Plumbing base
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Strong, moisture resistant, level plumbing base, ajustable dimensions to receive all floor plumbing fixutres, installed at finished floor line.

Stand method of securing the plumbing fixtures to the plumbing system would not be altered.

Base nets as a protective shield to sub floor from floor rot.

Various closet flanges are interchangeable with rough plumbing.

Remodeling of bathroom is required before a flush toilet can be installed.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • 1) Moisture resistant base.
  • 2) Helps expel smelly bathrooms and rotted flooring by covering sub floor area around water closet.
  • 3) Help eliminated rocking bowls.
  • 4) Improves clean ability of the bathroom floor area.

O'connell, Joseph Francis (Lexington, MA, US)
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Joseph F. O'Connell (Lexington, MA, US)
I claim:

1. A very cleanable, strong, non-porous plumbing base, to support all floor mounted plumbing fixtures, with sound mechanical methods.

2. A plumbing base, which is compatible with the plumbing fixture in every way: A) Mechanical connections B) Assembly C) Color D) Wood grained F) Etc.

3. A plumbing base unit, which will allow the new water closet to be installed the same work day, the old bath room is removed. During the two to three week process of construction activity.



This invention relates to an improved method of installation of floor mounted plumbing fixtures


There is a large potential for the sales and installation of bathroom fixtures:

1. During the past and present time era, it is not possible for the public to want to update their bathrooms, without undue aggravation.

    • A. I have been employed in the plumbing trade since 1953
    • B. I hold the following MA trade licenses
      • 1. Master Plumbing License
      • 2. Journeyman Plumbers License
      • 3. Journeyman Pipe Fitters License
    • C. If the occupant decides to remodel their bathroom:
      • 1. two to three weeks disruption of their living quarters before remodeled bathroom is completed
      • 2. all plumbing fixtures ripped out.
      • 3. finished floor removed, to urine rotted sub floor
    • Note: the message that is out to the public is “If I had known the aggravation I had to go through, I would not have bothered remodeling the bathroom”.
    • D. The old fashioned procedure, after trashing the bathroom fixtures is to supply an old bowl and bucket. This toilet bowl is the homeowners' toilet, for the next three weeks, guests or no guests.
    • Note: the bathroom floor, walls and ceiling have to be completed before any of the finished plumbing fixtures can be completed and used.
    • E. It does not have to be this way.
      • 1. A plumbing base united is installed, after the bathroom is removed
      • 2. The new water closet is installed and is in use.
      • 3. The plumbing base will color match the plumbing fixture color, or a simulated wood grain plumbing base is used.
      • 4. The plumbing base is installed on the sub floor. The plumbing base is leveled and secured by anchoring means at each right angle.
      • 5. The hole in the plumbing base will accommodate the following closet flanges:
        • a. 3″ and 4″ cast iron closet flanges
        • b. 3′ and 4″ brass closet flanges
        • c. 3′ and 4′ (PVC) Polyvinyl Chloride Flanges
        • d. the plumbing base is to be of non-porous material and be easily cleaned.
      • 6. The floor area around the toilet bowl tends to hold the most filth. It is also the hardest area to clean. The clean ability of the plumbing base should correct this problem.
      • 7. A. U.S. Census Bureau (2004) Example (1990) stated 13% of all 1-family homes had ½ or fewer bathrooms.
        • B. The U.S. Census (1990-2004) indicates a strong bathroom remodeling potential.
      • 8. The bathroom remodeling aspect, represents a high potential. The plumbing manufacturing needs to stimulate the homeowner with new and useful innovations.
      • 9. The advantages of this information are many:
        • A. to minimize the frustration the homeowner has to comply with
        • B. to put a stop to the practice of setting down a toilet bowl and a bucket for the next 3 weeks of remodeling activity.
        • C. to have a flush toilet during the entire remodeling saga, would and is a big plus to both the contractor and the homeowner.
        • D. the plumbing base will provide a smooth level support for the toilet bowl.
        • E. The clean ability of the plumbing base is a plus to maintaining the bathroom.
        • F. The plumbing base will be an attractive addition to the décor of the bathroom.
        • G. There are no disadvantages with this invention.


FIG. 1 shows a top view of the plumbing base.

FIG. 2 shows a schematic of the plumbing system.

FIG. 3 shows the assembly in more detail

FIG. 4 shows rubble cover assembly

FIG. 5 shows the bowl can be installed now, or at a later time With the rubble cover, as an option.

FIG. 6 is and end view, displaying the plumbing base installed and anchored to the subfloor

FIG. 7 is a side view of the plumbing base, displaying anchor means and closet flange being assembled

FIG. 8 displays the water closet installed with the plumbing base


Being in the plumbing trade since 1953 to present, it is easy To note the good and the poor features of the plumbing Manufacturers.

The object of this invention is as follows:

    • 1. same day install flush toilet on bathroom remodel
    • 2. provide a solid, smooth base to properly support the plumbing fixture
    • 3. provide an area around toilet bowls, that is readily cleanable, attractive and matches color or wood grain

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