Therapeutic Cosmetic Dispensing Device
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A cosmetic dispensing device with a reservoir to hold a supply of a cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparation. The preparation can be extruded from the reservoir to the surface of the device. The device further has a stimulator built-in. This stimulator supplies light, vibration, or electricity or any combination thereof to the user as the preparation is applied to the skin.

Rossen, Joel Stephen (Palm City, FL, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. A cosmetic dispensing device comprising a stimulation means and a power means.

2. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1 wherein said stimulation means comprises a light source.

3. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1 wherein said stimulation means comprises a vibrating motor.

4. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1 wherein said stimulation means comprises an electrical stimulation means.

5. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 2 wherein the stimulation means further comprises a vibrating motor.

6. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 2 wherein the stimulation means further comprises an electrical stimulation means.

7. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 5 wherein said stimulation means further comprises an electrical stimulation means.

8. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1, wherein said cosmetic dispensing device further comprises a cosmetic preparation reservoir.

9. Then cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1, wherein said reservoir is external to said device.

10. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1, wherein said reservoir is internal to said device.

11. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1 wherein said power means is an internal battery.

12. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 1 wherein said power means is an external power source.

13. The cosmetic dispensing device of claim 8 wherein said cosmetic dispensing device further comprises canals which lead from said reservoir to an aperture on a dispensing/massaging surface.



This invention claims priority to provisional application Ser. No. 60/818,098 filed Jun. 30, 2006. The background of the invention remains the same and reference is made to the previous application.


The subject of this patent application is a cosmetic dispensing device which also has therapeutic functions. The invention dispenses cosmetics and/or drugs through a ball or via apertures on the top of the device. The surface of the top of the device lights up to provide various frequencies of light, and sometimes heat, to mammalian skin. Microcurrent stimulation can also be directed to the skin via an electrically conductive cosmetic or drug. The entire device can be made to vibrate.

Throughout this application, the word cosmetic shall be used to mean any cosmetic, drug, fluid, or other material or contents that might possibly be dispensed from such a device.

In the medical and beauty industry, many devices are available for the purpose of packaging and delivering cosmetics. In many cases, the cosmetics in the packages are applied to mammalian skin and then these cosmetics are massaged on and into the skin using mechanical massagers, light stimulators, heating devices, and electricity.

Many new medical and cosmetic devices have been introduced in the past 20-30 years. These include various light stimulators, electrical stimulators, vibrating light stimulators and vibrating electrical stimulators and heated light stimulators, such as the infrared variety. These devices are used for many purposes including beauty treatments and pain management.

Most of these devices require conductive gels and solutions as interface between man and machine. The beauty devices use creams and gels and the electrical devices use conductive creams and gels. These creams and gels are generally purchased separately from the devices.

This subject of the invention is a cosmetic or drug dispensing device which contains a cosmetic applying ball or roller or a surface with apertures which permit the these cosmetics to migrate to the surface of the device, generally via apertures or a roller ball in the top of the device. The invention has a compartment to maintain a reservoir of the cosmetic. The cosmetic can be applied to the skin without opening the reservoir by decreasing the space where the cosmetic is stored to force it to an applicator surface.

In addition, the invention includes a power means or a plurality of power means, such as a battery or batteries, and any combination of one or more of the following: a light stimulation means; an electrical stimulation means; and a vibrating means, such as an electric motor which can cause the entire device to vibrate. The light stimulation means can generate light at any light frequency including the entire visible and invisible spectrum. Hence, the device might put out a cold blue or red light or it might provide a warm infrared light for heated massaging purposes.

The invention can be sealed in such a way that it cannot be refilled and functions as a one time use device or it may have disposable cartridges that allow the choice of a plurality of contents. The device can be manufactured with a simple cosmetic reservoir which allows it to be refilled or it can be manufactured with a complex or proprietary cartridge which makes it difficult to use with cosmetics that are not supplied in the proprietary cartridge, like with an inkjet printer.

