Sound Pillow
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Sonorized pillow consists in a built-in sound producer equipment, provided, inclusively, of a side opening and closing device (3), preferentially in rectangular conformation and preferentially produced with traditional textures, so the user is able to hear music, psycho-emotional programming and sleep inductors when he/she lays down his head over it.

Gracia, Maria Luiza Dias (Curitiba, BR)
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1. SONORIZED PILLOW is characterized for a built-in sound producer equipment (2), provided, inclusively, of a side opening and closing device (3), preferentially in rectangular conformation and preferentially produced with traditional textures.


The present patent is referred to the device introduced in a pillow for human use, for adults and for children, consisting in the placing of a sound reproducer equipment, which makes the user able to hear it when he/she lays down his head over it.

One of the great problems of mankind, specially in the urban regions, is related to the period in which the human beings sleep. The sleep has being studied since many years ago and it is being discovered that some specific sounds, melodies or citations have sleep inducing power, due to the psychological effects produced by them.

Another fact that has being studied is the induction of mental programming by continuous suggestion, facilitated by the state known as “alpha”—which corresponds to circa 7 cycles (7 Hz) per second, going to inferior states, when then it occurs, according to some studious of the mind, an opening for learning and memorization of data and information in the brain, including those related to the induction of psycho-emotional origin.

Many people use, then, sound devices, with reproduction of many kinds of media, commanded by timers or remote controllers. Some people use ear phones in order to maintain their privacy or to don't disturb the night-silence. This way, the inventive process generated the development of a concept which's proper for this kind of therapy, arriving to the pillow with sound reproducer device, built in order to proportionate the desired effects, with comfort and discretion.

In the draws that follow and integrate the present release,

FIG. 1 presents the pillow in plant in a preferentially rectangular conformation.

FIG. 2 present a side view, which allows us to observe the existence of a closing device, preferentially a zipper.

FIG. 3 shows an image generated by software (projected image) of a pillow.

According to the draws, the pillow (1) has, preferentially, a rectangular conformation, in several dimension, made with several kinds of materials, natural or synthetic, traditionally used in this kind of product, being able to assume other geometrical forms, which has an opening and closing device, preferentially a zipper (3) and which has a sound producer equipment whose technical and dimensional characteristics can be variable, specially in relation to the use of media and functions commands, adjustable properly to the best technical solution applicable to the case.