Steam baseboard
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Design the device Steam baseboard to use for steam heating. Water is not easy to get out and water creates the noise and does not easy to get out of the system. Water prevents the heating. We convert the hot water heating baseboard to steam baseboard by using the John's pipe and John's effect.

Liu, John Yuming (Fresh Meadows, NY, US)
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The invention of the claimed is:

1. Add the extra pipe to provide the primary boiler pressure of hot water heating baseboard

2. The John's effect can be used in many other cases.

3. Add the half inch pipe directly to the old radiator from entrance to the other end in order to provide the primary pressure to push the water out of the radiator.

We understand that hot water heating baseboard is very pretty and economical. The pipe can Stand the pressure 30 psi up to 100 psi. Can we use this hot water heating baseboard to be used for steam heating radiator? I have this question. All my friend told me that you can not use the hot water baseboard for steam baseboard because the noise generated by the condensation water. We discover that the pressure difference prevent the condensation water to flow downward even with a pitch. This pressure difference is generated by steam condensation over the radiator. See diagram 1. This effect is named John's effect. We can apply this effect to solve the water drain problem. We hate the old style cast iron radiator is so heavy and ugly. It also occupies too much space.

I design the new device to solve those drain problem. I utilize the pressure drop between the primary steam pressure and secondary pressure. I add the extra pipe to create the primary pressure. This extra pipe is named John's pipe. This effect pressure drop due to the John's pipe is named John's effect like diagram 2. Because of this John's effect, the pitch is not needed to drain the water out of the system. We can utilize the hot water heating baseboard with adding the John's pipe and air valve like diagram 2. The length of the baseboard can be varied from 2 feet to 16 feet. The air valve is need here to push the air out of the system. The added pipe can be varied from ⅜″ to ¾″ in diameter.

We also propose to improve the old cast iron steam radiator (see diagram 3) by adding John's pipe see diagram 4. The old cast iron radiator is so heavy, not pretty and space wasted. I prefer the hot water baseboard heating. By adding the John's effect, we can convert hot water baseboard heating equipment into steam baseboard heating equipment.

The advantage of this conversion has many issues as the following.

1. The copper tubing is cheap compared with cast iron is 1:5 ratio.

2. It is light. It is very easy to install. Less man power.

3. The heat transfer is fast for the copper tubing.

4. It is pretty, and easy to decorate the house.

5. We can mount the baseboard heating along the wall. It saves the space.

6. It is easy to apply zone valves to control the room temperature and floor temperature.

The new design needs no pitch, and can be mounted along the wall and save the needed space for the modern house.

The old cast iron radiator needs 6% pitch to drain the water. See diagram 3. The old cast iron radiator can be improved with John's pipe and gets John's effect, and needs no pitch to drain water. See diagram 4.