The invention can be sealed in such a way that it cannot be refilled and functions as a one time use device or it may have disposable cartridges that allow the choice of a plurality of contents. The device can be manufactured with a simple cosmetic reservoir which allows it to be refilled or it can be manufactured with a complex or proprietary cartridge which makes it difficult to use with cosmetics that are not supplied in the proprietary cartridge, like with an inkjet printer.

One embodiment of the invention has a dispensing head, such as a roller, which may be a ball shaped apparatus, similar to the roller balls which are well-known for dispensing liquid underarm deodorant. Although round or oval is the preferred shape, the device is not shape-limited and any shape capable of dispensing a fluid or gel or cosmetic of other consistency is foreseen as a potential embodiment of the device.

The roller is made of a clear, colored, or translucent material and contains at least one light source, typically an LED, which provide any one or more color of many colors. The roller may be of a hard substance such as plastic or glass or of a substance which is of a softer nature such as foam or a sponge.

Although an embodiment of the invention is disclosed below that includes a roller ball with a self-contained fully powered lighting system, the roller is captured within an aperture in the top of the dispensing container and rotates on a non-complete axel which is composed of an electrically conductive material which is capable of carrying current to and away from a light emitting electronic component such as an LED or a fiber-optic material that can carry light to the ball. The non-complete axel typically is a conductive rod of metal or other conductive material which has sufficient rigidity such that the ball can rotate on the axel around a center and has sufficient conductivity such that an electrical or electronic component within the ball, such as an LED can be powered by current passing through said axel. Alternatively, such axel may comprise a material such as a fiber-optic tube which is capable of transmitting light into the ball from a distant part of the device or it might be a stiff tube through which passes a wire to supply the led(s) with power. Alternatively to the current being supplied to the led via the axel, the self-contained the led module embodiment, would include a battery and could be fully contained within the dispensing head. This embodiment also contains a motion activated switch, also contained within the dispensing head led module, which could turn the light or lights on for a predetermined amount of time when activated by the device's movement.

Motion sensing switches, such as those referenced in paragraph 1 3 are common in the marketplace and any appropriate motion sensing switch could be employed.

If the device has an absorbent foam or sponge dispensing head, said head need not be mobile as its purpose is simply to move cosmetic from the storage-compartment to the skin of the user or patient, but it would comprise materials that are clear or translucent to allow light to reach the subject.

The expected use of the invention is for a single consumer to apply cosmetic to skin and to massage the skin and underlying muscles simultaneously. Although the most common embodiment of the device is small and portable and comprises an internal power means, a similar device, running on an external power source such as ac wall power, possibly for institutional use, is foreseen and falls within the scope of the invention.

The invention can be sealed in such a way that it cannot be refilled and functions as a one time use device or it may have disposable cartridges that allow the choice of a plurality of contents. The device can be manufactured with a simple cosmetic reservoir which allows it to be refilled or it can be manufactured with a complex or proprietary cartridge which makes it difficult to use with cosmetics that are not supplied in the proprietary cartridge, like with an inkjet printer.

Methods of preventing re-use of the cartridge are varied and are not the subject of this application.

Such a device could dispense cosmetics, such as, but not limited to, facial creams, or it could be used to dispense drugs, such as, and again not limited to, cortico-steroids or liquid aspirin.

The primary purpose of this device is to dispense light and/or electricity and/or vibratory massage synchronously with the dispensing of a cosmetic or therapeutic liquid or cream. By dispensing light along with the fluid, there are numerous possible benefits. Certain frequencies of light increase healing and have even been said to have curative powers in certain diseases. By dispensing light or electricity or vibratory massage in conjunction with a cosmetic, the curative or restorative powers of each could be increased via a mutual synergistic effect.

It is also forseen that the invention could be used to dispense a drug or a cosmetic preparation that could be dormant when it is contained in the reservoir, but then might be activated by vibration, electricity or light as it is applied. For example, numerous chemical reactions are known that are activated by light and by electricity.

