Boat motor, submarine, and other structures mailbox design
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A boat motor mailbox, or one that may be structured as a submarine, airplane, locomotive engine, steamboat, or one in which its address illuminated, incorporating a upper container, an integral shaft or other supporting housing, to provide for operativness or illumination of the numbers upon the formed mailbox. In the instance of a boat motor, it may include a motor operative propeller, which may also provide for similar operation to a submarine, steamboat, an airplane, or other configured shapes that are embodied into the structure of the mailbox design. The operating mechanism may receive its electrical energy from solar power, a battery pack, or even hardwired, and which sustains, in the case of the battery, recharging through the use of the solar collecting panel. In the case of the boat motor, it may have an attached spike, at its bottom, that allows for the mail box to be attached into the ground, whether the spike be impaled within the mud, or be cemented by concrete into the ground, for more permanent usage.

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1. A boat motor mailbox design including a housing simulating an outboard motor, having a container provided at its upper end, having an attached door, which when opened, allows for the insertion of delivered mail therein, an integral shaft housing extending downwardly therefrom, incorporating a battery pack, charged from a solar panel operatively associated with the container, a motor, energized from the battery pack, which when initiated, allows for the spinning of a propeller simulating the operations of an outboard motor during usage.

2. A structured mailbox design, that may be structured into the shape and configuration of a boat motor, an airplane, a submarine, a steam boat, or a locomotive, or into other shapes, including a housing simulating one of these structures, having a container provided at its approximate upper end, having an attached door at its frontal portion, which when open, allows for the insertion and delivery of mail therein, integral shaft housing extending downwardly therefrom, and which is provided for mounting or impalement into the ground, one of the integral shaft or the shaped structural container, incorporating a battery pack, charged from a solar panel operatively associated therewith, and further including a motor, energized from either the battery pack or the solar panel, which when energized, allows for the spinning of a propeller, paddle wheel, or other movable means, simulating the operations of the shaped structural design during usage.

3. A mailbox design including a housing at its upper end, a structured support extending downwardly therefrom, said structural support capable of being impaled or embedded within the ground to support the mailbox in its erected configuration, either said container or the structural support incorporating electrical means, for illumination of the mailbox lighting system that displays the address of the residence, to provide for illumination of the lights to display the address during usage.

4. The mailbox design of claim 3 wherein either said container or structural support incorporates a battery, for illumination of the residential address numerals.

5. The mailbox design of claim 4 and including a solar panel, provided upwardly upon the container of the mailbox design, said solar panel provided for either energization of the illuminable address numerals, or for recharging the battery pack provided therein, during usage.



This non provisional patent application claims priority to the provisional patent application having Ser. No. 60/937717, having filing date Jun. 29, 2007.


This invention relates to a unique, novel, and ornamentally appearing but operative mailbox, submarine, airplane, and other structures, including a solar powered lighted mailbox through usage of the concept of this invention.


Generally, with the advent of bigger homes on larger plots of ground, it has been a requirement that the mailboxes be placed out at the margin of the street, so that the postal service can simply drive up to it, make its deposit, and go on to the next, normally without even having to leave the postal vehicle. No longer does the postal authority, or the postman, walk up to the door, to make a mail deposit, as was done many, many years ago.

A variety of designs for mailboxes have been fabricated. For example, the standard box is a simply arched container, on a pole or post, embedded in the ground, with a mailbox being located four feet above, for convenient deposit. A front door normally opens, into the ample interior, to allow the bulk mail to be supplied therein.

In some instances, these mailboxes have been shaped like a fish, beer keg, even an automobile, and have undertaken a variety of designs.

It is the concept of the current invention to provide a further enhancement in a mailbox design and operation.


This invention contemplates the formation of a mailbox, in the shape of a boat motor, and more specifically an outboard motor, which may be solar powered, to provide for charging of a battery pack, which in turn furnishes rotation to the motor's propeller, to give the appearance of an operating motor, yet functioning as a mailbox, at the front of one's residence. It is a unique design, but nevertheless, is operative, at least to give the facade and appearance of a mailbox that operates like an outboard motor, either when the door of the mailbox is opened, or continuously, since the operating motor is solar powered.

The design of this invention may be four to five feet high, have a ground spike provided at its lower end, to allow for its impalement, or cementing, into the ground, to keep it erect, during usage. It includes a solar panel upon its upper surface, that is designed to allow for the collection of sunlight, its conversion into a charge, that allows for the continuous charging of a battery pack, when the sunshine reflects upon the solar collecting panel, during the daylight hours.

