Barber towel
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The purpose of the barber towel is to dust or wipe away small flakes of hair from the back of the necks and shoulders after receiving a hair cut. It also can be used for dusting or wiping walls, desks, chairs and inside cars on dashboards and seats, from dust bunnies The barber towel comes in many different colors and sizes. There are many usages for the barber towel, it can be hung on a hook for easy access, and can be placed under a barbers station or it can be placard in your house under your bathroom sink. The barber towel is more sanitary, your able to wash and dry the barber towel after usage, and place them right back to be used again and still be sanitized.

The dust brushes, right now on the market in some state are illegal to use in barber shops, and you can't clean them, so they're not sanitary. The barber towel can't pass bacteria from clients to clients in a barber shop setting. The barber towel can be washed with any kind of soap powder the white barber towels can be bleached, the color barber towel can't be bleached

Rash, Lorne Everette (Penn Hills, PA, US)
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Trillion Enterprise Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
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1. A barber towel for simulating a feather duster when dusting forward and backward: A) body is formed of terrycloth cotton material and being adapted to remove hair or dust by a barber, the body being able to assume either a feather duster, the body having (1) The first end is a hanging end when the body is hanging on the hook and lifted up and removed (2) a second end which is a handle end when the body is lifted and held (3) a fan end which is the bottom end it used to sweep A). This material used can be many different colors, cloths or size. The material is laid on top of each other and each side is folded and when it is held in the hand will resemble a fan. The fan side is used for dusting. B) Ribbon is cut and wrapped around at the end that is held and then stitched to form a handle C) The cloth is cut to make a ribbon to attach to the handle and stitched to the handle to form a loop for hanging the product


A barber or hair stylist that cuts hair needs something to wipe hair off the back of the neck and face of their client.

A barber towel is great for dusting hair off of a client and can be conveniently stored under the barbers station on a hook. In the barbering or hair styling business it is vital that everything be sanitized and kept in clean environment. Everyone unfortunately dosen't always follow this rule. As of today some businesses use the brushes or dusters to remove hair from the client, which makes the responsibility to the workers of sanitizing the dusters unconventional. In some states the powder duster cannot be used because it can't be sanitized. The barber towel can be washed, is affordable and can be stored on a hook out of the way or can be place in a plastic container with a lid on it and put on top of the work station. As described in the drawing, the Barber Towel has three major parts, the hanging loop which is used for storage, the handle which allows a easy grip to hold the towel and lastly the actual towels which do the work of dusting.