A further embodiment of the device would contain an eccentric motor which would vibrate the entire device. When the device was used to apply cosmetics, such a vibration would enhance the application of the cosmetic and would tend to soothe and relax the skin and the underlying musculature, hence having an enhanced therapeutic effect.

A further embodiment of the device would supply an electrical current, such as microcurrent, to the dispenser head of the device. This embodiment could have the above described vibrator included or excluded and still would remain within the scope of the invention. In the embodiment that includes the current to the dispenser head, the bottom or sides of the device, where the device is held by the hand while it is being used, would be of a conductive material that would constitute one pole of the stimulation. The second pole or terminal would be at the head of the device. Current passed into the surface of the dispensing head would travel pass through the cosmetic media into the skin that is being treated and would be grounded by the opposite terminal being part of the lower surface of the device. En example of the specific current that might be used can be found in this inventor's previous U.S. Pat. No. 4,989,605.

In essence, the invention is a device that has an attached or internal reservoir of a pharmaceutical or a cosmetic formulation of any kind plus any combination of light and/or vibration and/or electricity.

One embodiment of the device includes specially constructed LEDS with the LED packages (the glass or plastic that surrounds the diode) such that said led package has one or more through and through apertures such that a fluid or viscous material such as a cosmetic might be forced, under minimal pressure, from the cosmetic reservoir compartment, through said apertures, such that said cosmetic could be dispensed to contact the skin during the treatment. Although this embodiment is shown as the preferred embodiment, the apertures which conduct the cosmetic to the skin need not be in the body of the leds and may be anywhere in the head of the device without deviating from the intended scope of the invention. It is also within the scope of the invention to include a method of releasing a calibrated quantity of cosmetic via a control such as the ratchet steps described below. Because each tooth could be accurately sized to permit the squisher plate to move a very precise distance with each click, controlling the cosmetic output would be very easy to do with this device. Alternatively, a platform under the cartridge with a screw threaded handle on the bottom capable would be capable of pushing the platform against the cartridge with a pre-determined output for each revolution of the handle or, if ratcheted, for each click of the handle. In this way, one could easily predict the number of uses one could expect from a cartridge of a given size.

It is foreseen that the invention might serve as a packaging concept for certain drugs and cosmetics by increasing the cosmetics usefulness right off the shelf and by helping a manufacturer keep market share by have the invention be non-refillable or refillable only with propriety cartridges. In this document, the refillable container is known as the cartridge and the compartment in which it contains a drug or cosmetic is called the reservoir.

One method of providing such a configuration would be to have sealed pouches of the cosmetic that could be inserted through the open bottom. Small puncturing devices, similar to hollow hypodermic needles inside the body of the device would puncture the pouch. Via these punctures the cosmetic could then travel through holes in the leds or through holes in the face of the device to the outside surface, where the contents could come in contact with the skin. Then a threaded or ratcheted plate, known below as the squisher plate, beneath the pouch, could be manipulated, as needed, to incrementally decrease the size of the storage compartment, thus pushing the cosmetic out through the apertures in the leds to contact the skin. A similar outcome could be accomplished if the apertures were in either the top surface of the device or in the LEDS.

Another method of providing such a configuration would be to have an internal female threaded port with a thread like the top of a toothpaste tube. Of course, the threaded port could be any size and could accept small or large tube of cosmetic. Additionally, using the same concept, the cap and the tube might have proprietary shapes to prevent competitive products from being used with the device.

In addition, an embodiment of the cartridge shows a current transfer plate. A simple reconfiguration of the device to make the current transfer plate mesh with the ratchet steps would permit elimination of the squisher plate because the current transfer place could serve the dual functions of current transfer and cartridge squishing.

Causing leds to light and causing a motor to turn is a simple process requiring only that adequate current and voltage of the correct polarity be supplied to the terminals of those devices. The correct wiring of such a device would be obvious to any person familiar with led and motor technology. The conduits to carry such current are also obvious. The conduit of choice for the led leads would be through the walls of the body of the device. A direct connection through an on/off switch or a motion activated switch would be the obvious choice for connecting the battery to the motor. A capacitor across the terminals of the motor might be necessary and a certain amount of resistance might be required in the leads supplying current to the LEDS. All of these details would be dependent upon the specific needs of the leds and the motors. Proper circuit design for running the leds and motors would be obvious to one skilled in the art and need not be elucidated herein.


