Toilet vacuum ventilator
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This is how the Toilet Ventilator works. First turn on switch. It's located next to the light switch. Once you do that the 12 volts vacuum comes on. It will start pulling the odor through a 7 air chamber that is located inside the seat. The odor will travel through two plastic tubes that runs through the wall and goes straight to the vacuum. The vacuum will pull all the odor air out of the bathroom into the atmosphere. When the odor smell is gone, turn switch off to stop vacuum.

Jones, Victor Lynn (Albany, GA, US)
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Victor L. Jones (Albany, GA, US)
I claim:

1. Toilet Ventilator is a vacuum that draws ordor and air through the vacuum to make clean air.

I claim one day while sitting on the toilet I said there has to be a better way to make the smell go away. First I looked up at the ceiling ventilator and said to myself, it is too far away from the bad smell. So I started thinking how I could get closer to the bad smell. I looked down at the toilet and I said to myself, I can run an air vent from the toilet seat to a plastic tube through the wall and have a vacuum to pull all the bad smell in the air through the wall to the outside. But believe it or not, the hardest thing about the invention was how I was going to get it to cut on and off. First, I said, I could put a button on top of the toilet rim. When someone sits on it, the vacuum would turn on and when they got up, it would turn off. But, I said, what if the toilet flooded and water got inside the electric button, water and electricity don't mix? So I decided to put the switch beside the light switch. When I come in to use the toilet, cut it on, when I was finished, cut it off.

FIG. 1: This is the switch that turn's it on and off.

FIG. 2: This is the vacuum lines it sets inside the toilet seat. It consist of 7 lines all coming together in the two plastic tubes that connect to the 12 volt vacuum.

FIG. 3: This is to plastic tubes, running from the toilet threw the 12 volt vacuum threw the wall. This tube is there so all the bad odor travel threw it.

FIG. 4: This rubber washer sets on top of the rim of the toilet. It has a hole in the center of it. That is where the bad odor travel threw. It also was put there when the toilet flood water can't get in the vacuum hose.

FIG. 5: This is a 12 volt vacuum. It pull all the bad odor out of the toilet threw the plastic tubes an out the house.

This is the steps to how my invention works.

Step 1: Turn on the switch. It's located on the wall right beside the light switch. This switch turns on the power to the 12 volts vacuum.

Step 2: Once you sit down and start using the bathroom

Step 3: The vacuum will steady pull smelly air threw the 7 air chamber that is located in the toilet set. Once it pass threw the toilet seat it travels threw two plastic tubes that runs threw the wall and goes straight to the vacuum. The vacuum pulls all the bad odor air out of the bathroom.

Step 4: When you are finished simply stand up and turn switch to off.