Diaper bag organizer and diaper bag
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We, declare that the newly designed Diaper Bag Organizer, and the diaper bag exclusively made to help parent to handle the diaper bag easy and organized. These things are designed to provide easy access to most frequently used items from the diaper bag without messing up any other set up in the bag. This gives a lot of relief to the user in many ways like, keeping the diaper bag contents in an organized way and easy to refill and remember things and get warned when the diaper runs out. This efficient design, allows the manufacturer in terms of adding up some indicators or feeding bottle warmer and things like that as a future enhancement.

Periasamy, Idayaraj (Birmingham, AL, US)
Ganesan, Nirmala (Birmingham, AL, US)
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We claim

1. Diaper Bag Organizer that can be kept in the diaper bag (Exclusively designed for this organizer). And, this has separate rooms for keeping diapers, feeding bottles, formula powder, bib/wash cloths and Rash Cream in an organized way. This Organizer has partitions for each room. It has three main boxes that can be detached from each. a. The organizer has a couple of windows at the bottom (only on the front side of the bag), and the one on the right bottom is meant for retrieving diaper one at a time and it has a little curved extension on top of the window that helps parents to see how many diapers are left in the box well in advance, and the one on the left to provide access to the rash cream storage are on the organizer. b. The middle box is meant for keeping the feeding bottles. This can be built to have at least four bottles in this area. The walls of these rooms are insulated. c. The left most box is meant for keeping formula dispenser boxes, bibs and rash cream in a separate room provided at the left bottom. d. As Fig V Shows the diaper storage box's window built vertically to let the user store the diaper in a different way.

2. Diaper Bag exclusively made for using this diaper bag organizer; it supports the “Easy Access” technique for taking the most frequently used items like, diaper, rash cream, changing pad and wipes without disturbing the other set up especially the main room in the diaper bag. The front and back design spec is given in FIG X description. a. This bag has doors with a press button type or zipped (as seen in FIG X items 15 and 18) at the right and left bottom on the front side exactly to match with the window on the right/left bottom of the organizer through which parents can see the available number of diapers in the bag or retrieve diaper or rash cream. b. The bottom most area on the diaper bag is to keep the changing pad, which has it's own zipped open. c. This Diaper Bag has another main open area that is designed to fit on the top of the organizer's area to let the user keep baby cloths or other items. This bag has separate compartments on either sides of the bag to let the user keep their cell, baby wipes box, or other things. d. There are two three side zipped opening on both the front and back sides of the bag on the organizer room area through which the organizer can be accessed for the purpose of retrieving feeding bottles or formula or any other thing. e. Fig XI shows another unique design of the diaper bag that has the diaper access window is built vertical to match with the organizer design Fig V So, we claim that we will have all rights on this design concept of diaper bag organizer and the diaper bag that supports the organizer features, on getting the approval from USPTO.


  • Theme: To change the traditional way of keeping diaper bag disorganized, and get with this new idea of keeping it organized and make it a lot more comfortable in handling the diaper bag.


Currently the major problems with the existing diaper bags are numerous.

    • 1. Parents usually forget to take the baby items like diaper, rash cream, feeding bottles, and other stuff because they think the items like diaper will be somewhere inside the main room of the bag. Doesn't mean they are careless, but it is really hard for them to search and find out the necessary items and get it refilled.
    • 2. Also, most of the time, they forget the number of diapers they have in the bag. These kinds of things lead into tension and may hurt the baby sometimes or perhaps spoil the mood of parents when they are at some friend's place.
    • 3. The Current diaper bag lets the user to dump all kids/their own stuff in a main room in the bag, which messes up the whole thing if they try to take something out of the bag from the bottom.

All these struggles will come to an end forever by this new idea. With our new design of the Diaper Bag Organizer, one can easily identify the diaper bag contents and take necessary actions to refill the items in the bag before they leave their house.

The focus of this new design is to provide easy access to the basic items like diaper, rash cream, wipes and changing pad from the out side of the bag through some windows, and leave the main room in the bag undisturbed.

Many times, it easily gets on to one's nerves when they keep some items in the main room of any diaper bag and can't find it when needed. This is because the bag is not organized well and things get mixed up as the user digs it to fetch any item from the main room of the bag. With our new design, one can keep the necessary baby items in an organized way and can access them easily from the out side of the bag itself without messing up the other items in the bag.

“Think Outside the Bag”

So, the ultimate aim of having this new design of diaper bag and diaper bag organizer makes anyone to keep the diaper bag in totally a new way—“organized”.


The main room in this diaper bag is divided into three parts. The middle portion of the bag is allocated to keep the new Organizer, which has rooms to keep diaper, rash cream, feeding bottles, clean or dirty bib/washcloths and formula in separate rooms. This room can be accessed via the front or back sides of the bag by opening the three sided zipped opening. The major benefit of this new model is it lets parent(s) to access the diaper, rash cream and the changing pad, wipes (the four most frequently used items from the diaper bag) from the outside of the bag through some windows and without opening and messing up the main room in the diaper bag and without the need of exposing the main room's contents when using it in the public places.

The top portion of the bag has a zipped opening on the top of the bag and can be used to keep other baby stuff not mentioned in the organizer.

Below that is the organizer area there's a separate place given below the organizer room in this design exclusively to keep the changing pad.

Also, the diaper bag has the side compartments out side (left, right) of it for keeping the bottle/cell phone/Mom's make-up set and other items as required.


The Diaper Bag:

The ultimate aim of this diaper bag organizer and diaper bag is to provide the basic idea of introducing a new way of keeping the diaper bag in an organized way. This diaper bag should have the features included in any design developed further based on this design as explained in the diagram descriptions.

