Washable fabric made food container
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An easy to store pouch (bag) with oil cloth outer layer and cotton lining that will come in different sizes, shapes and colors and is washable. The top of the pouch (bag) can be tighten easily when needed, to store perishable food in the fridge for a longer period of time than usual.

Koopah, Samar Asefi (Lafayette, CA, US)
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383/71, 383/72, 383/75, 383/117
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B65D30/08; B65D30/04; B65D33/16; B65D33/28
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Samar Asefi Koopah (Lafayette, CA, US)
What is claimed is:

1. A way to store vegetables and produce in a fabric-made container (pouch) which is washable and is made of an oil cloth outer layer and a cotton lining.

2. At the top of the pouch, there is a strap that goes around the pouch to tighten the pouch whenever needed.



There are many food containers available in the market but this particular bag offers something different. It is very light weighed pouch. It is made from oil cloth outer layer and cotton lining. Both oil cloth cover and cotton lining are washable and keep fruits, vegetable, produce and other perishable food fresh in the fridge for a lot longer period of time than normal.


The pouch that comes in different sizes is an excellent container for fruits, vegetables and produce for a longer period of time than usual. It is easy to use and easy to clean because it is washable. You can use it for as many times as you wish and it would be as good as new. It makes your refrigerator look nicer and cleaner.


FIG 1. And Pic 1. Are perspective views of the pouch looking at its oil cloth outer layer.

FIG. 2. And Pic 2. Are perspective views of lining of the pouch (bag) which is made of cotton fabric.

FIG. 3. PIC 3. are the pouch (bag) in tighten position when the strap is pulled

Arrow # 10 refers to the opening of the pouch.

Arrow #11 refers to the sides of the pouch that are sewed together.

Arrow #12 refers to the strap that goes around the pouch.

Arrow #13 refers to the tunnel space for the strap to go around.

Arrow #14 refers to the sewed area of the tunnel #13 to both outer and inner layer.

Arrow #15 is the lace for the top of the bag.

Arrow #16 floral pattern of the oil cloth.


In the description herein, specific details are provided, such as examples of components and methods, to provide a thorough understanding of the embodiment of the present invention.

Referring in detail now to the figures, FIG. 1 and Pic 1. The top view of the pouch (bag) looking at the oil cloth of the bag. #10 is the opening of the pouch (bag). #11 sides of the pouch (bag) that are sewed together (both the plastic and cotton layers) to make the pouch (bag). #12 is the strap that circles around the pouch (bag) in a tunnel shaped space # 13. # 13 is sewed to both cotton fabric and oil cloth at #14 which goes all around the pouch (bag). Area of #15 is the lace that is sewed to the bag just for the looks of it. Arrow #16 refers to the floral design or patterns of the plastic cover. FIG. 2. Is the pouch inside out looking at the cotton fabric. #11 is also the area which the oil cloth cover and the cotton lining are sewed together. #13 again is the tunnel shape space for the strap to go around. FIG. 3. Is the pouch in it's tighten position (when the straps are pulled). This pouch is very light weight by itself. Since it can be folded like cloth, it is easy to store many of them in a single drawer unlike plastic containers (i.e.: top over). Both oil cloth outer layer (oil cloth is a kind of plastic fabric that has different patterns and designs and you can find it in any fabric store) and cotton lining are sewed together on tree sides in order to fabricate the pouch(bag) and they are both washable. It can come in different sizes, shapes and colors. It is a great way to store vegetables, fruits, produce and other perishable items fresh for a longer period of time than just leaving them in the refrigerator. Pull the strap and it would tighten the top of the pouch and closes it (FIG. 3). When tightened, the plastic-fabric outer layer will prevent the smell or the oder of the contents of the pouch from spreading in the fridge. The cotton lining will absorb the extra moisture from the content, so now we have a humid environment that allows the material to stay fresh for a longer period of time as opposed to a regular plastic bag (i.e.: zip lock). You can wash and reuse the bag for as many times as you wish. The shape of the bag can be square, rectangular and/or any other form as long as it can serve its purpose. It can also come in different colors and patterns (#16) of the oil cloth cover. The opening of the pouch can be elaborated as seen on the figures and pictures with lace (#15) or other fancy material so it would look pretty. You can have as many pouches as you wish and enjoy the freshness of your fruits and produce at any time without having a smelly fridge and smelly food.

Any arrows in the drawings/figures should be considered only as exemplary, and not limiting, unless otherwise specifically noted. Furthermore, the term “or” as used herein is generally intended to mean “and/or” unless otherwise indicated. Combinations of components or steps will also be considered as being noted, where terminology is foreseen as rendering the ability to separate or combine is unclear.

As used in the description herein, “a”, “an”, and “the” includes plural references unless the context clearly dictates otherwise. Also, as used in the description herein the meaning of “in”, includes “in” and “on” unless the context clearly dictates otherwise. Also the terms “bag” and “pouch” can be used interchangeably.

The foregoing description of illustrated embodiments of the present invention, including what is described in the abstract, is not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the invention to the precise forms disclosed herein. While specific embodiments of, and examples for, the invention are described herein for illustrative purposes only, various equivalent modifications are possible within the spirit and scope of the present invention, as those skilled in the relevant art will recognize and appreciate. As indicated, these modifications may be made to the present invention in light of the foregoing description of the illustrated embodiments of the present invention and are to be included within the spirit and the scope of the present invention.

Therefore, while the present invention has been described herein with reference to the particular embodiments thereof, a latitude of modification, various changes and substitutions are intended in the foregoing disclosures, and it will be appreciated that in some instances some features of the embodiment of the invention will be employed without the corresponding use of the other features without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention as set forth. Therefore, modifications may be made to adapt a particular situation or material to the essential scope and spirit of the present invention. It is intended that the invention not be limited to the particular terms used in following claims and/to the particular embodiment disclosed as the best mode contemplated for carrying out this invention, but that the invention will include any all embodiments and equivalents falling within the scope of the appended claims.