The device is a cosmetic dispenser that dispenses product directly onto the skin on a person via a dispensing head. The dispensing head is lighted to shine light on the skin and it also can have a vibrating means, such as an eccentric weight motor to cause the device to vibrate and massage the preparation into the skin. Additionally, the device can also be fitted with an electrical stimulation means to supply electricity as well as light to the skin of the user.


Novelty of the Invention

Although self-lubricating sexual massagers have been described, none has been described which also contain the ability to also provide either light or heat or electrical stimulation to the skin while being used to provide the liquid contents to the subject. The invention has lighted ball with a self-contained power supply. Although lighted balls with self-contained power supplies are available as toys, none has ever been described to be used as part of a system for applying cosmetic preparations to skin.

Devices for supplying light and massage and heat to the skin have been available for many years, but no device supplying light and massage and heat and cosmetic preparations from an attached reservoir has been described.

Devices for supplying the skin with electricity and mechanical vibration have been in the marketplace for many years. None of these devices have an attached or internal reservoir of any cosmetic preparation or of any electrically interfacing gel which can be dispensed as the device is being used for its stimulating functions.

An embodiment of the device is foreseen wherein the cosmetic cartridges are provided each with its own lighted roller ball or lighted dispensing surface. With this embodiment, one could rapidly change the contents being dispensed by simply changing the cartridge. No cleanup would be necessary because the component which has cosmetic preparation on is dispensing ball and in its dispensing apertures would be changed when the cartridge is changed.

No citations exist in the prior art that have the above combination of functions and can have the contents changed rapidly from one cosmetic preparation or drug to another by changing a cartridge.

Parts List

Parts list:

  • 1. Dispensing/massaging surface
  • 2. Dispensing ball
  • 3. Reservoir tank

3a Reservoir compartment

  • 4. battery
  • 5. Motor
  • 6. Eccentric weight
  • 7. Light Emitting diode (or other light source)
  • 8. bottom
  • 9. LED assembly—including motion activated switch, timer, led, and battery.
  • 10. Hollow dispensing ball
  • 11. Ball with internal LED Assembly.
  • 12. Ball aperture
  • 13. Internal reservoir bottom
  • 14. Ball half1
  • 15. Ball half2
  • 16. Puncture tube
  • 17. LED lead
  • 18. Cosmetic dispensing aperture
  • 19. Squisher knob
  • 20. Squisher plate
  • 21. Ratchet steps
  • 22. Squisher track
  • 23. Teeth of Ratchet steps
  • 24. Tooth of squisher assembly
  • 25. Squisher assembly
  • 26. Cosmetic cartridge
  • 27. Tympanic membrane
  • 28. Conductive base
  • 29. Microcurrent circuit
  • 30. microcurrent stimulator lead 1
  • 31. microcurrent stimulator lead 2
  • 32. power input lead to microcurrent circuit from battery
  • 33. power return lead to battery from microcurrent circuit
  • 34. Power lead from battery to motor
  • 35. Power return to battery from motor
  • 36. Current transfer plate
  • 37. Current transfer needle
  • 38. Positive current to the leds
  • 39. Current return from the leds
  • 40. Outside threads
  • 41. Inside threads
  • 42. Bottom or vibrator motor compartment
  • 43. LED/Massager head assembly
  • 44. Canals from the reservoir to the cosmetic dispensing surface


FIG. 1 shows the device is a simple configuration. It is a hollow container with a captive dispensing ball, similar to the cosmetic dispensing balls found in the well known underarm deodorant dispensers. When the container is inverted and cosmetic material comes in contact with the ball on the inside of the bottle, the cosmetic material adheres to the ball and, when the ball rotates, still covered with the cosmetic and then the ball comes in contact with an object, usually skin, the cosmetic is transferred to the skin. In this case, the ball 1 is hollow and contains an led assembly. The led assembly comprises a power source, typically a battery, one or a plurality of lit emitting components, typically LEDs, a switch that can activate the lighting circuit via motion and a timer that keeps the circuit active for a pre-determined period of time once activated.

