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A flexible cover for Diabetic insulin vials. The vial protector/identifier (The InsuCozi) is fabricated from silicone rubber. The protector/identifier is in the form of the vial's outside diameter. The protector/identifier's elasticity allows it to expand and contract enough for ease of receiving of said vial, yet form fitting so vial will not escape until intended by patient. The top of the protector/identifier conforms slightly to said vial to be protected/identified. The very bottom of the protector/identifier is open ended to allow for receiving and removal of said vial.

Lafaver, Daniel Victor (Wheat Ridge, CO, US)
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Daniel V. Lafaver (Golden, CO, US)
1. A vial cover comprising of: A Silicone rubber cover open ended on both sides for reception and removal of vial.

2. A vial cover according to claim 1 wherein top (neck) tapers to conform to said vial's neck, but allows for reception and removal of said vial.

3. A vial cover according to claim 2 wherein rubber on bottom rolls around to conform to bottom of said vial.

4. A vial cover according to claim 3 wherein bottom has hole to allow for reception and removal of said vial.

5. A vial cover according to claim 4 wherein raised horizontal lines (from 1 to 4) are on all sides to conform to the U.S. Food and Drug regulations enabling blind patients to discern different types of Insulin. NOTE: This is not yet an FDA regulation for insulin manufacturers, but has been proposed.

6. A vial cover according to claim 5 wherein different shapes will be used to help Identify different types of insulin. Said shapes shall be Round, Hexagon (6 sided), and Square (4 sided).



This invention relates to insulin vials used by Diabetics. The Protector/Identifier (InsuCozi) will cover the insulin vial used by a Diabetic patient and allow them to identify and protect their Insulin vials. The insulin vials used by Diabetics are small glass bottles (10 Ml) that must be kept cool, and must be used in proportion to their medical needs. The Protector/Identifier will allow the patient to identify each of the insulins they may be using, and the Silicone rubber texture will allow them to hold onto the vial easier while preparing their injection. The Vial Protector/Identifier is intended to be available in three (3) different shapes; Hexagon (6 sided), round, and Square (4 sided).


This invention is derived from the medical industries need for Diabetic patients to make sure they are using the correct insulin, as well as ensure their insulin vials are protected from air temperature and breakage due to dropping. The standard insulin vial is small and difficult to handle, and is nondescript making it difficult for identification. A blind Diabetic has no way of knowing if they are receiving the correct amount of the prescribed Insulin.


FIG. 1. Standard 10 Ml. vial to be protected

FIG. 2. Silicone Rubber Protector/Identifier with Hexagon (6 sided) version covering standard 10 Ml. vial.

FIG. 3. Looking at bottom of Silicone rubber Protector/Identifier

FIG. 4. Looking at bottom of Silicone Rubber Protector/Identifier showing open ended bottom with ½ inch hole allowing bottle to slide through for insertion and removal.

FIG. 5. Tapered top of Silicone Rubber Protector/Identifier enables vial to slide through for insertion and removal of vial.

While the forms of Silicone Protector/Identifier herein described constitute preferred embodiments of the invention, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to these precise forms, colors, materials, and that changes may be made therein without departing from the scope of the invention which is defined in the claims.