Bottle with separated mixer
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A mixed drink storage bottle in which a pre-determined amount of mix can be separately stored from the water such that the seal between the two can be pierced by an internally stored mixing stick to facilitate the combination of the mix with the water at the time of intended consumption.

Munz, Steven (Wildwood, FL, US)
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1. A bottle for storing internally separated mix components that can be mixed on demand, comprising: a storage bottle; a mix storage container secured to and disposed within said storage bottle, said mix storage container having a top and a bottom opening; a first film membrane attached to closing the bottom opening of said mix storage container; a first pre-measured drink mix component disposed within said mix storage container; a second film membrane attached to and closing the top opening of said mix storage container; a removable bottle top; a second pre-measured drink mix component disposed within said storage bottle outside said mix storage container; and a mixer removably attached to said removable bottle top, wherein the first pre-measured mix component within said mix storage container can be mixed with the second pre-measured mix component within said storage bottle by removal of the bottle top, detachment of said mixer from said bottle top, and insertion of said mixer through said first and second film membranes enclosing said mix storage container so as to rupture said membranes.

2. The bottle as claimed in claim 1, wherein the first and second film membranes are thin foil.

3. The bottle as claimed in claim 1, wherein the first and second film membranes are thin plastic having a pre-defined area of weakness through which the mixer can be inserted.

4. The bottle as claimed in claim 1, wherein said mixer is a hollow straw.

5. The bottle as claimed in claim 1, wherein the mix storage container disposed within said storage bottle further includes an integrally formed pour spout formed in said bottom opening.



This relates to the field of storage containers use to store multi-part components and to facilitate mixing of the components within the container.


The exists a need for a readily transported, easily stored container for mixed drinks that eliminates the need to carry a measuring cup or to store a premixed drink.


FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the front of a bottle; and

FIG. 2 is a schematic view of the top of the bottle shown in FIG. 1.


Storage containers for certain pre-mixed drinks are well known. Conventional boxes, bottles and cans are commonly used to store and transport a wide variety of pre-mixed liquids including baby formula, Gatorade®, Kool-Aid®, powdered milk, and adult mixed drinks (such as alcoholic drinks). These pre-mixed products, however, often have a relatively short shelf life. In addition, the passage of time could lead to the pre-mixed drink becoming stale, less tasteful, or even spoiled.

Ideally, components for a drink, such as a dry power and pure water are stored separately because each individually has a long shelf life. But maintaining the components separately is inconvenient. Similarly, mix components for adult drinks are inconvenient for transportation when separate. Indeed, it is known to store and transport the ingredients to be mixed separately, and to combine them at the time of use.

For example, it is possible to store and transport both dry baby formula and water. At baby feeding time, both containers must be opened, both ingredients measured, placed into a common container (typically as third container), and mixed. The same approach would be employed mix a Kool-Aid® or Gatorade® drink for older children, or an alcoholic mixed drink for adults. No matter what the mixed drink is, the drink provider must store and transport at least two storage containers, a way to measure the contents for the proper mix, a way to mix the drink, and a container in which the drink can be mixed. A risk of spillage, product loss, and even contamination accompanies each and every transfer from one container to another. Even when equipped with the right measuring equipment, preparing the mixed drink when traveling, or when outside the home, can present real hassles.

The present concept is to store two items separately in the same bottle and easily mix them together using the same bottle when the drink is being prepared for consumption. Referring to FIG. 1, a plastic bottle 10 having a cap 11 is provided in which a shot glass or mix storage container 20 is disposed and maintained or secured. Attached to the plastic cap 11 is a mix stirrer 12. The mix stirrer 12 can be attached by frangible tabs or other known means for connection.

The shot glass 20 is formed so as to define a top opening 21 and a bottom opening 22. The top and bottom openings 21 and 22 are covered by a light plastic or foil, items 23 and 24, respectively. The light plastic or foil is attached to the shot glass with adhesive, pressure fitting, hot melt, or any other known method which creates a water tight seal.

A pre-determined amount of a drink mix component 25 is placed within the shot glass/mix storage container 20. A pre-determined amount of a second drink mix component 26 is placed within the plastic bottle, but not within the shot glass 20. The two drink mix components 25 and 26 are separated by the walls that form the shot glass and the light plastic or foil 23 and 24 which cover the top and bottom openings of the shot glass, items 21 and 22, respectively.

When a light plastic film is used to cover the top opening 21 of shot glass 20, an area a weakness 27 can be formed to facilitate the passage of the mix stirrer 12 therethrough. In use, the plastic cap 11 is removed from bottle 10. Thereafter, the mix stirrer 12 can be removed from the cap 11 and inserted through the thin foil or plastic 23 covering the top opening 21 and through the thin foil or plastic 24 covering the bottom opening 22 of the shot glass 20. When light plastic is used, it is easiest to pass the mix stirrer 12 through the area of weakness 27. To facilitate the creation of a mixed drink, the mix stirrer 12 is withdrawn from the shot glass so as to allow the two predetermined mix components to combine within the plastic bottle 10. The mixing function can be improved by reinserting the mix stirrer 12 into the plastic bottle 10 and stirring or shaking.

To facilitate the flow of the mix component 25 from the shot glass 20, the bottom of the shot glass can be preferably curved so as to form a pour spout 28. In this embodiment, the bottom opening 22 of shot glass 20 is reduced in size. The mix stirrer 12 can be formed as a solid plastic rod, or of other suitable material. Alternatively, the mix stirrer can be formed of a straw, provided with an angular tip to facilitate the piercing of the thin foil or plastic 24 sealing the shot glass 20.

A bottle constructed as described is an ideal way to serve a mixed drink. No longer need the user require a bottle of liquor, a bunch of cups, a bottle of mixer, and a measuring cup for just one drink. The present bottle 10, with internal shot glass 20 separately storing a predetermine amount of mix, is perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, sports events or other events. Waste and other loss can be reduced and inventory control becomes easier through use of the present bottle. This bottle will also benefit the transportation industry, including airlines, cruise ships, limos, and trains. It will no longer be necessary to take time out to mix drinks while moving, and the mess involved with mixing drinks on the move can be avoided. The present bottle also has the potential to help our military and anyone in a third world country where fresh water sources are not always available.

One liquid or powder levels in the shot glass 20 and/or bottle 10 can be varied to any suitable level.

The shot glass 20 can alternatively be deployed anywhere within the space of the bottle 10 provided it maintains separation of the mixers and is accessible for puncture by the mix stirrer 12.

Various aspects of the different embodiments can be combined in different combinations to create new embodiments. While the invention has been described in connection with what is presently considered to be the most practical and preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that the invention is not to be limited to the disclosed embodiment, but on the contrary, is intended to cover various modifications and equivalent arrangements included within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.