Trunk Mate Bumper Cover
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The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover is a device that lays folded and secured inside the trunk until needed.

It is used for covering the bumper of a vehicle when one needs to reach into the cargo space to place or retrieve items. It will protect the users clothing from being soiled as they contact the bumper with their legs. It will also allow for added back support during loading and unloading through the freedom to lean against the bumper and not consequently soil the clothes. It is also designed to protect the interior floor and edge of the cargo space from soiling and scratching when loading potentially soiled objects or heavy and abrasive objects, which may be dragged across the inner plastic edges of the cargo space. The device will be manufactured in various sizes beyond that which is stated in the attached diagram (FIG. 01), in order to complement the varied sizes of cargo spaces in motor vehicles. The components of the device are; centex material, vinyl edging material, brass grommets and ball-loop stretch cords or other reasonable fastening components.

Brayshaw, James Richard (Saskatoon, CA)
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The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows:

1. A protective deployable bumper cover that is placed on the floor of an automobile cargo space or trunk that is; designed to prevent the transfer of soil or other contaminants, which may settle on the bumper area of a vehicle, onto the clothing of a person loading or unloading cargo from the trunk or cargo space of the vehicle. designed to protect the floor covering of a trunk or cargo space in a vehicle from soiling or contaminants which may be introduced into the trunk or cargo space via the placement of an item or object into the trunk or cargo space. designed to protect the plastic or painted components or moldings that are bordering the inner and outer wall of the rear of the trunk or cargo space from scratches and abrasions. The said space is considered the area first passed across when reaching in or loading items from the rear of the vehicle. designed to aid the user in avoiding potential back or shoulder strain. This is accomplished through use of the device allowing the user to lean against the bumper, without concern for soiling their clothing, for support and stabilization of their body when loading or unloading cargo. designed to be quickly removed from the trunk or cargo space to be used as a ground cover to protect the user from soiling their clothing in the event the user must engage in emergency automobile repair, tire removal or inspection of the lower areas or undercarriage of their automobile. The device can then be folded in the accordion manner and placed back in the trunk or cargo space of the vehicle with the soiled side folded against itself, therefore maintaining the clean side of the device. designed to be secured inside the trunk or cargo space of a vehicle, positioned in an accordion fold format while not deployed.

2. A protective deployable bumper cover which is designed essentially with; a polygonal shape a medium weight, tear and puncture resistant material a water proof material a pliable material able to maintain an accordion fold as said in claim 1 cords to grasp for deployment components used for securing the device to the inside of the trunk or cargo space water proof edging stitched around the entire device grommets placed near the top and bottom edges and placed proximal to the corners of the device which are used for attaching the grasping handles as outlined in claim 2 and for attaching components for securing the device to the inside of the trunk or cargo space as outlined in claim 2 above vinyl edging stitched around the entire device.

3. A protective deployable bumper cover that is polygonal in shape, as stated in claim 2, comprising of; an accordion fold design so as to maintain the device with a continual clean side which does not come in contact with the soiled side upon replacing the device in its accordion folded manner, after it has been deployed and potentially soiled on one side handles to grasp for deployment as outlined in claim 2 number components attached to the device designed to secure it to the inside of the trunk or cargo space so as to allow the device to remain affixed to the inside of the trunk or cargo space when the device is deployed. a shape which is designed to cover the majority of the area of the trunk or cargo space edge when deployed



Field of the Invention

The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover is related to the field of automotive accessories. Accessories such as cup holders, seat covers, steering wheel covers, add on pockets and pouches as well as many other products intended to enhance automotive cleanliness, convenience and comfort.


The attached drawings and pictures, FIG. 01 and photographs, are intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the size, design, construction, components and characteristics of the Trunkmate Bumper Cover.

FIG. 01 Trunk Mate Bumper Cover

1—Main Body—A polygonal shaped, centex mat, with a top edge measurement of 80 centimeters a bottom edge measurement of 71.5 centimeters. The sides are equal in measurement and are 84 centimeters. The sides are cut with a gentle in-out-in-out-in curve.

