Diamond clears gemstone parcel paper
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The nature of the technical disclosure show the three separate sheets of Gemstone parcel paper bonded at the edge of a plastic window, which is placed relatively in the center of a unfolded three ply gemstone paper.

Weinstein, Leonard Mark (Las Vegas, NV, US)
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Leonard Mark Weinstein (Las Vegas, NV, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is a new style of gemstone parcel paper with a clear plastic window to reduce viewing time of gemstone inventories as much as 80% of the current time it takes to review gemstones.



The invention titled Diamond Clears is a gemstone parcel paper consisting of three separate and exact cut papers with a clear plastic view port which all three bond together at the edge of the view port using any standard heat bonding process that allows plastic to be bonded to paper when folded to the gemstone industry accepted five-fold envelope, the plastic window is covered by a single outside fold thus allowing both privacy and quick viewing access according to need at the time.

The manufacturing process is as follows: Three sheets of paper

(1) First Sheet is 157.50 mm×188 mm Square

(2) Second Sheet is 186 mm×153 mm Square

(3) Third Sheet is 186 mm×153 mm Square

A rectangle open window is cut on each/all of the sheets, the window on sheet one is 66 mm×31 mm being 45.74 mm for each edge of the paper to the 31 mm side and 87 mm from this 45.75 mm side to edges of paper and 70 mm from opposite side of window to the edge of the paper. The rectangle window is as viewed is thus slightly off center each respective sheet of paper. When all three sheets are overlaid and aligned to the window cut in each, then a one 2.0 mm thick clear plastic window measure 35 mm×70 mm will be heated/glued bonded to all three at windows edge. Thus all said sheets will be bonded together at the window edge.