Gold stance laser alignment device
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The Golf stance laser alignment device is designed to aid any golfer to be more accurately aligned with their intended direction to a target for flight of a golf ball propelled by striking it with a golf club. The alignment device consists of a periscope sighting lens or view-finder attached to telescope of at least 5× power and a laser generated light line projected on the ground to indicate the accurate foot alignment to an intended target as seen through the sighting telescope. The laser has a diffraction optical element that converts a laser beam into a planar arc of light which when projected onto a surface, such as the ground, produces a laser line. The laser line provides the golfer's feet alignment to the target that is sighted through the periscope or view-finder that has been aimed towards a distant target. The laser will be of sufficient power to be used in all lighting conditions.

Korejwa, Jonstan Francizak (Syracuse, IN, US)
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Jonstan F. Korejwa (Syracuse, IN, US)
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1. The Golf stance laser alignment device is designed to aid any golfer to be more accurately aligned with their intended direction to a target for flight of a golf ball propelled by striking it with a golf club for the purpose of directing a golf ball in a more accurate direction as can be accomplished in an unaided fashion, comprised of: a periscope eyepiece or view-finder at one end of a monocular telescope of at least 5× power to which underneath is attached; the monocular telescope will have reference markings on a lens the will provide reference distances to a target; a battery powered diffused laser that projects a line of light in front of the golfer's feet toward the sighted target

2. The eyepiece, view-finder is able to swivel 360 degrees around one end of the monocular telescope to allow use by both right-handed and left-handed golfers and the device can be held in one hand during operation.

3. The laser is capable of projecting a visible line, on the ground in front of the golfer's feet, in all lighting conditions.



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FIG. 1—Side view shows the tubular shape of the spotting monocular telescope, the laser component and battery enclosure, and the swivel eyepiece viewfinder.

FIG. 2—Top view shows the line of sight path a golfer will have using the eyepiece viewfinder periscope's internal mirror. The eyepiece viewfinder can rotate 360 degrees.

FIG. 3—Sighted view shows what the golfer sees when looking into the eyepiece with target crosshairs.

FIG. 4—Bottom view shows the laser component and battery enclosure.


This invention was conceived when the patenting golfer realized he had not properly aligned himself with a drive on hole #4 of The Wawasee Golf Course in Indiana, in March of 2006. The golfer, Jonstan Francizak Korejwa, remarked to his playing partner, Mike Farmer of Benton, Indiana, that he could envision a sighting device as described herein.


Simply, this invention combines the capabilities of a sighting monocular telescope, a periscope eye-piece or view-finder, and a laser-light source. It is meant to be a palm-sized device similar to a compact-sized periscope monocular and measuring about 6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in diameter, and 2 inches in overall width to accommodate the periscope eye-piece or view-finder at one end. The golfer peers at their target through the eye-piece view-finder of the horizontal periscope, using the embedded cross-hairs to align his line of sight with the intended target. At the same time, the laser light solid line projection of the device is painting a visible line of reference on the surface in front of the golfer who can then more accurately align their feet to the intended target.