"Infini-Combo" - System of fully configurable and modular dining/conference tables
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A modular and fully configurable dining/conference table system where consumer can chose any prefabricated and ready to ship pedestal base and combine with any prefabricated and ready to ship wood top, including formal tops which can be configured to any length without limit, allowing for a virtually limitless number of unique table combinations equal to the product of the total number of pedestal base designs, the total number of wood top designs, the total number of available sizes for each wood top design, and the total number of finishes each pedestal and wood top is available in. Regardless of the pedestal/wood top combination, assembly procedure is kept consistent using brackets and an “O” ring component under each wood top, which sits around the diameter of each pedestal, which is kept constant on all pedestal designs. In addition, the top of each prefabricated pedestal base is finished, some with carved designs, allowing the consumer to also use any glass top (within size and weight limits of each pedestal) instead of our prefabricated wood tops.

Ahmadinia, Payman (Los Angeles, CA, US)
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A47B13/00; A47B7/00; A47B13/02; A47B13/08
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Payman Ahmadinia (Los Angeles, CA, US)
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1. A fully modular and configurable dining/conference table system (“Infini-combo tables”) comprising: Prefabricated pedestal table bases Prefabricated wood tops (round or formal)

2. Modular and configurable table system in claim 1 wherein all pedestal bases have a consistent diameter at the top surface allowing any of the wood tops to assemble on top of any base using brackets and a corresponding “O” ring under each wood top which is slightly larger than the diameter of the base.

3. Modular and configurable table system in claim 1 wherein the prefabricated pedestal bases have finished top surfaces (with or without carvings) so consumer can also use any glass top within size and weight limits of each pedestal.

4. Modular and configurable table system in claim 1 wherein the pedestal bases can be arranged with the formal wood tops to any length without limit (by intervals determined by the length of the available formal wood tops).

5. Modular and configurable table system in claim 4 wherein all formal wood tops utilize designer finish and carving patterns which blend and continue smoothly with any configuration at any length.



Provisional patent for the same present invention filed on Aug. 6, 2007 by same applicant, Payman Ahmadinia Application No. 60/954,184 Confirmation No.: 9584


The invention relates to home or office furnishings where a truly modular table system allows for additional choices of design, size, finish, and shape utilizing cost affective prefabricated table bases, round wood tops, formal wood tops, and glass tops.


Previously, consumers looking to purchase a designer table were limited to top and base combinations predetermined by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the consumer or the supplier would need to undertake the task of custom fitting an alternate base or wood top to the existing combination. This would be costly, potentially dangerous (if original manufacturer requirements are not satisfied), and often yield a final product, which does not have the same aesthetic fluidity as a prefabricated combination.

Additionally, designer formal dining/conference tables were at best extendable to the limit set by a leaf system, which allows for a limited number of small sections to be added to the original table base configuration of a table. Tables longer than this limit of usually about 12 feet would need to be custom produced at exceedingly high price points and long lead times for production.


By the present invention, a new system is introduced where the consumer can combine any of the prefabricated table bases with any of the prefabricated round or formal wood tops (or any glass top within suggested weight limits) allowing for a limitless number of combinations. Additionally for the first time, consumers looking for longer than average dining/conference tables can configure the formal wood tops to reach any length without limit. All of the above can now be done without the cost, burden, or even the lead times of custom fabrication.


The “FIG. 1” illustrates the system with which any base can be combined with any top. “FIG.2” illustrates the specialized formal wood tops and how they can be configured to any length without limit while keeping the aesthetic integrity of a fine designer table.

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