The bottom 8 may screw in place and may be removable such that the cosmetic can be replaced once depleted or it might be glued or locked in place to create a disposable vessel that cannot be refilled.

FIG. 2 shows the embodiment of FIG. 1 in an exploded view. In FIG. 1, the invention comprises a hollow ball assembly 11 with further comprises a hollow ball 1 which further comprises an unseen internal led assembly. An internal reservoir bottom 13 is shown which can be removed to refill the reservoir. This internal bottom 1 3 is an optional component. The bottom 8 is shown separate from the reservoir and may be permanently or removably attached.

FIG. 3 is an oblique bottom view of FIG. 2. In this view, the reservoir 3 can be seen.

FIG. 4 shows the dispensing ball assembly 11 comprising 2 dispensing ball halves 14, 15 and the LED assembly apparatus 9 which comprises a light source and a power source and a timer and a motion activated switch.

FIG. 5 shows an exploded view of the invention. It is shown here without a current stimulator and without wiring. The motor wiring and the led wiring of FIG. 11 would also apply to this embodiment.

On the top surface are 4 leds 7 each with cosmetic dispensing surfaces 1. The body 23 of the device is hollow and there is a slot or squisher track 22 to make room for the neck of the squisher to pass through the body 23. The squisher has a plate 20 which moves in the hollow of the body when the squisher knob 1 9 is moved. The thickness of the squisher plate is adjusted to whatever thickness is needed to prevent the plate from rotating in the tank.

The squisher has a squisher plate tooth, not seen in this view, that engages with a tooth on the ratchet steps 21 when the squisher knob 19 is pushed towards the top of the device. This effectively decreases the volume of the internal reservoir tank 3. When there is a cosmetic cartridge in the tank, decreasing the size of the tank squeezes cosmetic out through the apertures in the leds where it can then be spread on the face. An eccentric weight 6 on the bat of a motor 5 causes the device to vibrate when the motor 5 is acted upon by a means which, as shown, is a battery 4. The bottom 8 closes up the device to hold all the components in place.

Pulling the squisher knob away from the body disengages the squisher plate tooth and permits the plate to move away from the top of the device. With the bottom removed, the squisher can be removed and the cartridge can be changed.

The cartridge, not shown, is not a subject of the proprietary claims. The cartridge is simply a semi-flexible, semi stiff bag which can contain a cosmetic. Said bag is sealed and shaped so there is a flat tympanic membrane in the top. The tympanic membrane may be made of a rubber type material or an elastomeric membrane such that the membrane can be penetrated by the puncture tubes when the cartridge is placed in the body of the device. When the squisher is employed to decrease the volume of the reservoir tank, cosmetic is pushed through the holes, out onto the surface of the device where the cosmetic can be brought in contact with the skin. Activating the device causes the device to shine light on the skin and vibrate while is used to massage cosmetic into the skin.

FIGS. 6-7 FIG. 6 shows the top of the invention with a view of the inside. This view clearly shows the puncture straws 1 6 and the electrical leads 1 7 of the leds.

FIG. 7 shows the top of the invention with a plurality of light sources, in this case 4 custom leds. The led casings have a plurality of through and through apertures that extend from the top surface of the invention into the cosmetic reservoir. Where the apertures enter the cosmetic reservoir, the apertures actually extend into the reservoir and end in sharp tubes, designed to puncture a sealed cosmetic cartridge and release the contents to flow through the tubes to the surface. The cosmetic cartridge is optional, as the entire cosmetic reservoir might just as well be filled with a cosmetic fluid or cream without a cartridge. The cartridge allows for easy refilling of the device if it is used in multi-use mode rather than being supplied as a disposable item to totality of which is replaced whenever it is depleted. Also, without the cartridge, the device might be refilled via an input valve (not shown).

