Fingernail protection work gloves
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The embodiment of the fingernail protection work gloves is a new concept in the art of household rubber gloves in that it contains a sponge-like barrier in the tips of the fingers 1-5 to protect manicured nails. It provides a cloth lining 6 for comfort and protection to the skin, and helps keep skin moisturized. The forearm strap 7 gives the user the security, comfort, and protection from water, chemicals, bacteria, and other elements entering into the glove and harming manicured tips or the skin of the hand. Glamorous patterns printed on the glove 10 provide a woman with a sense of upliftment, specialness, and beauty while performing household chores.

Anclien, Kelly Louise (Cranford, NJ, US)
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Kelly L. Anclien (Cranford, NJ, US)
I claim:

1. The fingernail protection work glove having a soft material inserted in the interior fingertips of said glove between the cloth lining and said glove, whereby the user's manicured fingernail is provided protection during labor.

2. The fingernail protection work glove having an attached strap on the exterior of said glove to wrap around arm and seal said glove to arm, whereby said strap prevents elements from entering the interior of said glove.



1. Field of Invention

This invention relates to rubber gloves for household chores, specifically to an improvement in design to protect women's newly manicured fingernails from damage, and provide protection to the skin of the user's hands.

2. Prior Art

Originally, rubber gloves were made to protect the hands from water, harsh chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other elements. The “Fingernail Protection Work Gloves” provide superiority to household gloves currently on the market, because the forearm strap 7 seals the glove to the forearm and helps prevent water and liquids, such as chemicals, from entering inside the glove. This helps protect the skin and nails from harsh elements. No current household gloves on the market seal the gloves to the user's arm to prevent the inside of the gloves from becoming wet. This can make the current gloves uncomfortable, annoying, and difficult to slide on and off, not to mention disturbing to the mind when wondering what the wetness is really from. The water or chemicals which get inside the gloves can loosen the glue on false fingernail tips, and damage the fingernail polish, thus ruining the manicure.

The protective sponge-like tips 1-5 protect the fingernails, specifically manicured nails, from damage to the fingernail, fingernail polish, or loosening of the false fingernail tips while scrubbing objects. The sponge-like material placed in the interior fingertips of the glove between the cloth lining 2 and latex glove provides a barrier of protection for a manicured nail or false tips applied to the user's nail. There are no current gloves on the market which provide a protective barrier for the fingernails. While scrubbing objects, fingernail polish is subject to scratching off the nail, nail damage, and even nail breakages are likely to occur.

This embodiment is mainly intended for household or office cleaning, but not limited to such work. In the case of protecting manicured nails while gardening or planting, the “Fingernail Protection Work Gloves” are superior to current garden gloves, because the sponge-like tips 1-5 provide extra protection to a women's manicured nails while digging in the dirt. The forearm strap 7 seals the glove to user's arm preventing dirt and moisture from entering into the glove and creating a muddy mess under the user's fingernails.

The cloth lining 6 helps the glove to go on and off the hand more smoothly than a rubber material, and provides a more fitted feel while wearing the gloves. It allows the hands a feeling of comfort and softness as opposed to the sterile feeling of one's skin on rubber gloves. The lining can protect the hands of those allergic to the compounds used in manufacturing the glove whether it be latex, rubber, PVC, or any appropriate type material. In conjunction with the strap 7 to seal the glove, the cloth lining 6 can help keep skin soft, clean, and protected from the harsh elements. The lining can even provide the hands with a paraffin treatment if lotion is rubbed into the skin before adorning the gloves and working in hot water.

My final point of interest is in noticing that the majority of rubber/latex gloves on the market for women are very bland in their appearance, and usually bright yellow! I wish to provide the women of America with a feeling of beauty and luxury by creating beautiful designs 10 on what is currently a drab and dull market of household gloves. Beautiful designs provide a woman with the opportunity to feel glamorous no matter what task she is performing. For those consumers who appreciate style, they will most likely feel better seeing a dramatic, glamorous pair of gloves 10 sitting on the kitchen counter than those yellow rubber gloves that probably had a person wondering if they were just in the toilet.


