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The technological development advances offered by Nail Care Originalis is that due to its sanitized condition and protective coverage for the person who is performing the service and the public that is receiving the service offer public health benefits to all by it's one usage then discard functions. The nail care industry productivity is such where the health and hygiene sanitize and maintenece system principles is needed for the preservation of the public health and the prevention of the spread of disease and practical combination in a manner unified and easy to access, which Nail Care Originalis are designed to do.

Davis, Maxine P. (Oceanside, CA, US)
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MAXINE P. DAVIS (Oceanside, CA, US)
1. I claim that Nail Care Originalis will offer the nail care profession the needed hygienic protection against the spread of bacteria and germs by providing and promoting health conscience surroundings—one usage, then discard technology. This line of seven (7) designs will help add to the science of health, hygiene and sanitized maintenance system principles. Especially when used and applied for the preservation of health and prevention of the spread of disease. They offer organization with its utility tray and throw away utensils, soak bowls for the hands and feet with total immerse without the spa. However, the spa tub is a disposable liner for the full size pedicure spa tub. The table cover and cloth takes the place of paper towels and fabric towels for manicure, pedicure and sculpturing. Protection for the face and eyes from chemical debris or fumes in the air, with the face visor mask. And protection for the operator/client with the protective bib. Disposable sanitized supplies in the nail care circle time has come.



My friend designed a line of Disposable Products for his profession. And I was inspired to do the same. I am a manicurist in a day spa and I do pedicures and acrilyic nail sculpturing. So I sat down one night and came up with this seven (7) piece line, that I call Nail Care Originalis.


The Originalis is the Latin word for Original meaning capable of or given to inventing or creating. The seven pieces of disposable equipment plus supplies that are called Unteniels is created. Especially for the Nail Care Industry which covers the sculpturing, manicure, pedicure procedures. It will help with the control of communicable transmitted bacteria and germs causing disease, by enabling the one usage then discard concept.


Nail Care Originalis seven (7) unique creations of sanitized disposable equipment and supplies that is called unteniels consist of the protective bib, number one (1). Number two (2), the face visor mask. Number three (3), the archi cloth. Also called the sculpturing cloth/wipe. The utility tray is number four (4). It is the organizer for the Disposable unteniels of five (5) designs; Plus the spa tub liner. Number six (6), the bowl is created to soak by totally emerging the feet and hands for the manicure and pedicure then discarded. Last is number seven (7), the table cloth. The work table cover. All unteniels and protective supplies are made of a sanitized fabric/plastic band and can be discarded after usage. The utility tray organizer is of a disposable plastic type material that can be used and discarded as desired.


Nail Care Originalis is a line of disposable discards of seven (7) created articles and protective supplies. They are custom designed utilities, uniquely for the nail care professionals, manicure, pedicure and sculpturing industry. To protect the professionals and the public they care for. The line consist of the protective bib that is designed for the professional and the client. The protective bib is ______ by ______ that covers the front of the body. It closes at the neck and hangs below the knees. It also hangs ______ by ______, below the shoulders. Number two, the face visor mask is designed to protect the face, nose and the eyes. It is made of, light weight sanitized material blend. The visor protects the eyes when needed. It is designed to revert from up to down position. Number three is the cloth (3 sizes) for sculpturing the finger wipe cloth. The hand size care cloth and larger foot size usage. The entire line of cloth can be used by the sculpture, manicure and pedicure. They are ______ by ______ for finger nail. Hand care size will be ______ by ______. And ______ by ______ for foot care. Number four the utility tray is an organizer designed with throw away plastic. Fits on any work station or table. It holds the disposable utensils designed to fit into the holds in the utility tray and they consist of cups, round and square. And the File wagon where you place the finger nail file and brush station. It is also made of throw away plastic that serves as a container for liquid and dry products. Number five (5), the soak bowl is designed for the entire hand and foot to be soaked by total emerge for pedicure and manicure care, with the large station effect. Number seven (7), the table cloth is oval shaped and made with the same disposable materials. Can protect any work station while changing from one service to another. They are all one usage then discarded, with the exception of the utility tray. Nail Care Originalis is the first disposable line created to offer total protection for sanitized, affordable usage. While protecting the public, it helps to reduce health problems. Not to mention the time consumption of today's non-disposable products in my industry. The benefits go on and on because they are not copied but fresh, new and novel.