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A pillowcase containing a thin width eight-inch or eighteen-inch oblong fabric sack of lavender or soft lavender that-has a Velcro backing. The Velcro on the fabric sack is attached vertically to the Velcro sewn inside the pillowcase near the seam. A pillow is then inserted. The oblong fabric sack can be detached from the inside of the pillowcase during washing periods. After the, pillowcase is dried, the oblong fabric sack of lavender can be re-attached to the inside of the pillowcase. Refills of the fabric sack are available. The purpose of the lavender is to help calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Rosier, Regina Elizabeth (Jacksonville, FL, US)
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5/641, 5/951
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1. a) A standard 180 or 200 thread count pillowcase that has a detachable oblong fabric sack filled with lavender or soft lavender in side the pillowcase.

b) The oblong fabric sack is made from crepon sheer ivory fabric, and is eight inches long in the middle of the seam or can be the whole length of the seam, approximately eighteen inches long.

c) The oblong fabric sack has a Velcro part sewn down the middle, the fabric is folded and the sack is sewn down the side.

d) Before the sack is sewn completely shut, the lavender particles are poured into it, then that side is sewn shut.

e) The oblong fabric sack's Velcro side is matched up to the corresponding Velcro side inside the pillowcase and pressed firmly together.

f) The oblong fabric sack is attachable and detachable from the Velcro that is sewn along the middle of the inside seam of the pillowcase.

g) Some pillowcases will have either an eight-inch strip of Velcro or an eighteen-inch strip of Velcro for more lavender scent.

h) The pillowcase is then turned back right side up and a pillow is inserted into the case.



1. Field of the Invention

This invention of the pillowcase with an attached oblong fabric sack of lavender will help the patron relax when he lies on it. The lavender sack attached inside the pillowcase has a calming effect on the nervous system. Thereby aiding the person to relax and get a good night's sleep. The lavender also helps relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.

2. Description of the Prior Art

There currently are pillows that are filled with lavender and even though this aids in having a calming effect, the scent can be too strong and overbearing which can irritate the person's eyes or breathing. There are also scented sprays that can be used on the pillowcase but this can irritate a sensitive person's face. There aren't any pillowcases that contain a detachable lavender sack. If the lavender scent is a little too strong, the sack can be detached thereby leaving enough lavender scent in the pillowcase and on the pillow which can still aid in the overall calming effect process. This herb is also safe for pre-teens, although the soft lavender might be a better choice for them.


It is a pillowcase with a thin width, detachable oblong fabric sack of lavender or soft lavender that is attached to the Velcro sewn near the inside seam of the pillowcase. The oblong fabric sack can be detached when the pillowcase is cleaned. After the lavender loses the scent, the patron can purchase refills. This lavender scent aids in calming the nervous system. It helps relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia. And encourages calmness and serenity. It is also useful for respiratory problems.


FIG. 1 is an inside view of the pillowcase. Velcro is sewn alongside the seam with a distance of approximately one inch from each side of the pillowcase. This is either eight-inches or eighteen-inches long depending on the amount of lavender scent the patron requests.

FIG. 2 shows Velcro sewn down the middle of approximately two and a half inches of fabric width.

FIG. 3 shows fabric folded with Velcro inside cut at one inch out from the Velcro. It is sewn across at the top and down the side.

FIG. 4 shows lavender being inserted into the fabric sack.

FIG. 5 shows the oblong lavender sack sewn-shut.

FIG. 6 shows the oblong lavender sack being attached Velcro side down meeting the Velcro side up from the pillowcase.

These are pressed together. The pillowcase is turned right side out and the pillow i-s inserted touching the lavender sack.