Menal volleyball net
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The design and ornamentation for a volleyball net as shown and described. A volleyball game net adapted by size and configuration to meet the requirements of play in the game of volleyball, said net having a micro mesh fabric that allows air to flow through yet is opaque in color and not see through, with a peripheral margin defined by a top edge, a bottom edge, a first side edge and a second side edge; said side edges being spaced apart from each other and joining the top edge to the bottom edge. Each edge is impregnated with a fluorescent material on each side of the net, which after being exposed to sunlight or incandescent light becomes visible after dark. The Menal Volleyball Net will have a distinct pattern centered from upper left corner to lower right corner depicting five Menal Volleyballs in a straight diagonal line. Each Menal Volleyball on the surface of the net will be of the exact shape and size with the appropriate triangular pattern and fluorescent tips of a regulation Menal Volleyball. Each Menal Volleyball descending from left to right will depict the ball rotating in flight such that the Menal Volleyball logo will be centered and prominately displayed in the third ball which shall be in the center of the Menal Volleyball Net.

Jones, Charles Edward (Moreno Valley, CA, US)
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1. The concept of the Menal Volleyball Net is to give the appearance of being opaque but has vents to allow air to flow through. The Menal Volleyball Net is trimmed in a fluorescent illuminating that glows in the dark. The Menal Volleyball Net is designed with five Menal Volleyballs centered across to give the appearance of game ball in motion.


This device consist of the following

    • A 32-foot long by 39½ inch tall opaque nylon w/glow in the dark edging around all outer edging with company name and logo on both sides of net, (FIG. 4, #100). Two 3½ inches by 12 foot long poles with sleeves for safety, (FIG. 3, #40). The sleeves should be padded and made of canvas materials with glow in the dark indicators; (FIG. 3, #50). The indicators should be positioned as follows: one glow in the dark indicator should be positioned at the top of the canvas sleeve; second indicator should be placed in the center of the canvas sleeve; third indicator should be placed at the bottom of the canvas sleeve. The glow in the dark indicators should be wrapped around the canvas sleeves. Each indicator should be approximately 3 inches in depth fitting the width of the canvas.
    • A 30×30 heavy duty black webbing court boundary system. This system should have inner and outer glow in the dark edging, (FIG. 4, #80). Not to shadow the black webbing court boundary but compliment the boundaries.
    • An all weather leather ball with stitched glow in the dark indicators positioned in accordance with the pattern of the ball with company name.

The process for this device is as follows:

    • The poles that are accompanied by the sleeves holds up the net for support.
    • The opaque net and the Menal Volleyball are for volleying.
    • The boundary is the fault line.
    • Each team must accumulate point by hitting the Menal Volleyball over the net without allowing the ball to hit the ground, which ever team lets the ball hit the ground the opposing team gains points up to a describe final number.

FIG. 1 Is a perspective view of a Menal Volleyball, which has glow in the dark tips.

FIG. 2 Is a perspective view of a border edge of triangle with glow in the dark tips atop each triangle of Menal Volleyball.

FIG. 3 Is a perspective overall view of the opaque Menal Volleyball Net logo, glow in the dark boundaries (#80) on Menal Volleyball Net as net would appear on Volleyball court, and glow in the dark court boundary line (#60).

FIG. 4 Is a perspective view of Menal Volleyball Net with graphics to describe Extreme Sport (#90), view of company logo (#110), and company name (#100).

FIG. 5 Is a perspective view of a Menal Volleyball Net five (5) Menal Volleyballs depicted thereon in a rotating fashion from upper left corner to lower right corner in a diagonal manner with the Menal Volleyball Logo prominently displayed in the third ball which is centered in the net.


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