Illumitato amore health and beauty product packaging
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The Utility patent application we are submitting is for our invention, Illumitato Amore, a cosmetic/health and beauty packaging invention that has never been designed or used before. This totally new innovation in the industry departs from the industry standard of separate bottles that are stored and displayed individually. Our design invention coordinates multiple bottles of various products in a line, in one organized container/base. The base is made of an acrylic or Plexiglas material with openings that fit the corresponding cosmetic/health and beauty products. We describe this fit to be like a children's popsicle-making container, where the items fit securely in the base.

The base is the relevant feature of our design invention, by optimizing the organization of many different bottles in a sleek, simple, yet beautiful unit for storing the customer's products and displaying, as a beautiful Art Piece in the bathroom or on a dressing table.

The manner, by which this is designed, increases customer loyalty to a particular brand, by encouraging the client to repurchase/refill the container when emptied in order to maintain this valued Art/Organization Piece.

The unit will be adapted to the particular products and clients we license to. The sizes of the bottles will be the same or different sizes, yet all fit securely in the same design of the invention. The unit can be lighted or unlighted and the base can be adapted in shape and embellishment as well as various logos placed to match the licensed company's products.

Pender, Gail (Houston, TX, US)
Cain, Andrew D. (Houston, TX, US)
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1. The Utility patent application submitted Oct. 18, 2006, claims to be the inventor of the design for beauty/health and cosmetic packaging that has never been implemented before in this industry before our design in August of 2004. The invention includes a solid base (which could be acrylic, plexiglass and/or metal) that have holes drilled in the base to house individual bottles for the organization of multiple units of a line of products that are related in use for the bathroom/vanity table. The bottles can be the same or different sizes. The base is the unique aspect of the design and is retained by the user, while the used bottles of the product are discarded and replaced in the base. The base can be produced with different materials, because the function of a solid base with holes drilled to hold the bottled products is the unique quality of the invention that is unique to the packaging in this industry. We claim the rights to this invention in the beauty/health and cosmetic industries, which our research found before our design, to not be used anywhere in the industry. Other possible industry uses were not researched by us, but could be used in other industries, but we have not researched this application of this invention thoroughly, to register a claim beyond the industries stated in this claim, but do not disclaim the right to other industry applications due to our limited research has not shown it to be used in any other industry application



The design of this invention is a totally new approach that has never been done in the Cosmetic/Health & Beauty Industry in Product Packaging. It is a new innovation that will change the way that the industry has bottled, produced, distributed and marketed its product, which has been through its' history, bottled in one way by all in the industry. It is also a new innovation in the storage of the products by the customer who purchases the products.


We designed this invention to maximize organization of endless and cumbersome numbers of bottles that before now, were inefficiently stored by customers. The manufacturing of this design is cost effective and distribution is logical and efficient. The standardization of the stores design of the bottles and the base also makes the cost and efficiency of shipping the items to the selling the product.


Multiple bottles in a product line, sold together in a compact group packaging to be stored in a base made of acrylic or Plexiglas with the bottles fitting snuggly in openings in the base.


Two graphic/photo prototypes are included. One design has a circular base with jeweled caps on the bottles and the second, a square base with plain, satin-finished, chrome caps. These caps, shapes of the bottles and base are not the feature of the invention, but adaptable design features that will change with product categories and with different companies we license with.


Compact group packaging of individual products that fit like “popsicles” in a clear, acrylic/Plexiglas base. The bottles each fit snuggly in corresponding openings in the base and are sold together as a compact group packaging. Refills will be available for each individual product to replace the used bottle, but the base will be kept as a storage unit to organize the product for display by the customer of the product line in their bathroom or dressing table.


Gail Pender and Andrew Cain are the inventors of this utility design with which we are applying for a patent for the exclusive rights to their company, Love Line, Inc. for the purposes of marketing the invention to the Cosmetic/Health & Beauty Industries for them to license its' use in their design of Product Packaging of their products in the future.

This is one of two patents we are applying for. This is a patent application of the invention, and the second is for the design of the product packaging.