Freeze Pop Cozy
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A Freeze Pop Cozy comprising two pieces of material joined together to form a holder in order to contain cylindrical shaped objects commonly known as “ice pops” or “freeze pops”. A Freeze Pop Cozy should keep frozen “freeze pops” cold while keeping your hands from getting cold.

Boyer, Joseph (Harmony, PA, US)
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Boyer, Joseph (Harmony, PA, US)
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Joseph Boyer (Harmony, PA, US)
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1. In a Freeze Pop Cozy, two pieces of similarly shaped rectangular foam are joined together in order to create a cylindrical holder; At least one of the two narrow sides of the holder will be open to allow for insertion; Alternative embodiments to my invention may involve: variations in material used for the body, variations in fastening or stitching methods or materials, size may vary along with color and printing.



I have invented a holder for cylindrical shaped popsicles commonly known as “freeze pops” or “ice pops”. I have four young boys and their favorite summertime treat is freeze pops. The children love them; however it is very difficult for them to enjoy one without coming to me for assistance. There are many issues that make it very hard for children and adults to enjoy a freeze pop. Their hands often got cold within moments and then they no longer wanted to hold it themselves. I tried wrapping it with a paper towel or napkin, but that was only a temporary solution. The towel or napkin would either fall off or get soggy. Another issue is when they try to squeeze the pop up to take the next bite, they would squeeze too hard and it would just break off and fall out on to the floor causing a mess. Also, the plastic on the outside of the freeze pop becomes very slippery and they are often dropped. On Jun. 20, 2007 I brainstormed and came up with my “Freeze Pop Cozy”.


I have enclosed the following references to display my invention:

FIG. 1 This is an actual front vertical view

FIG. 2 This is an actual side vertical view

FIG. 3 This is an actual bottom view

FIG. 4 This is an actual front view of the cozy in use with the freeze pop inserted


The freeze pop cozy is cylindrical in shape. It is made of two similarly cut rectangular shaped insulating material (foam shown here) sewn together on three sides with the top being open allowing for the insertion of the freeze pop. The freeze pop cozy is long enough to keep the top of the freeze pop stable so that it won't break off when you squeeze the bottom. Along with other great qualities, the freeze pop cozy keeps the kids hands from getting cold and it also gives them a better grip. The bottom of the cozy can be easily squeezed in order to push the “freeze pop” up.

allows for the consumption of the inserted material, while keeping the hands from getting cold.