This design of diaper bag builds and provides the skeleton of the new organized diaper bag.

However, the manufacturers have the freedom of defining their own way of giving the out fit and look and feel of the bag to build on top of this skeleton model.

Since, it is hard to define the exact measurement of each compartment or the size of the bag and the organizer, this design provides leverage to the manufacturer to follow their own style or way of giving the size of these things. The reason for this is because, the feeding bottle size, the length and height of the formula boxes, size of the diaper etc. . . . may vary depending on the requirement.

So, this document and design strictly projects the features mentioned in the claims and this specifications description.

This design mainly focuses on the following items and claims that those items are the important and necessary features to be included in the bag.

The Diaper Bag

    • a. Right bottom of the bag to provide a window [item 18 Fig X] through which the diaper organizer's diaper box can be accessed. The width of the window should be little bigger than the diaper size, so that the user can draw a diaper without damaging it. This window can be built either with a press button or zipped door.
      • i. On the other model (FIG XVI), this window/door to be built exactly in the place where the organizer's diaper box is. In this model the storage area for the feeding bottles is given on the right side of the bag. This helps the user to keep the feeding bottles of any size into this insulated storage area.
    • b. Left bottom of the bag should have another window [Fig X item 15] through which the rash cream area of the organizer be accessed. This window should be large enough to let the user take or replace the rash cream without a struggle. The door for this widow can be either a press button type of three sides zip.
    • c. On the right side of the bag there should be a bag stitched [Fig X item 21], and that should provide enough room to keep the regular travel size wipes box.
    • d. The main room in the bag should be divided into three compartments one on top of the other. The divider [19] of these two should be able to hold the items on the top room without bending or flexing in order not to interfere with the bottom room which is allocated for the diaper bag organizer. The width and height of top portion of the bag can be anything.
    • e. The middle room of the bag's main room should accommodate the organizer. OR the organizer itself can be built within the bag as part of it with the same specifications given for the organizer. The width and height of this area should be built in such a way that the organizer fits in to this area without leaving any gap on the left or right and front or back sides of the bag.
    • f. Below the organizer area, there should be a separate room [Fig X item 16] provided specifically for keeping the changing pad. The side walls of this area should be made hard enough to keep this room straight, so that it will be easy for the user to take or replace the changing pad without a struggle. The size of this area is meant for accommodating the changing pad, but it is absolutely up to the manufacturer to expand the size of this area in addition to changing pad size.
    • g. There are two insulated feeding bottle storage [Fig X item 23] is provided on either sides of the bag to let the user use it when extra space needed or if the user want to remove the feeding bottle portion of the organizer.
    • h. In addition to the bags built on either sides of the bag, on the front side of the bag, there are two independent bags built side by side [Fig X items 24, 25].
    • i. This bag should have a separate room built on top of the organizer [Fig X item 12], to provide storage area for parent to keep baby cloths or their own stuff. There should be a partition that separates this area and the organizer area. That separator cannot be flexible so that it won't rest on the organizer, keeping the separator flexible may cause trouble when the user pulls or puts in the organizer.
      The Diaper Bag Organizer:
    • 1. The organizer [FIG. I] should be made with some light weight material that should have three main compartments. This organizer can be either made with the same material used to make the bag or it is up to the manufacturer to use any harmless and light weight material to make it. But the bottom line is the total weight of the organizer should not make the bag's weight too heavy.
    • 2. The diaper bag Organizer has three main compartments; each should be detachable from the other. (Ref FIG. I & FIG. I (a,b,c))
    • 3. Left most box is divided in two parts,
      • a. The front one is again divided in to two [Fig VIII B1 & B2], and this should have two boxes stacked one on top of the other to provide space for keeping bibs/washcloths.
      • b. At the bottom of this box, there is a space [box—item 3 FIG II] that is built through left bottom of the organizer to keep the rash cream.
      • c. The box on the back of this compartment is exclusively allocated to keep the formula boxes. FIG III, III(a), III(b)
        • i. The formula box should have two or three small separate boxes each should have two to three compartments to have at least 2-3 scoops of formula powder.

This design doesn't concentrate much on this formula boxes as there are such product available already in the market.

    • 4. The middle main box in the organizer should have four compartments [Fig II, Item 6]; all these four rooms should be insulated. These compartments should be able to accommodate at least 4 oz to 8 oz feeding bottles. (The height and width of the compartment should be designed in that way). For safety reasons, this box should not be accessed directly from the outside without opening the front side G (Ref FIG VIII & FIG XI) of the bag.
    • 5. The right most box on the organizer is specifically designed to keep diapers stacked. This box should be able to accommodate any size of diaper. This box should have a window [Fig II Item 4] at the bottom whose height should not exceed the height of one diaper when the diaper is in folded style and kept horizontal position +0.5 cm. Also, the important thing in this box is the arched extension on top of the window as described on Fig IV Item 33. This will help the user to know the diaper availability well in advance. This box should be detachable from the organizer.
      • a. On FIG V, as you can see, the diaper box is built vertically to let the user keep diaper in a different way. Keeping this way helps the user to create more space in the middle portion of the organizer's area when the feeding bottle box is removed. The box (item 39) is another box provided to keep either stack of diaper or any other items in to it.

The basic idea of keeping the three main compartments of the organizer detachable from each other is, to provide freedom for the user to keep or remove the compartments as they want.

We, as the first inventors and designers of this new and efficient diaper bag Organizer and diaper bag, we claim that, on approval of this model, we will be in possession of this newly designed Diaper Bag Organizer and Diaper Bag with the facility of easy access to the most frequently used items from the diaper Bag Organizer. We expect to get the approval on the newly designed items as follows,