Holding and hanging utensil (tool) for use in hanging stemmed glassware from the side of wine, champagne, liquor or any other bottle larger than 250 milliliters containing a neck.
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The shape, functionality, and the application of this tool is what is new in its area. There is no tool like it that is made for hanging glassware from bottles with a neck (for the purpose that it serves) and that is why I invented it. There is no tool made specifically so that it can hang stemmed glassware from the neck of a bottle for transport, comfort or display. There is no tool made that is adjustable and can fit almost any sized bottle that exceeds the height of the glassware used. It is user friendly and the “Glass Caddy”

solves many simple problems with its simplicity in design and function.

Lawson, John (Napa, CA, US)
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Gregory, John (Napa, CA, US)
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John Gregory Lawson (Napa, CA, US)
1. The patent for the “Glass Caddy” (the tool) should protect the design, the utility and the versatility of the tool. The tool can be adjusted to fit more than two stemmed glasses on a bottle. The length of the tool can be increased or decreased based upon need as well. The ingredients used to fashion the tool are only limited by the maleability of the actual metal or substance used to make the tool. What I claim as my invention is the adjustable tool used to hang stemmed glassware upside down or right side up from any type of necked bottle that exceeds the height of the glassware used. What I claim as my invention is the adjustable tool that can be made from any maleable metal or rubber that fits over the neck of any bottle and holds stemmed glassware for transport, display or general usage. The use of the tool is not limited to stemmed glassware and any Item that may be held by the hooks or tines may be considered for use.



The invention was founded by the applicant (John G. Lawson) when he needed to transport a bottle of wine, wine glasses, and other items such as food stuffs etc. (one only has two hands) to his outside table at home. He fashioned The Glass Caddy from a wire hanger taken from his closet. By bending and molding the wire hanger to fit the neck of the wine bottle (by forming a circle) and the stems of the glassware (by forming tines or hooks) he found that it was extremely effective in allowing the wine glasses to be attached to the wine bottle so one could free his/her other hand for other needs. Also, discovered was the fact that the wine glass may be hung upside down (the bowl of the glass facing down) or right side up (the bowl of the glass facing up) and when right side up could be filled with liquid or non-liquid contents so the glasses and the contents may be protected from any surface threat (example: ants or sand) on the ground.

After realizing the usefulness of the invention the inventor also noticed that the device was adjustable. For instance, by pulling and or pushing the tines (or hooks that hold the stems of the glassware) the diameter of the centerpiece (that goes over the neck of the bottle) can be increased or decreased depending on the thickness of the neck of the bottle. Also, with a little more effort one can alter the size of the hooks used to hold the stemware to accommodate thinner or thicker stemware.

The following day before entertaining some guests the inventor left a bottle of champagne with champagne glasses attached on the dining room table. Every single guest commented on the aesthetic appearance as well as the functionality of the tool. That evening the inventor named the tool, “The Glass Caddy”.

The “Glass Caddy” works with many different types of bottles that have many different types of neck widths and lengths. It works with all stemware that does not exceed the height of the bottle(measured from the surface to the neck of the bottle) and can be used on any size bottle that does not exceed the maximum adjusted circumference of the neck of the tool (one and one half inches).

The tool by design is unique and unknown to the present entity it pertains. The inventor realizes that the tool can be fashioned by any maleable metal including precious metals. The gauge(thickness) of the metal can depend on the actual metal used the adjustability and flexibility of that metal.

“The Glass Caddy” solves the problem(s) of having to carry wine glasses and wine bottles with two hands separately. It also solves the problem of the wine glasses having to touch a given surface (a table, or sand at the beach) in order to be used and or displayed. The tool also allows for unique uses for the purpose of aesthetic display and/or space saving (at the dinner table etc.).


The general idea of the invention (The Glass Caddy) is to allow transport, display or protection of stemmed glassware without creating unnecessary work. The advantage of having this tool is to increase table, bar or any surface space normally taken by glassware. The tool allows one to transport the glassware and the bottle as one item instead of multiple items which in turn frees the other hand for other needs. The tool also protects the glassware (and its contents if one chooses) from a usually difficult environment (sand at the beach, water at the pool etc.). The tool also solves the problem of wanting to display wine and wine glasses together as a single unit instead of having to do so with multiple separate units.


The invention can be made by using any maleable metal or by a firm rubber substance. The gauge (thickness) of the metal or rubber one chooses depends on that substance but whatever substance used to fashion the device the gauges should not exceed 3 and not be under that of 18. For the purpose of simplicity and to maintain the original format of the tool we will use a standard iron hanger with a gauge of 6.

From the standard wire hanger cut a 12½″ straight piece of iron (this is just a little shorter than the 180 degree length of the bottom piece of the hanger). Place a round (approximately 1¼″ wide) stable, firm object in the middle of the 12½″ piece of iron. Bend the two ends of the 12 ½″ piece around the middle, stable 1¼″ piece until a circle is formed and both ends now face 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Now with each End(you can use pliers or any other tool that can hold on) bend the ends (one at a time) until you have formed a semi-circle and that each end is now pointing in its original direction. Do this to the other end as well. Now you have made the tool.

Grab two stemmed wine glasses and a 750 ml wine bottle. Place the circle of the tool you just made over the neck of the wine bottle. Place the stem of the wine glass (with the glass upside down and the footing of the glass above the hooks) inside the hook of the tool and let the glass hang. Do the same to the other glass to the other hook.

Now take the glasses off of the hooks and turn them upside down from where they just were (so the bowl of the glass can be filled) and now you have a functional glass holder so one can stick the bottom of the bottle in the sand and have the wineglasses not touch the sand at all.

Take apart the entire set up and get a champagne bottle (or a bottle with a larger neck) and some stemmed champagne glasses. Adjust the toll by pushing in the arms and the hooks at the same time. The diameter of the center will increase in size so it will fit over the neck of the champagne bottle. Place the tool on the bottle, place the champagne glasses (the same way as the wine glasses the first time) and let them hang. Walk around with the bottle and the glasses. See how easy it is? If you need to adjust the stem fitting press in or pull out the hooks.

The making of this tool can be by hand however, a machine can be fashioned to do any and all tasks described and related to manufacture. Molds can also be made of the tool and used, especially For more precious and expensive metals or rubber.

This invention is unique because there has been nothing like it ever made. It is also unique for its versatility and adjustability as well as its simplicity in design and cost. The tool can be decorated, painted or increased in length and diameter as well.