Universal adjustable shower chair
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The present invention relates to a self-contained unit which employs a manually operable platform/seat attached to a u-channel rail system for the purposes of personal hygiene. The unit mounts to the wall of a shower or bath stall. The system is designed to aid those individuals in need of a secure and stable sitting platform that is vertically adjustable to accommodate the individual user's height. This unit facilitates bathing, showering and other personal hygiene requirements. The unit contains 2 swivel armrests that provide the user stability when moving in and out of the chair and an overhead retractable cage for added security for those individuals requiring additional support.

I have found that the advantages of such a devise can reduce bath area accidents caused by slipping and instability and enables those individuals who are physically challenged the freedom to shower independently in a secure environment.

There are no known devises of this nature.

Masciarelli, Giuseppe (Concord, CA)
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Masciarelli Giuseppe (Concord, ON, CA)
What I claim is:

1. The possibility of having a permanent, adjustable and comfortable chair occupying minimal space in the shower or bathtub after use.

2. The possibility of adjusting the chair height to suit the specific needs of the user.

3. The possibility for the elderly or physically challenged to adjust the chair without bending.

4. The possibility to construct the chair of resin or other material.

5. The possibility to be installed with screws.

6. The possibility to be used in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes or similar places and personal residences.

7. The possibility to install to a existing shower stall, to prefabricated shower box or bathtub.

8. The possibility to be used as a bide

9. The possibility to have an adjustable chair without any mechanical or electrical equipment.



The Specification contains no new matter

Features of the invention UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE SHOWER CHAIR (UASC) will be best understood by reading the following Detailed Description of the Invention together with the drawings.

The drawings are presented sequentially, FIG. 1 through FIG. 6, demonstrating the employment of the UASC unit from the closed position when not in use (FIG. 1) through to its final in use position (FIG. 6), wherein:

FIG. 1 is a diagram depicting the embodiment of the present invention in the closed position. The cabinet is constructed of resin housing or other materials. There are folding hinged panels on the front of the unit which collapse to either side of the cabinet when opened. The top of the cabinet supports the overhead folding support cage. Design and fabrication characteristics of the cabinet reflect the need for a self contained, non-obtrusive unit that is functional, facilitates installation, easy to use, extremely durable, safe and decorative.

FIG. 2 is a representation of the unit with the front door panels open (resting on either side of the cabinet) and exposing the components of UASC unit, which includes the seating platform, support armrests and THE U-CHANNEL RAIL SYSTEM.

FIG. 3 illustrates the seat folded down to the horizontal (sitting) position. The seating platform employs the physical attributes of a toilette seat, and is designed for comfort, stability and purposes of bide application for extended personal hygiene if needed. The seating platform secures to THE U-CHANNEL RAIL SYSTEM, which facilitates the vertical adjustment feature of the chair to accommodate the user's height and comfort position.

FIG. 4 illustrates the seat in the horizontal sitting position with the 2 support arms, which swing out on either side of the seat. The support arms are utilized for stability when getting onto the seating platform and when getting back up from the seat to a standing position.

FIG. 5 introduces the overhead support cage unfolded and lowered to the 1st position.

FIG. 6 shows the UASC unit with the overhead support cage opened to the 2nd position. Those individuals requiring additional stability when using the UASC may use the overhead support cage.

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