Toilet paper and toilet plunger utility stand
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The Toilet Paper and Toilet Plunger Utility Stand permits the convenient storage of a toilet plunger and additional rolls of toilet paper within the bathroom, yet is non conspicuous. The Stand can be used for other purposes as well; such as, a toilet roll dispenser, displaying bathroom items, supporting a vase of flowers, etc.

Rosh, Melvin S. (New York, NY, US)
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1. The Ornamental design for a toilet paper and toilet plunger utility stand, as shown and described.



This ornamental invention for a TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND is designed to be able to store rolls of toilet paper and a toilet plunger in the bathroom without being obtrusive. In addition, the utility stand that encloses these items is compactly designed and can complement the bathroom decor.

The need for additional toilet paper or the use of a toilet plunger can be an embarrassing situation, especially for the guest, whether they are in a private home, a Bed and Breakfast Inn, a motel, hotel or hospital, etc. Hidden in the utility stand are the desired items.

While there has been shown and described a preferred embodiment of the TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND, it is understood that changes in structure, materials, sizes and shapes can be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the invention. The invention is defined in the following claims:

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A TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND is designed to hide from view additional rolls of toilet paper and a toilet plunger. This unit is designed to be placed in the bathroom, where the items it contains are easily accessible to the needy person.


The UTILITY STAND can be shaped circular (all FIG. A's) or square (all FIG. B's) or other shapes not depicted. Three main components comprise the UTILITY STAND: (1) The BASE, (2) the middle section or BODY and (3) the top or CAP. Each component can be curricular, square or assume other shapes

The circular CAP is depicted in FIG. A1. Alternate circular CAPS are depicted in A2, A3 and A4. The square shaped CAP is shown in FIG. B1. Alternate square CAPS are depicted in B2, B3 and B4. A small decorative handle can be found on opposite sides of the CAP, except FIGS. A2 and B2, which have a knob handle positioned on the top of the CAP. FIGS. A1 and B1 CAPS have flat tops. FIGS. A3 and B3 CAPS have a projection to hold a toilet paper roll to be used in place of a wall fixture and FIGS. A4 and B4 CAPS have flat tops with a decorative rim, so objects placed on the top of the CAP will tend not to fall off.

The BODY is also shown circular (FIG. A5) or square (FIG. B5). A dividing partition with a center hole is found 8 inches from the bottom. The wood handle of the toilet plunger fits through the two inch hole, the rubber part of the plunger being inserted at the bottom of the BODY. Toilet paper rolls are placed over the wood handle of the plunger above the dividing partition Decorative handles are also found on the opposite sides of the BODY.

The BASE is also depicted circular (FIG. A6, A7, A8) or square (FIG. B6, B7, B8). The BODY fits onto the BASE.

A COMPOSITE schematization (A9) of a circular TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND is shown. The complement square schematization is not drawn The rubber portion of the plunger is inserted in the bottom of the BODY. Toilet paper rolls fit over the shaft of the plunder in the top portion of the BODY. With the CAP and BASE in place, the TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND unit is complete.


Referring to FIG. A9, the TOILET PAPER AND TOILET PLUNGER UTILITY STAND is composed of three parts. (1) CAP (2) BODY and (3) BASE. A partition with a hole in its center is located in the lower third of the base. The hole is large enough to allow the shaft of the toilet plunger to pass through. The bottom of the toilet plunger sits in the lower third compartment of the Body. Toilet paper rolls are lined up on the pole of the plunger. To remove a roll of toilet paper, the CAP is removed, using the CAP's handles (FIGS. A1, A3, A4) or top knob (FIG. A2). The toilet plunger is removed by lifting up the BODY section, using the two BODY handles, off the BASE.

Following usage, the BODY fits over the plunger and additional toilet paper rolls can be replaced in the top section of the BODY. CAP and BASE are replaced.

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