Over the shoulder plastic water bottle carrier
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The objective of this invention is to provide a process whereby an individual may carry a plastic water bottle without having to hold it in their hand.

Mailliard, James Bryan (La Crescenta, CA, US)
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A45F5/00; A45F3/14
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James B. Mailliard (La Crescenta, CA, US)
What is claimed is:

1. A plastic water bottle carrier device that provides a cord which hangs on a person's shoulder or around the person's neck. At the end of the cord is a double loop which when secured by a cord lock holds the bottle tightly. The double loop is attached under the plastic rim directly under the bottle cap.

The proposed invention relates to an over the shoulder plastic water bottle carrier. The components of the bottle carrier are as follows:

1. A cord lock with two holes.

2. Nylon cord used for strength.

3. Knot in end of nylon cord.

The nylon cord loops thru the cord lock in such a manner as to provide two loops to hold the bottle. This required two loop process locks the nylon cord securely around the bottle when the cord lock is cinched up snuggly against the bottle neck under the plastic rim. The two ends of the nylon cord are then tied together in a simple knot to complete the assembly of the bottle carrier. The individual then inserts a bottle of water through the loops and cinches the cord lock snuggly to the bottle neck under the plastic rim. The next step is to hang the cord as desired on shoulder or around neck to carry the bottle with your hands free.

The invention will work with any plastic bottle juice, soda, water, etc. that has a plastic rim underneath the bottle cap. It will also work with various sizes from small up to 2 liters. The basic assembly process does not change, however, different weights of nylon cord and different sizes of cord locks may be used to achieve the same result.


FIG. 1: is a perspective view of the overall invention 10

FIG. 2: is a perspective view of the overall invention 10 shown on a water bottle 22.

FIG. 3: is a plan view of the invention 10 shown in use, with a person carrying a water bottle 22 over the shoulder.

FIG. 4: is a plan view of an alternate use of the invention 10 shown with a person carrying a water bottle 22 around the neck.


10: is the overall invention of an over the shoulder plastic water bottle carrier. The invention 10 is a simple nylon cord 14 that makes use of a cord lock 12 at the loop end and is tied off at the other end. A double loop 18 is fed thru the cord lock 12 at the loop end and tied off at the other end. The double loop is placed over the water bottle rim 24 and the cord lock 12 is tightened down. A person drapes the cord 14 over there shoulder or over there head.

  • 12: is the cord lock.
  • 14: is the nylon cord.
  • 16: is the nylon cord 14 tied into a knot.
  • 18: is the double loop.
  • 20: are the holes in the cord lock.
  • 22: is a water bottle.
  • 24: is the plastic rim on the water bottle.
  • 26: is a person using the invention 10.