The “Fingernail Protection Work Gloves” has a sponge-like fingertip barrier to protect a woman's newly manicured fingernails from damage, a forearm strap to seal glove and provide protection from outside elements, and a cloth lining to keep the skin soft moisturized, and clean while providing a feeling of luxury with beautiful designs on the gloves.


FIG. 1A shows the interior of the glove.

FIG. 1B shows the exterior of the glove.

FIG. 1C shows the exterior of the glove with the underside view of the forearm strap.


    • 1 sponge-like tip in thumb
    • 2 sponge-like tip in first finger
    • 3 sponge-like tip in middle finger
    • 4 sponge-like tip in ring finger
    • 5 sponge-like tip in pinky finger
    • 6 cloth lining on interior of glove
    • 7 forearm strap
    • 8 Velcro female attachment
    • 9 Velcro male attachment
    • 10 decorative design example


One embodiment of the glove is illustrated in FIG. 1A (interior view), FIG. 1B (exterior view), and FIG. 1C (exterior view). The glove may be manufactured with, but not limited to compounds such as rubber, latex, or PVC. The glove is not limited in size as it may come in several sizes to accommodate different hand sizes. Inside the gloves, at the end of each fingertip 1-5 will be a protective layer of a soft sponge-like material, but not limited to a sponge product. The interior of the glove will have a cloth lining 6 for comfort and softness. The fingertips of the lining 6 will touch up to the sponge-like tips 1-5, and be sealed to the inside of the glove. This material may be made of cotton, but not limited to such fabric. A sweat-proof fabric may also be of value inside the glove.

Attached to the exterior of the glove is the forearm strap 7. The forearm strap 7 is attached on the top of the glove and extending out the side of the thumb for a total of approximately ten inches in length. It may be made of elastic, but not limited to such material, as it may be able to be constructed from the same material as the glove itself. A Velcro female attachment 8 is attached along the strap and can range across the width of the glove, approximately four inches. At the end of the strap, on the underside, is the Velcro male attachment 9. It is approximately one and a half inches in length. When the user adorns the glove, she will wrap the strap under her wrist and attach the Velcro male end 9 to the Velcro female portion 8 to accommodate the appropriate seal on the forearm. Note that the cloth lining 6 ends just before the forearm strap 7 is attached on the outside of the glove. This allows for the seal to take place; hence no liquid can enter inside the glove and soak the cloth lining 6. Each glove with be printed with an attractive and fashionable pattern 10 to add to it's quality and appeal.


From the description above, a number of advantages of the embodiment of the “Fingernail Protection Work Glove” becomes evident:

(a) A newly manicured fingernail has a protective barrier while hands are scrubbing objects. This barrier helps prevent chipping, polish damage, or nail breakage.

(b) The forearm strap seals the glove to user's arm to keep water, chemicals, bacteria, and other elements from exposure to the interior of the glove. This keeps user's hands clean and dry. The fingernails won't become weakened from the water and chemicals used, and user's skin is safe from irritation and dryness.

(c) The cloth lining gives hands a soft, comfortable feeling protecting skin from dryness. The cloth lining helps the glove go on and off more smoothly, and gives the hands a more fitted feel while wearing the gloves.

(d) The beautiful decorative designs on the gloves may help to uplift a woman's mood when she adorns the gloves while performing mundane tasks. Every woman can have the opportunity to feel special no matter what task is being performed, so I'd like to jazz up the typical yellow rubber gloves, and add some glamour and fun.


Accordingly, the reader will see the value in such an embodiment of gloves. There is a large sector of women who wish to protect either their manicures, their skin, or both while performing household chores in hot water and chemicals. Current gloves on the market offer minimal protection. The “Fingernail Protection Work Gloves” offer a higher quality of protection to hands and nails. The glove is also novel in that it can offer the viewer/user the feeling of fun, glamour, and luxury do to the beautification of the exterior print on the glove.