Disposable commode chair liner
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A biodegradable bag made of material which is impervious to liquid and other human waste with a super absorbent deodorized pad affixed to the interior. The pad is made of super absorbent air laid product with moisture activated colorant which indicates use. The liner is constructed with a draw string at the top of the opening as a convenient way of closing for disposal. The liner is made for the specific use in an adult commode chair or in an emergency a five gallon bucket with a seat (chair & bucket supplied by others). The liner is simply opened with absorbent pad on the inside, placed inside waste container completely protecting the inside of the waste container from waste and contamination. After use the liner is simply lifted out of the waste container (commode bucket) pulling the draw string closing the bag for sanitary. disposal leaving the commode bucket clean and ready for a new liner. With this system there will be no need to clean or disinfect the waste bucket eliminating the spread of infectious diseases.

Pettinga, David A. (Grosse Ile, MI, US)
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1. Bio-degradable adult/toddler commode liner with top edge opening a pleated liner with a deodorized super absorbent airlaid pad with moisture activated color indicator to signify usage super absorbent, airlaids pad with moisture activated color indicator secured to the inside bottom of liner with two faced adhesive tape the liner is secured and installed by placing the liner in the pail sealed bottom edge first draping the upper drawstring edge over the rim of the pail the pail is now completely protected colorant is activated by moistures to show usage the pad can be removed if needed to measure the amount of human waste as needed for medical diagnosis

2. The pleated liner of claim #1 is a blown bio-degradable film material with heat sealed leak proof pleat which is designed to lay flat on the bottom of the pail this technology allows equal distribution of the weight of the human waste allowing for expansion of the liner the upper edge opening of the pleated liner consist of two semi circulars (180 degrees each) open at both ends heat sealed pockets with biodegradable drawstrings enclosed to secure the bio-degradable pleated liner for disposal drawstrings are pulled in the opposite direction until liner opening is closed to prevent spillage and contamination during removal and disposal.

3. The pad of claim #1 is constructed of FluffPulp, Thermal Fiber, Superabsorbent polymer's in addition the pad is deodorized and consists of a thermal activated colorant composed of termochromic water-based flexographic ink 2-aminoethanol formaldehyde the pad is activated at temperatures ranging from 70 degrees to 120 degrees F. an adhesive strip is affixed to the bottom surface of the pad to adhere pad to the center of the interior pleat of liner



1. Field of the Invention

This present invention relates to the use of a bio-degradable liner with a removable moisture activated colorant absorbent pad. The pad is removable when urine collection is medically necessary.

For use in all portable adult commode chairs, toddler potty chairs and used at all hospitals, convalescent homes or during a natural disaster (flood, hurricane, tornado) and military use. This is a sanitary inexpensive way of disposing of human waste.

Commode chair and portable toilet have several types of liners dispensing in many different applications as shown in prior art. Some dispensing from below the bowl, some on the side, others pulled over the top. All have common problems they are hard to install or do not work as planned. Potty Pick-Ups is simply a clean and sanitary solution to hazardous waste disposal, with a universal application that will fit all commode chairs.

There is a desperate need in today's market for ecological disposable commode chair liners. This present invention with a color activated, removable, highly absorbent pad, releases neutralizing odors while offering an economical, practical function. This present invention serves a genuine purpose for the dignity of the individual users as well as a safe and convenient method of disposal. While the prior arts have some similarities with the present invention, they differ in regards to design, material and fundamental uses. These differences are essential for the effective use of this present invention. The design stipulates a pleated liner bottom, a removal air-laid pad, and a drawstring closure top for sanitary disposal. The material is a biodegradable liner with a detachable air-laid, color activated removal pad, and biodegradable drawstrings. This present invention can be use in a adult commode/toddler portable potty chair. The liner is biodegradable, with a pleated bottom that expands to lay flat on the commode/potty chair bottom. The removable color activated pad has a dual purpose. 1. When it remains attached to the liner it changes color when exposed to urine denoting that the liner has been used and needs to be discarded. If a medical need arises to ascertain the volume of urine or taking a sample for testing the liner can be removed to allow for said use. To safely dispose of biodegradable liner, the drawstrings are pulled in opposite directions to close the top of the liner for safe disposal.

2. Description of Prior Art

Many of the prior patents have complicated mechanisms for installing the liner pulling them through the bottom of the commode or needing a special liner for a given chair. Potty Pick-Ups will fit most all commode chairs in the market place.

As in early U.S. Pat. No. 5,176,672 this product is designed as waste containment unit that is to be worn under your clothing which receives and isolates waste material from the wearer in a U shaped opening pocket opening in a absorbent material.

Another early U.S. Pat. No. 5,3929,644 their design is specifically made for a female's use it has a concave shaped box with an absorbent material in the bottom to absorb liquid waste. This is not a universal unit for multiple usage very one purpose.

The Einbinder U.S. Pat. No. 5,406,650 is designed for use away for a rest-room facilities or the bed ridden and is for urine only with a resealing plastic cap. With handles on the sides of the neck for the user to hold it in place during use.