2—The accordion fold is designed to keep the dirty side of the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover from being folded against the clean side of the Trunkmate Bumper Cover when it is placed inside the trunk in its, folded and stored state. The dotted lines on the drawing indicate the accordion fold. It allows the device to be folded on itself.

3—The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover is completely edged with a ¾-inch double fold vinyl.

4—There are grommets inserted at two points along the top edge, approximately six inches from the corners and at two points on the bottom edge approximately 2 inches from the corners.

5—The grommets have a ball loop stretch cord affixed to them as one means of securing the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover to the inside of the trunk or cargo area.

NOTE: Please see enclosed photographs of the deployed and non-deployed Trunk Mate Bumper Cover.


How Is This Invention New and Different

Many products are available to automobile owners and users to protect their clothing and often to protect their health, as is related to back strain, from body position while driving or riding in a motor vehicle. The Trunkmate Bumper cover is a new concept, designed to prevent a user's clothing from becoming soiled when leaning into the trunk, cargo or hatch area of their vehicle. Many automobile owners use the trunk or cargo area of their vehicle daily and are often brushing their clothing up against the bumper and soiling the knee and or thigh area of their clothing particularly while their vehicle has a soiled bumper. Many persons who have had a back injury or presently have a back injury will be able to identify with the need to support themselves by leaning against or kneeling on the bumper when they are retrieving goods or items from the trunk or cargo area of their automobile. For this reason, the Trunkmate Bumper Cover will be a valuable aid in protecting the user from straining their back unnecessarily when reaching into the cargo space or trunk of their automobile. The added support provided to the person bending over and reaching forward to grasp and lift even a small load, will enhance their potential to retain or to regain back health. This added support may aid in preventing an unwanted and un-needed back injury.

The Trunkmate Bumper Cover is an accordion folded, waterproof barrier, which is easily placed inside the trunk or cargo area of an automobile, folded in an accordion style and is pulled out to cover the bumper and the edging on the rear of the trunk. With the Trunkmate Bumper Cover in place over the bumper, the user will not soil the knee and thigh area of their clothing as they lean or rub against the automobile bumper.

The Trunkmate Bumper Cover can also be laid flat inside the trunk or cargo area when the user desires to place soiled cargo inside the cargo space or trunk and prefers not to soil the factory carpet or surface covering inside the trunk or cargo space. Ancillary benefit found in using the Trunkmate Bumper Cover is to separate layers of cargo if a bottom layer is clean and an upper layer is soiled or simply utilized for covering cargo as it sits in the trunk or cargo space. Another advantage of the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover is found in seeing how the durable centex material protects the inside molding and plastic edge of the trunk or cargo space when the cover is draped over the edge and bumper. Yet another use for the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover is to remove it from the trunk and place it on the ground when one is in a position where kneeling or lying beside or under the vehicle may be required to perform tire changes, minor repairs or inspection of the undercarriage of the vehicle.


The attached drawing, FIG. 01, shows the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover in an open position as if it were laid flat on a trunk floor or opened and covering a bumper. The shape and design of the device is seen in the drawing, as are the fastening holes and fastening device. Also provided are photographs that clearly show the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover in use.


The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover has many uses. For example, when a person is loading groceries in and out of the trunk or cargo area of their vehicle they would open the trunk, deploy the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover by unfolding it and draping it over their bumper area, and then proceed to load their groceries into their trunk or cargo space. While the user is leaning on the vehicle's bumper area or if the user inadvertently brushes their clothing against the bumper area, they will be protected from soiling their clothing, as well as being able to lean against the bumper thereby providing necessary support for their back. When the trunk is to be closed, the user simply lifts The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover back into the trunk and lowers it into its folded state where it remains, until deployment is necessary in the future.

Another example of use would be during the loading of an already soiled item. If for instance, a potted plant is transported or a gas can is taken to be filled at the gas station then returned home and used for lawnmower fueling, the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover will be useful for protecting the interior of the trunk from becoming soiled. The Trunk Mate Bumper Cover owner would lay the Trunk Mate Bumper Cover flat on the bottom of their trunk or cargo space and place the soiled cargo on top of the protective Trunk Mate Bumper Cover. Thereby protecting the carpeting in the trunk or cargo area from grease, dirt, or fuel that may be on the bottom of the gas can.