The invention further contemplates the addition of a 12 volt motor, that is operated from the battery pack, and which can turn, to some degree of rotation, a spinning propeller, at the back of the motor design, to give the appearance of an operating boat motor, during its usage and application. Furthermore, there may be a speaker provided within the mailbox, and one which has been preprogrammed to speak some phrasing, whether it be something related to fishing, or the sound of a boat motor in operation, or simply to provide some comment when the postage doors open, such as providing a thank you to the postman, or to anyone that opens the mailbox, during authorized usage.

It is just as likely that the concept of this invention, and its integrated electronics, could also be used for fabricating a mailbox in the configuration and shape of a submarine, an airplane, and many other structures, or could include a mail box that is solar powered, for energization of the various props that are operatively associated with the outboard motor, submarine, and the like, and/or to illuminate the numerals upon the mailbox, providing the address of the residential owner.

It is, therefore, the principal object of this invention to provide a mailbox, in the shape of a boat motor, and which can be emplaced at the front of a residence or other building, to add a unique design to the mailbox during its installation and usage.

It is yet another object of this invention to provide a postal mailbox that is of a very unique appearance, being that of an outboard motor, and which may provide enthusiasm to the owner, particularly if he is a boating or fishing enthusiast.

Still another object of this invention is to provide an operative mailbox, shaped like an outboard motor, and which will even contain a spinning propeller, simulating that of a standard boat motor.

Yet another object of this invention is to provide a boat motor simulated mailbox which may include a speaker, to express comment, as for example, when the mailbox door is opened.

Still another object of this invention is to provide an operating mailbox, simulating a boat motor, and which contains solar collecting panel for recharging of its contained battery pack, that induces continuous or intermittent rotation of its spinning propeller.

Still another object of this invention is to provide a mailbox, with an attaching spike, that can provide for its impalement in the ground, or embedment within a cement, to assure the permanent retention of the motor simulating mailbox in place, once installed.

Still another object of this invention is to provide a mailbox that is such an ornamental design that it will sustain the attention of anyone viewing the same.

These and other objects may become more apparent to those skilled in the art upon review of the summary of the invention as provided herein, and upon undertaking a study of the description of its preferred embodiment, in view of the drawing.


In referring to the drawings,

FIG. 1 is an isometric view of the Boat Motor Mailbox Design of this invention;

FIG. 2 is an isometric view of a submarine, with operative propeller, fabricated into a mailbox, for installation at the front of a residence, or other building; and

FIG. 3 shows another structured mailbox, an isometric view, including a solar panel that illuminates the lighting system, within the structure of the shown box.


In referring to the drawing, and in particular FIG. 1, the Boat Motor Mailbox Design 1 of this invention is readily disclosed. The design includes an upper compartment, simulating the size and dimensions of a standard boat motor, and an enclosed mail compartment 2 which is integrally attached to its shaft portion 3, which extends downwardly therefrom, formed having the stabilizer or cavitation plate 4, and the spinning propeller 5 normally having the appearance of a standard outboard motor. The lower part of the motor, as its lower blade or skeg portion 6, extends sufficiently downwardly, and can have an opening therethrough, or have attached thereto, the upper end of a spike, as at 7, and which can either be impaled in the ground, or be cemented in concrete, during its installation. The upper end of the spike will be located either within, or withon the surface or front part of the shaft housing 3, and will have an attaching bolt 8 cooperating with a locking nut 9 for use for securement of these components together, before the design is mounted upon the ground.

The containment portion 2 of the mailbox will have a frontal door 10 normally in position where a mailbox door normally locates, and which includes the usual latch 11 for securement of the door enclosure, as when not in usage, or after mail has been deposited therein. This provides for shelter from inclement weather, and keeps the mail from being soiled, while stored, temporarily, within the mail container 2. As can also be seen, various holders or slots for identification purposes may be provided, such as a street number 12, which may be illuminated at night by means of the enclosed battery pack 15, and even arranged therewith can be a nameplate, or the like. Below the street number slot is a further location for application of a product name, such as a trademark for one of the outboard motor companies, such as Mercury Marine, as can be seen at 13. This can either be taped in place, or located by means of a nameplate into a slot, or fastened to the Boat Motor Mailbox Design 1, as can be understood. And, the mailbox may be painted to the standard color that is normally employed by one of the boat motor companies, such as, for example, Evinrude Motors are usually white in appearance, the Honda outboard motor is normally silver, while Mercury is noted for its black appearance. These can be coordinated depending upon which brand name is applied.