FIGS. 8 and 8a show an LED which has been custom designed for this project. The led includes a bright diode and a plastic housing that has 4 holes 18 or apertures also called cosmetic dispensing apertures 18 which perforate all the way from the top surface, lateral to the light source, through the bottom of the LED where a pointed tube, called a puncture tube, 16, exits each hole. Two terminal leads, 17, also exit the bottom of each led. It is via these leads that power enters and exits the leds.

In addition, a microcurrent circuit, such as that described in my previous U.S. Pat. No. 4,989,605, could be fashioned to sit in the bottom 8 of the device. In this instance, the squisher plate 20 would be of a conductive material and on of the leads would terminate at the squisher plate 20. The rachet steps in this embodiment would also be of a conductive material and stimulation from the microcurrent circuit would proceed to the squisher plate via the ratchet steps and would enter the squisher plate where the plate tooth locks on the ratchet steps. The cartridge would be modified so that at least the bottom of the cartridge, where said cartridge contacts the squisher plate would be of a conductive material and said current would pass into the cosmetic which is continuous all the way to the surface of the leds where they contact the skin.

As second lead from the microcurrent stimulation circuit would terminate on the bottom 8. In this embodiment, said bottom 8, must be of a conductive material. Contact with both the bottom 8 and the cosmetic which is pushed of out the cosmetic dispensing aperture 18 would complete the circuit and the user would receive light and cosmetic and microcurrent treatment simultaneously.

FIG. 9 shows the second embodiment of invention 45 fully assembled. FIG. 10 shows how the teeth 23 of the ratchet steps 21 interlock with the tooth 24 of the squisher assembly 25 to prevent the squisher assembly from slipping out the reservoir tank (not shown in this cutaway view) when the squisher assembly 25 is occupying space in the tank and squishing the cartridge to expel cosmetic.

FIG. 11 shows the invention with the inclusion of a microcurrent circuit 29. A microcurrent circuit, suitable for use with this invention has been previously disclosed and is the subject of this inventor's U.S. Pat. No. 4,989,605. This is stated so that one skilled in the arts would be able to create the invention, but need not learn to make a microcurrent stimulator from this application. The scope of this invention is herein stated to include any type of electrical stimulator, including, but not limited to TENS, Galvanic and microcurrent.

The microcurrent circuit 29 is powered by an electrical means. It is shown here powered by a battery 4, but any sufficiently powerful electrical means is acceptable. A wire lead 32 carries power to the microcurrent circuit 29 and a wire lead 33 grounds the circuit back to the battery 4.

Similarly, wire leads 34 35 carry current to and from the motor 4 from and to battery 5.

One novelty of the invention is the flow of the stimulation current. Lead 30 carries one pole of the treatment directly to bottom 8. In this embodiment, bottom 8 must comprise a conductive material such as copper or aluminum. Conductive bottom 8 carries treatment current into the user when they hold on to the device and is one pole of the treatment current. The novelty is in the second pole. The second lead from the stimulator is connected to ratchet steps 21, which in this case must be of a conductive material. The current is carried via squisher plate tooth 24 into squisher plate 20 When loaded, the cosmetic cartridge (FIG. 12) will make contact with squisher plate 20 which will be pressed firmly against the bottom of the cartridge as is performs its duty of squishing cosmetic out through the apertures in the top of the device. If the invention is to be used with the stimulating embodiment, squisher tooth 24, squisher plate 20 and ratchet steps 21 must all comprise conductive material. If the invention is to be used with the stimulating embodiment, there are three possible embodiments of the cosmetic cartridge. The cosmetic cartridge may be composed of a conductive material, it may have a conductive bottom, part of which penetrates into the cosmetic cartridge and contacts the cosmetic material, or squisher plate 20 can have a sharp extension that penetrates the cosmetic cartridge to carry current into the cosmetic.

The current source to light the leds 38 comes directly from the battery and is shown bifurcating from the lead shared to the motor 34.

