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The “Smart Tarp” is a self weighted weather proof cover. That can be made out of any type of weather proof material, and or material. It is used for covering items that can be harmed or damaged by and type of weather. Such as rain, snow, sun, wind and sleet, it also protects covered items from blowing away due to any type of high wind or vehicle movement and holds items in place if needed also. The weight is attached directly to the material used whether sown or heat welded, and can be placed in any area needed to provide proper coverage to any item or items being covered or protected. No tie downs or clips are needed for use of the “Smart Tarp”.

Brown, Daniel P. (Parker, CO, US)
Hug, Daniel R. (Parker, CO, US)
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1. We here by claim that invention listed eliminates all use of tie downs or ropes. Eliminates loss potential from high winds and or inclines.


1. Any type of tarp/cover that is weighted that prevents all movement and or loss potential from wind, inclines, and gravity, without the use of any type of tie down, rope, or weight.

FIG. 1: Tarpaulin, canvas, or any type of water proof or element (water, snow, wind, rain) proof material that prevents damage to items being covered.

FIG. 2: Pockets that are sown on to FIG. 1 in order to provide an area to place weight into tarpaulin, canvas, or any type of water proof material as a whole, without a need to tie down material.

FIG. 3: Entire “Smart Tarp” A weighted tarpaulin, canvas or any type of water proof material that is weighted by its own weight to prevent tarp from movement, blowing away or hassle without any tie down use.