"Extreme concept trainer (ECT)" and "the extreme concept trainer (ECT) system" a training apparatus, a training/exercise system, and a method to train distance
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The invention allows individuals to exercise various aspects of sports. It could be used to develop speed, timing, focus, power, distance, footwork, increase stamina and compact power in sports such as: karate, kickboxing, escrima, football, soccer, etc. And in jobs such as: personal trainers, law enforcement, bodyguards security, boxers, or persons that uses punching/heavybags to further hone or improve their training and sports ability by changing the depth/distance and creating unanticipated movements because of the uncertainty of the movements of the objects hanging on the device to increase their awareness and agility.

Issak, Bill (Santa Rosa, CA, US)
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1. This application claims ECT is a training device and concept trainer.


This application claims priority from provisional application No. 60894656, dated Mar. 13, 2007.

The present invention relates to a training apparatus/exercise system that is used to train distance i.e. striking and the distance ones target is away and reduce predictability in striking arts as well as use for various other sports activities. The apparatus/system is comprised of the following components:

    • Any metal or material with adequate strength to build below device
    • One key to our device is that it has arms and rotates. It could rotate with a motor or it could have multiple arms. It may have support chains or ropes or some such that will hang a bag or more.
    • Using a single punching bag or using two bags supported by, a striking, focusing and distancing dual bag assembly which may include a center fixed support to hang bag in conventional way (which is fixed devise holding a single bag or object) or to hang bag from a rotating arm opposite another arm that rotates in conjunction with and triggered by the first arm of this center support for use as either the supplementary bag or for the primary bag depending on the training objective. This changes the swing and timing of the two bags as they act as a counter weight to each other. The anchor bag can be heavier and, therefore, considerably less dense than the primary bag. More specifically, the bag on the arm assembly which is smaller and less heavy rotates around the primary bag providing a non-stationary target. We have various types of base plates at this time including but not limited to the following descriptions. One is square or rectangular and bolts to ceiling or beam. One is round with a center screw that is screwed in to ceiling or beam and then secured with additional screws through the round plate.
    • The last base support is a cross of iron or some strong material that affixes it to a ceiling that has joist on centers i.e. 16″ oc or 24″ oc and secured with four bolts.
    • It then has a main support shaft that is attached to this plate and hangs down and allowing the placement of two circular ball bearings (like wheel bearings on a car or bicycle front fork). This shaft has a hollow cylindrical tube/pipe that surrounds it and helps to hold the bearings in place while the bearings allow this tube to spin in a circle with the aid of the bearings. From this tube shaft protrude a minimum of two arms or plates or appendages hanging or protruding out any distance in opposing directions that hang out and may or may not have a downward slope with a ring, hole or some way to hang something at the end of each to support a bag or any other device or object.
    • A main ring is in the center as well to allow a bag hang to hang for non-mobile/non-distance training methods.

The base plate supports the stem shaft that allows the cylindrical rotating shaft to allow the arms to move in a smooth rotating fashion allowing any of the hanging objects to swinging at will, with disruptive timing, and at different speeds.

It is mounted on a firm structure allowing the arms to move freely in a rotating manner. It could be constructed with needle bearings instead of ball bearings. The arms could be altered in length. It could be hung on different types of ceilings, side mounted on a wall, or on a portable unit and the objects can be lengthened to the desired height through a rope, cord or chain. It also may be designed with a detent to hasten the movement of arms.

It could be developed to speed, timing, focus, power, distance, footwork, increase stamina, and compact power in all sports such as karate, kick boxing, escrima, football, soccer, baseball to name a few examples and professional jobs such as personal trainers, law enforcement, bodyguards, security and boxers as an example.