The cosmetic contents are squished out through cosmetic dispensing apertures 18 and the stimulation current passes through the cosmetic to the surface of the top of the invention where the cosmetic comes into contact with the skin and the circuit is competed. Hence the invention supplies current stimulation as well as light stimulation to the user.

FIG. 12 shows the cosmetic cartridge 26 with is essentially a bag with a tympanic membrane 27 on the top. This membrane is designed to be penetrated by hollow needles through which the contents can be expelled when pressure is placed upon the bag by moving the squisher button which causes pressure on the bag by pushing the squisher plate against the bag and decreasing the size of the compartment the bag is placed in.

FIG. 13 shows a cosmetic cartridge 26 with a tympanic membrane 27 on the top and a Current transfer plate 37 with a current transfer needle 38 in its center. For embodiments which include current stimulation the current transfer needle on the current transfer plate 37 penetrates the bottom of the cosmetic cartridge 26 and carries current into the cosmetic solution.

FIG. 14 shows the embodiment of the cosmetic cartridge 26 form FIG. 13 with the current transfer plate 36 in place on the bottom of the cartridge 26. The current transfer needle 37 is seen in dotted lines entering the bottom of the cartridge 26.

FIGS. 15, 15a-e FIG. 15 is an exploded view of the preferred embodiment. Although present on every view of this embodiment, this view is the only view that shows the outside threads 40 on bottom or motor compartment 42 and the inside threads 41 on reservoir compartment 3a. These threads 40,41, interface to permit motor compartment 42 to be screwed into reservoir compartment 40. The top of 13 of battery compartment 42 has two sides 13 20 and this component serves a dual purpose. The side towards reservoir compartment 42 enters reservoir tank 3 and, as motor compartment 42 is screwed into reservoir tank 3, the size of reservoir tank 3 is decreased and any cosmetic solution or cream that is inside reservoir tank 3 is forced out through one or more of the cosmetic dispensing apertures 18 to cosmetic dispensing surface 1. The top side 20 battery compartment 42 top 13 serves as squisher plate 20, functioning to push cosmetics out through the apertures 18 on the led/massager head assembly.

Wiring and methods of initializing the lights and motor are not shown in this view. The motor and leds are powered as disclosed elsewhere in this application.

FIG. 15a shows the invention fully assembled. Motor compartment 42 is shown transparent and motor 5 and weight 6 and battery 4 can be seen residing in motor compartment 42.

FIG. 15b shows thread 40 on motor compartment 42 the top of which is closed and sealed with squisher plate 20 comprising the top of motor compartment 42. Cosmetic reservoir compartment 3a and led/massager head assembly 43 are attached to one another. There are many methods of attaching and sealing these two components, including glue. LEDs 7 and cosmetic dispensing apertures 1 8 are inside translucent led/massager head assembly 43.

FIG. 15c shows the invention ready to use with a battery 4 and motor 5 visible through the translucent motor compartment which is screwed into LED/massager head assembly in which can be seen led(s) 7 and cosmetic dispensing apertures 18.

FIG. 16 shows and embodiment in which reservoir 3 is separate from led/massager head assembly 43. Reservoir 3 has outside threads 40 which can be exposed when a cap, not shown, is removed. This permits reservoir 3 to be screwed into led/massager head assembly 43 by screwing it into the inside threads 41 located inside the bottom of led/massager head assembly 43. Inside led/massager head assembly 43 is located a battery 4 and a motor 5 with eccentric weight 6 and two leds 17, one which is completely within led/massager head assembly 43 and one which partially protrudes from the top of led/massager head assembly 43. Canals 44 lead from inside threads 41 to massaging dispensing/massaging surface 1. Power for motor 5 and leds 17 come from battery 4. In this configuration, a tube of cosmetic of pharmaceutical preparation can be inserted into and attached to the invention and simply squeezing the tube would cause the preparation to exude from apertures 18 onto massaging/dispensing surface 1 such that the device could then be used to massage said preparation into the skin.