The Young et al. U.S. Pat. No. 5,531,724 has a one way valve for use as a containment bag having a gel compound to absorb the liquid for use with a catheter with a holster to hold their bag in place.

The Abbott U.S. Pat. No. 6,625,823 B1 is constructed with a flange like collar securely attached along the edge of the opening of the bag member. Having a string looped through holes in the side of the bag as a way of closeting the bag after use.

The Pier et al. U.S. Pat. No. 6,813,786 B1 has a potty chair and bag combination with the extra bag being stored in a compartment under the bowl with no means of securing the opening after use. Having to pull a new liner out while having the used bag still attached.

The Tanaka et al. U.S. Pat. No. 7,101,357 B2 this apparatus you are to sit on but not crush while you sit on it. This is a very complicated containment aperitif to assemble and not very cost effective to the consumer.

Freeman et al. U.S. Pat. No. 6,202,224 this is an expandable, portable commode. The disadvantages: you must purchase the bag and gel pack separately. It must be attached to the top of the opening with a rubber band with the only way of closing is to tie the opening.

Cross et al. U.S. Pat. No. 5,605,161 Disposable urinary container for male and female units geared toward medical usage. Test strips placed in the interior wall are used for diagnostic testing. The test strips are not a usage indicator but medical diagnostic tools. This is a disposable product and is used to direct urine away from the body of the user when urinating in a upright position.

Person et al. U.S. Pat. No. 4,807,308 This apparatus is a nesting toilet and utilizes a bag from an out side source. The disadvantage to the bag indicated, it has no pleating on the bottom of bag, no drawstrings or deodorizer and it does not change color to indicate usage.

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The invention as claimed is a commode chair liner being of a biodegradable bag with a draw string incorporated around the top of the bag for closure after each use having a super absorbent air laid pad affixed to the bottom of the bag to absorb all liquids the bag will protect the entire inside of the receptacle preventing the spread of infectious diseases that are present in human waste after use all you have to do is remove bag from receptacle pull the draw string to close and deposit in the proper waste container simple sanitary effective.


The specifications and claims of the present invention point out and distinctly claim the invention. Shown by the following drawings as shown in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

FIG. 1 is a front view showing all parts.

FIG. 2 is a section view.

FIG. 3 is a top view showing interior of bag and pad.

FIG. 4 is a top view of pad.

FIG. 5 is a end view of pad.

FIG. 6 is section view of bag in a commode bucket.


All cited references are incorporated here in by reference in their entireties. Citation of any reference is not an admission regarding any determination as to its availability as prior art to the clamed invention. The definition to several terms are provided to assist the reader in under standing the invention.

The term disposable as used herein describes devises that are generally meant for a one time use and to be discarded in the proper way be it recycled composting or otherwise disposing in an environmentally compatible manner.

The term excreta or “bodily discharge” as used hear in, are interchangeable, and include all discharges releases from an excretory orifice of a human body, including fecal material, urine, menses, and the like.

FIG. 1 101 is a front view of bag 102 is a bottom pleat at the bottom of bag extending from side to side 103 is the draw string pocket encompassing the upper edge of the opening. 104 is the draw string 105 is a absorbent pad on the in side of bag with a moisture activated colorant 108 is a adhesive strip for securing pad in place.

FIG. 2 showing an end view of invention 101 side element of bag. 102 being the pleat extending across the bottom of bag. 103 showing draw string pocket 104 is the drawstring in the pocket. 106 is the draw string pocket attachment point for securing the flange around the upper opening of the bag for securing draw string in place. 107 top opening of bag. 105 absorbent pad place meant in bottom of bag. 108 adhesive strips between absorbent pad and pleat of bottom of bag. 109 moisture activated colorant on top absorbent pad.

FIG. 3 is the top view showing the in side of the bag. 102 showing pleat in the bottom of the bag. 103 being the draw string pocket opening. 104 is the draw string in the pocket with tabs extending out from the side for user to close the bag after use. 105 is the absorbent pad on the inside placed in bottom of the bag. 109 moisture activated colorant on pad. 107 opening at the top edge of bag.

FIG. 4 is a top view of the super absorbent pad. 105 is the absorbent pad. 109 moisture activated colorant on the pad.

FIG. 5 is an end view of pad. 105 the super absorbent pad. 109 the moisture activated absorbent colorant. 108 adhesive strip for securing pad to the bottom of bag.


The forgoing description has been presented for purpose of illustration and description. This present invention is not intended to limit the invention to the exact forms disclosed. The embodiments discussed however, were selected and described to provide the best illustration of the principals of the invention.

In accordance with yet another aspect of the present invention, the biodegradable adult/toddler commode chair liner with a moisture color activated removable pad is configured with obvious advantages thus providing another sanitary and environmentally friendly manner for receiving and disposing of waste.

With respect to the above description, it is to be realized that the features and advantaged of the present invention will become apparent to one with skill in the art upon examination of the following drawings and details description. It is intended that all such additional features and drawings be included herein within the scope of the present invention, as defined by the claims.