will not separate from the mitt prior to use and closure. The single loop is designed to ensure that the string is a continuous piece and avoids separation from the mitt.

The DISPOSABLE MITT can be used to not only wipe the skin of an infant to clean after the baby has soiled a diaper but also that can be inverted to act as a garbage bag to fill with the used diaper, extra wipes, and for the mitten itself would make the process of cleaning a baby to a parent much easier.

In addition to the use as a baby wipe, this invention could be used with a different pre-moistened solution on the outer surface as an interior car cleaner or furniture polish applicator. This invention could also be used without any pre-moistened fluid on the outer surface to pick up pet waste or for other cleaning projects.


FIG. 1 depicts the basic design of the invention using a front elevation view;

FIG. 2 depicts the basic design of the invention using a cross-sectional view;

FIG. 3 depicts the invention being used as a waste bag after the invention has been inverted;

FIG. 4 depicts the invention being used on a baby;

FIG. 5 depicts the invention being used to clean up a spill; and,

FIG. 6 depicts the invention being used as a cleaning mitt on a child.


The DISPOSABLE MITT is a mitten-shaped apparatus FIG. 1 with an opening at only one end. The shape is such as to provide space for the palm of the hand and four fingers, plus an additional separate space for the thumb. The rest of the interior of the mitt 20 is closed off so that the opening is the only access to the interior portion 20 of the mitt. The entire inner layer of material 20 is made up of a thin flexible plastic material which protects the user's hand from getting in contact with any other matter once inside. Surrounding the inner insulating layer of material is an attached outer layer 10 of material, usually made up of pre-moistened towel. Surrounding the opening area of the mitt, a continuous pleated edge drawstring 30 is placed in between the inner and outer layers. The drawstring is kept in place between the two layers, usually by stitching a space on the mitt near the opening. The drawstring 30 is such that some of the drawstring material extends beyond the mitt portion so that it may be pulled on to close the opening before use.

The user places one's hand inside the mitt in contact with the inner-layer 20 of material. Once the user's hand is placed inside, at no time does the user's hand come in contact with the outer layer 10. In addition, once placed inside, the user is able to quickly and efficiently secure the drawstring 30 with their other hand without much difficulty. This feature enables the user to perform any cleaning without tying two strings FIG. 4 and without fear that matter will get inside the mitt during the cleaning process.

Once the user has completed using the mitt as a cleaning device, the user is able to grab any garbage or other items, quickly undo the drawstring with the other hand, and use the uncovered hand to invert the mitt FIG. 3 with the garbage by grabbing onto the drawstring 30 or edge of the mitt near the opening 50 and pulling the mitt inside out. This creates a disposal device by the user so that all items, garbage, or matter 80 that needs to be thrown away is now inside the mitt FIG. 3. Any other matter or objects that were not grabbed before inverting can also be added into the mitt which now serves as a small garbage bag FIG. 3. Once the user has collected and placed all the items inside the mitt, the drawstring is easily closed and the bag is disposed of.

This device is primarily designed for use in cleaning babies after they have soiled a diaper FIG. 4. However, the above descriptions are not limited to use for cleaning babies after they have soiled a diaper FIG. 4, but can also be used to clean a child's face FIG. 6 or a spill on a surface FIG. 5.

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