Furthermore, as can be seen upon the top of the Design 1, there is a solar collecting panel 14 of the usual sunlight receptive wafers, and which normally receive sunlight, and convert it into energy, which will be interconnected with the battery pack 15 to keep it charged, particularly when exposed to sunlight. The battery, then, once fully charged, can be electrically connected to a motor 16, normally of a low voltage type, such as a 12 volt motor, and the motor shaft 17 will interconnect forwardly of the motor with a propeller or prop 5 to keep it turning constantly, or perhaps the same can be interconnected with the door 10, so that when the door is opened, the propeller turns, giving the simulated appearance of an operating outboard motor.

In addition, the mail container 2 may have an electronic package, generally provided within a compartment (not shown) that may be located at the bottom of the container, and be interconnected with a speaker, as at 18, to provide sound, whether it be sound simulating the operating of a outboard motor, or perhaps the sound of splashing fish, or even furnish some phraseology that may have been manufactured into a chip, to furnish words of gratitude, or thanks, as to a mailman, when he opens the door, deposits the mail, and then reclose the same, during delivery. Obviously, other words can be employed, for other purposes, depending upon the desires and whim of the residence owner.

In any event, the concept of this invention to provide a novelty type 25 design, simulating a boat motor, particularly of the outboard motor type, and which will be attractive, eye-catching, and contain many operative features that greatly lead to the enthusiasm of anyone in proximity therewith, that may encounter the mailbox, either during usage, or when observing the same.

As can be seen in FIG. 2, a further structure mailbox, in this particular instance, having the shape of a submarine 20, is disclosed. The frontal end of the mailbox has a volumetric capacity, as at 21, for holding a quantity of delivered mail, and it includes a frontal closure, as at 22, for closing off the box, and which is held by one of the standard clips, as noted at 23. The entire submarine designed mailbox may be mounted upon a post, as at 24, and which may be embedded in the ground.

The back end of the shaped submarine contains electronic means, or wiring, that can either be solar operated, as by the solar panels 25 or can be even battery operated, to energizing a small motor (not shown) that rotates the disclosed propeller 26, provided at the back end of the shown structure. This is an example how other structured may be embodied within the concept of this invention, to function as a mailbox.

For example, it is just as likely that the mail box may be shaped as an airplane, with a propeller, and have an opening at its side for deposite of the delivered mail. For example, other structures may be incorporated into this development, such as a locomotive, of the steam type, where its wheels and the power levers or radius arms can be rotated, in the same manner as previously described herein, to furnish rotation of the wheels, during installation and usage of the device. Or, it is likely that the invention can be configured as a steamboat, with its paddle wheel, at the rear thereof, being turnable, preferable by solar power or battery charge. These are examples as to how the invention may be configured to different designed shapes, have some operative components, in order to enhance the aesthetics and the attention getting of the development, during installation and usage.

FIG. 3 shows another variation upon the invention, but utilizing the same instrumentation as reviewed in the previous developments. For example, it shows a brick or simulated block type of mailbox, as shown at 30, having a front gate as at 31, operated and pivotal as standard design, and having its fastener closure 32 provided thereon. In addition, the top of the box may include one or more solar panels, as at 33, which convert sunlight into electrical energy, and through its processing with in a circuit box, as at 34, provide for illumination of the residential numerals, as can be seen at 35. The control box 34 may also include a battery, as either a direct means for provision of electrical energy, or as a backup power, for operation and illumination of the numerals, during usage of this device. This is just an example as to how the invention can be varied, and embodied in various structures, but yet provide the basic principal and concept of this invention is to provide for energization, either by solar power, or battery operated, or even hard wired if available, for either operating some mechanical device, such as a propeller, or illuminating lighting, for showing the address of the residence or other establishment.

Variations or modifications to the subject matter of this invention may occur to those skilled in the art upon review of the invention as provided herein. Such variations, if within the spirit of this development, are intended to be encompassed within the scope of the invention as defined. The description of the particular invention, and its depiction in the drawing, are primarily set forth for illustrative purposes only.

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